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Tell Ecuador to reinstate Pachamama Foundation and end repression of civil society and indigenous peoples!

Pachamama gagged at press conference On the morning of December 4th, 2013, the Quito-based headquarters of the internationally recognized organization Pachamama Foundation was raided and closed down by police agents, who presented a resolution of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment dissolving the organization.

We call on the Government of Ecuador to immediately reinstate Fundación Pachamama and cease its efforts to repress civil society groups and indigenous peoples.

Pachamama Foundation's position has always been based in the defense of human rights and the rights of nature, all of this carried out in actions within the rule of law. For the last sixteen years they have offered solidarity and assistance to the indigenous organizations that legitimately represent the ancestral peoples of the Amazon.

As a matter of principle and institutional nature, the Pachamama Foundation rejects any violent actions coming from any sector. In our experience, the Foundation has never supported or much less participated in violent actions. Such violence cannot be imputed upon them for acts they did not commit.

Given their work in defense of rights, they have been publicly and viciously attacked by those who hold political power in Ecuador, accusations that have been broadly disseminated through state-run media. We view this as violent, in addition to hastily dissolving an organization, without any legal justification, without a due process that would guarantee legitimate defense.

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