Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts from EcoActive


Holidays are a joyous time for family and friends, but we can all feel the drag of the consumption and waste from the gifts that we give our loved ones.

Fortunately, EcoActive has aggregated hundreds of environmentally-conscious products and services, making it easier to find products that are gentle on nature, and more simple to up-cycle, re-recycle, and dispose of waste and packaging responsibly.

We invite you to look through these wonderful solutions and holiday gifts and to make a conscious effort to give all materials as long of a lifespan as is possible.

EcoActive will donate 55.5% of the revenues that they receive from all purchases made through their site during the month of December to Amazon Watch, so each purchase you make with a merchant on their site helps to defend our Amazon!

Here are the some of our favorite environmentally-conscious items from EcoActive, but please explore their site, as there are many more gifts and sustainable solutions:

Below are examples of the many free services that are also available on the EcoActive website. We are listing them because we recognize that we cannot consume our way out of environmental degradation, and although environmentally-conscious products and services are better than more destructive options, providing services and solutions that do not require new purchases is of utmost importance:

  • Find Farmers Markets Anywhere in the US
    Cooking for your friends and family with fresh, locally-grown, chemical-free food this holiday season is one of the most significant and rewarding actions that we can take for the health of our friends, family, and planet. May consciously sourcing food be on all of our New Years resolutions for 2018.
  • Up-Cycle Styrofoam with Waste to Waves in California
    By turning it into high quality surfboards, which is a fantastic solution, because styrofoam is one of the most environmentally-destructive things that humans have created.
  • Christmas Tree Recycling in California
    You can honor your tree's essence and offering to your family by ensuring it has the most regenerative after life available, while planting new trees and ensuring that the carbon that was sequestered remains in your Holiday tree.
  • Find Recycling for Almost Everything Else with Earth 911 in North America
    This service makes it easy to find facilities near you that recycle almost any material, which both decreases the demand for new resources and keeps reusable materials from ending up as waste in a landfill.
  • Conscious Investing with ETHO Capital
    ETHO is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that provides an exciting opportunity to invest in the market and to grow your savings without compromising your values or supporting oil companies and other destructive transnational corporations.



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