Stop Petroamazonas from Destroying the Amazon

Thanks to your petitions, Ecuador's Minister of the Environment Lorena Tapia has opened an investigation into state oil company Petroamazonas for their latest oil spill. Now, we must also demand that she prohibit the company from expanding its operations further into the Amazon.

Stop the Destruction of the Ecuadorian Amazon

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Dear Minister Tapia:

Thank you for opening an investigation into Petroamazonas, a company with a long history of negligence. We request that you prevent future disasters by prohibiting the company from expanding its operations further into the Amazon.

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English Translation:

Dear Minister Tapia,

We want to thank you for taking a stand and opening an investigation into Petroamazonas’ July 2nd oil spill. We hope that you will use this opportunity to ensure that Petroamazonas continues to provide clean water and food for the affected communities and fully compensates them for all damages incurred by the spill.

We also hope that you will use this opportunity to fully investigate Petroamazonas’ operations, including the illegal road it built in Block 31 in defiance of your Ministry’s Environmental Impact Assessment, and we ask that you revoke Petroamazonas’ licenses in Yasuní (blocks 31 and 43) and deny its requests to operate in the south central Amazon (blocks 79, 83, 29, and 28). We are worried that unless you use your executive power to prohibit Petroamazonas from extending its operations into Yasuní and the south central Amazon, disasters like this will become increasingly commonplace.

We appreciate your time and hope that through this investigation you will take a stand for the Amazon and the communities that call it home.


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Original Spanish:

Estimada Ministra Tapia,

Le queredmos agradacer por abrir un proceso administrativo en contra de Petroamazonas por contaminación ambiental, tras el derrame del 2 de Julio. Esperamos que usted use esta oportunidad a asegurar que propia compensación para las comunidades afectadas y que la empresa les sigue proviendo alimentación y agua potable a las comunidades.

También esperamos que aprovechará esta oportunidad a investigar meticulosamente las operaciones de Petroamazonas, incluso la construcción illegal que la empresa construyó en bloque 31 que desacató la Evaluación de Impacto Medioambiental de su Ministerio, y pedimos que que revoque la licencia de Petroamazonas en los bloque 31 y 43 en Yasuní y negar su petición de operar en bloque 79, 83, 29 y 28 en el centro sur de la Amazonía. Estamos preocupados de que si usted no usa su poder ejecutivo a prohibir Petroamazonas de extender sus operaciones dentro del Yasuní y la Amazonía centro sur, estos desastres volverán a ser mucho más común.

Le agradecemos su tiempo y esperamos que usted aprovechará este proceso administrativo a proteger la Amazonía y las comunidades que la habitan.


Tu Nombre


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