Hands Off Indigenous Land Rights!

Indigenous rights in Brazil are under unprecedented attack. Corrupt politicians, rural elites, and big-business interests are besieging indigenous rights and environmental protections to turn the Amazon – a global treasure that sustains life on Earth, and the ancestral home of many indigenous peoples – into their personal piggy bank.

These attacks are led by President Temer and Justice Minister Serraglio. They've severely weakened the agency that grants legal titles for indigenous territories and are pushing legislation to open already-titled indigenous lands to massive mining and dam projects. They're also hacking away at the environmental licensing process, which will make it even easier for gold mines, mega-dams, and highways to blot out the Amazon rainforest.

Brazil's indigenous people are the best stewards of their lands, waters, and forests. If the government succeeds in stripping them of their rights, not only will they suffer dire consequences, our shared global climate will face even greater peril. The Amazon rainforest is home to indigenous peoples, and it is a vital ecosystem that sustains all life on Earth.

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Tell President Temer and Minister Serraglio: Hands off indigenous land rights and the environment!

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To: Michel Temer, President of Brazil, and Osmar Serraglio, Minister of Justice

Indigenous territories play a key role in mitigating climate change and adapting society to its adverse impacts. Respecting the territorial rights of indigenous peoples helps ensure the planet's climate stability and avoids disastrous impacts while promoting peace, economic growth, biodiversity protection and human dignity.

As citizens, communities and organizations that care about the planet and our common future in this place, we call upon you to:

  1. Respect indigenous land rights as enshrined in Brazil's 1988 constitution.
  2. Ensure the demarcation of indigenous lands and cease all obstructionism of demarcation processes.
  3. Reverse FUNAI's current process of restructuring, ensuring staffing and budgetary resources essential for the fulfillment of its mission.

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