Defend Environmental Defenders! Stand with Acción Ecológica and the Shuar!

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On December 20th, the Ecuadorian Environmental Ministry notified pioneering environmental group Acción Ecológica that it will be shut down for criticizing a copper mega mine that the Chinese mining consortium EXSA is advancing against the wishes of the Shuar indigenous people. According to Acción, this was done at the behest of EXSA. Meanwhile, the Shuar continue to be under siege, with their office raided and leader arrested.

This attempt to silence the country's leading grassroots environmental group and suppress indigenous protest is a blatant attack on their rights and a threat to all of us who stand up for the earth and its people.

The stakes are high: take action to defend the defenders!

To the Ecuadorian President and Ministers of the Interior and Environment:

End the state of emergency, dialogue with the Shuar, end persecution of indigenous leaders, and do not shut down Acción Ecológica. Respect indigenous peoples and the environment!

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