Brazil: Be a Clean Energy Champion!

Join us in encouraging Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff to take leadership on truly clean energy, not further mega-dam development in the Amazon. It's time to get the ball rolling on clean energy in Brazil.

Dear President Rousseff,

We respectfully request that you employ your executive power to promote a clean and renewable energy revolution in Brazil. A timely transition from the current emphasis on large dam construction is not only possible, but is imperative for the preservation of the Amazon's rivers, forests, indigenous rights, and our global climate.

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Dear President Dilma Rousseff,

We – as global citizens concerned about the future of the Amazon, indigenous rights and our global climate – respectfully request that you employ your executive power to promote a clean and renewable energy revolution in Brazil. We believe that a timely transition from destructive energy development plans, including the construction of new large dams in the Amazon, towards a truly clean and renewable energy model that emphasizes solar and wind power as well as energy efficiency, is not only possible but imperative for our collective wellbeing.

We understand that your economic and development plans depend upon the construction of large projects, including mega-dams like Belo Monte and World Cup stadiums. We also understand, and are appalled by the impacts these projects wreak on the environment and human rights. This election year, we encourage your leadership in planning a new course for the future of your country.

We believe that Brazil has ample opportunities to adopt clean energy alternatives, such as solar and wind power, in order to meet its energy needs without having to destroy irreplaceable environments, uproot ancient cultures and exacerbate climate change. The technology is available, but economic investment and political will are necessary to make a clean and renewable energy revolution possible.

We can no longer afford an outdated and unsustainable energy model that sacrifices people and the planet, be it in the Amazon or in our own backyard. We hope that you will take this opportunity and rise to the challenge to implement a new vision for clean and renewable energy in Brazil.


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