Peaceful U'wa Mobilization Receiving Serious Threats

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The nonviolent U'wa indigenous people of Colombia have mobilized to protect their territory, shutting down tourism on the sacred Zizuma mountain, also known as El Cocuy. The action – supported by local campesino organizations – has captured the attention of the Colombian government, but it has also provoked an escalating series of threats, which could presage violence carried out against the U'wa.

The U'wa are demanding a direct dialogue with Colombia’s Minister of Environment, and they have asked for international support for their claims.

The snow-capped mountain is a territory for life, not a comercial territory. Photo credit: ASOU’WA

5,185 people have taken this action so far.

Message to Minister Vallejo López:

I stand in support of the U’wa people and their concerns about the wellbeing of their sacred mountain top Zizuma (El Cocuy). I’m extremely concerned about the threats they have received in recent days. I encourage you to personally engage the U’wa in dialogue and to work with them to facilitate an independent environmental impact study about the causes of environmental degradation on the sierra nevada.

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