Peru: Defend Threatened Indigenous Earth Defenders!

With each success in their international campaign to stop oil palm deforestation in the Ucayali region, Shipibo leaders of the Peruvian Amazon have been subject to further death threats and defamation. Indigenous Earth Defenders should not face danger for protecting their forests, lands, and lives.

Regional indigenous organizations have called for urgent protection for local community members, leaders of the indigenous federation FECONAU, and others dedicated to the defense of the environment and human rights. Although the government has finally begun to document the deforestation in the region, it has failed to respond to the grave dangers faced by indigenous leaders and activists.

Call on Peru's government to protect indigenous Earth Defenders!

Threatened Shipibo indigenous leader Robert Guimaraes during the indigenous mobilization on World Environment Day, June 5th, 2017. Photo credit: © Kené, Instituto de Estudios Forestales y Ambientales.

38,496 people have taken this action so far.

We stand in solidarity with Santa Clara de Uchunya and threatened Shipibo leaders in the Ucayali region. We support their demands that:

  • The Ministry of Interior adopt security measures with indigenous leaders that have received death threats;
  • The Attorney General's office immediately open investigations into alleged deforestation and encroachment on indigenous territories;
  • The Agriculture Ministry sanction the Plantaciones de Pucallpa company;
  • The criminal cases against Plantaciones de Pucallpa company be expedited.

We believe that political will should be exercised from the highest offices to ensure that no more indigenous leaders are killed for their their activism, as happened to Edwin Chota in 2014.

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