Peru: Stop the Oil Spills!

Seven devastating oil spills – the latest occurring just days ago – have occurred in the Peruvian Amazon in 2016, spilling thousands of barrels of oil into Amazonian rivers and affecting local communities. The Peruvian government response has been minimal, provoking hundreds of indigenous water protectors to blockade the Mariñón River demanding a proper cleanup. Rather than engage in constructive dialogue, the Peruvian government sent negotiators who were either unqualified or otherwise powerless to respond to their demands, which include replacing the pipeline, cleaning up oil contamination, compensating contaminated communities, and not criminalizing the protesters.

Tell the Peruvian authorities to implement an urgent action plan to ensure that not one more oil spill takes place along the Northern Peruvian Oil Pipeline!

To: President Kuczynski and Prime Minister Zavala –

I am shocked by the ongoing oil contamination affecting indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon. I support the demands of the Kukama, Urarina, Achuar, Kichwa, and Awajún communities currently mobilized along the Marañón River. I encourage you to personally travel to Saramurillo as part of a high-level delegation to negotiate with them. The Peruvian government should announce and implement an urgent action plan to ensure not one more oil spill along the Northern Peruvian Oil Pipeline, and to properly clean up the ones that have already occurred. This current protest has been nonviolent and should be responded to with good faith and the political will to protect indigenous communities and the Amazon rainforest from further oil contamination.

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