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How We Leverage “Shareholder Season” for the Amazon

This April and May, the biggest financial backers of corporations that induce climate change and disregard rights will convene for their Annual General Meetings. We hope to push them to vote yes on important climate and Indigenous rights resolutions.

Women Must Be Protagonists in Solving the Climate Crisis

As the most vulnerable population, particularly those at the intersection of the environment and Indigeneity, women should take part in the development of global climate solutions

"We will all be affected by climate change." The truth is that some will face the impacts of this process much more than others. And it is women and girls who are the most vulnerable, with Black and Indigenous women being even more exposed.

Women Defenders for Territories Free of Mining!

Celebrate International Women's Day by meeting defenders on the front lines of the Mining Out of the Amazon movement

Across the Amazon Basin, women are organizing in defense of life, rights, and territories, and are a critical part of the front lines movement resisting increasing threats such as mining.

Recent Reports

The Risks of Investing in Belo Sun

Belo Sun's executives have repeatedly and publicly downplayed the social, environmental, and legal risks of the Volta Grande Project, thereby heightening risks for current and potential investors.

Amazon in Focus 2022

The Amazon rainforest, its defenders, and our global climate are in a state of emergency. It is critical that we work together to amplify the boldest calls and most ambitious commitments to protect 80 percent of the Amazon by 2025 and avert further climate chaos. We can do it if we take urgent action now!

The Risks of Investing in Petroperú

This risk assessment describes the political, social, financial, environmental, and legal risks associated with investing in Petroperú. It also compiles the perspective of some communities that could be affected by the threat of oil operations by Petroperú, in particular, the Achuar People of the Pastaza River and the Autonomous Territorial...

News on Indigenous Rights, the Amazon, and Our Global Climate Crisis

The Transformative Power of Reciprocity and Gratitude

“Gratitude is so much more than a polite thank you. It is the thread that connects us in a deep relationship. Gratitude and reciprocity are the currency for a giving economy or regenerative economy.”

Movement Against Belo Sun Gains Momentum in Canada

With allies in power, including Environmental Minister Marina Silva and Indigenous Peoples' Minister Sonia Guajajara, what opportunities are now available to halt mining in the Amazon?

We count on the positive energy and mobilization of our supporters so that, together with our partners on the ground in Canada and our allies in the new Brazilian government, we can evaluate and expose the climatic risks of destroying an ecosystem as critical as that of the Volta Grande do Xingu, still threatened by Canadian mining company Belo...

The U.S. ambassador to Peru shakes hands with PM Alberto Otárola

The Massacre in Peru Must Be Stopped!

The violence unleashed by the government of Dina Boluarte is aimed primarily at Indigenous peoples and campesinos in the south of the country and has already claimed over 40 lives

Over the last few weeks, Peru has been going through an unprecedented political and social conflict that has already resulted in more than 40 deaths.

How We’re Ending Amazon Crude in 2023!

Indigenous movements are gaining political, judicial, and legislative victories setting the stage for keeping oil in the ground this year

There are several reasons to be optimistic about building momentum to further restrict plans to expand oil extraction in its Amazon and keep fossil fuels permanently in the ground, and Ecuador is a great example.

Brazil at a Turning Point: “Never Again Without Us!”

Brazil's Indigenous peoples take back the right to decide over their lives and territories under the Lula government

For the first time, a government has put Indigenous peoples at the center, recognizing their ancestral right to decide over their lives and territories.

Amazon Watch at COP15 in Defense of Biodiversity and Indigenous Rights!

Canadian mining company Belo Sun’s stock took a major hit as our new report exposed major risks to investors during COP

Indigenous communities are uniquely qualified to speak on the intersections between mining and biodiversity: Indigenous lands make up around 20% of the Earth’s territory, containing 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity, requiring Indigenous peoples to be at the forefront of all decision-making regarding any global climate commitments.

Canadian Gold Miner Belo Sun Accused of Misleading Investors

Environmental advocate: "No investor should even think of touching this company"

Financial Post | “We are putting any institution or company looking to invest in or acquire Belo Sun on notice: this is a bad actor selling a dangerous project. Anyone looking to get involved with it will be shouldering serious risk and will be complicit in the continued threats to the Amazon rainforest, Indigenous and traditional peoples, and the global climate.”