Stand with the Sápara People to Reject This Sham Contract and Defend Their Territory Against Oil Exploration

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Ecuador just signed a contract with Chinese oil company Andes Petroleum to exploit nearly a million acres of indigenous territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Tell Minister Rafael Poveda to listen to the Sápara and the Kichwa of Sarayaku: the Amazon is NOT for sale!

12,347 people have taken this action so far.

Message to Minister Poveda:

We call upon you to revoke your deal to auction off a million acres of pristine rainforest to Chinese oil company Andes Petroleum. The indigenous peoples who call the area home, the Sápara and the Kichwa of Sarayaku, have condemned the deal and will successfully continue to keep oil companies out of their territory, as they have for decades.

Your ministry has deliberately divided indigenous nationalities, pitting family members against one another in order to extract a few hours worth of global oil supply. It’s not worth it. Do the right thing and nullify the oil-for-Amazon deal.

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