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"There's an impending catastrophe" Deforestation Increases Mercury Poisoning in Fish

July 15, 2009

Written by: Cristiano Navarro, Brasil de FatoTranslated by: Natalia Taddei Porto Velho (RO) Once a year, Pierre-Louis de Catheu, a farmer in the South of France, enjoys the duck-hunting season. In the last two seasons, he has had problems with his ammunition. In 2007, the European Parliament passed a law that forbids the use of lead in duck hunting due to the possible toxicity to rivers and lakes. [...]

AIDESEP Warns that Persecution Continues, Announcing they will Withdraw from the Dialogue Table Should it Persist

June 24, 2009

AIDESEP demanded that Peru's Executive and Legislative branches halt the persecution of indigenous leaders throughout the country. If they don't, indigenous representatives will be obligated to withdraw from the Coordination Group for the Amazon Peoples. [...]

AIDESEP Statement: A Historic Day for Indigenous Peoples

June 18, 2009

Speaking on behalf of indigenous peoples, the vice-president of the Inter-Ethinc Association for Development in the Peruvian Amazon (AIDESEP), Daysi Zapata, expressed her satisfaction with the decision of the Congress of the Republic to repeal the illegitimate legislative decrees 1090 and 1064 and called on the government to initiate a sincere and transparent dialogue for the good of the country. [...]

NGO Letter to Obama Administration about Crisis in Peru

June 13, 2009

June 12, 2009 The Honorable Hillary ClintonSecretary of State United States Department of State2201 C Street NWWashington, District of Columbia 20520 Dear Madam Secretary: We are writing to request that the United States Government take immediate, concrete and public action to help resolve the escalating social and political crisis in Peru. [...]

PERU: Statement of the Chair of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII)

June 2, 2009

The Chair of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues expresses her deep concern on the reports received during the Eighth Session of the UNPFII, regarding the current situation in Peru. [...]

Photos of Awajun indigenous protesters in Bagua

May 19, 2009

Awajun indigenous protesters in Bagua, northern Peru, where armed police put many of them into hospital in a May 10th attack on their peaceful blockade of the Corral Quemado Bridge (see photos and video here).  [...]

Video and photos of police attack near Bagua, Peru

May 18, 2009

On Sunday, May 10, armed police attacked and broke up a peaceful demonstration on the Corral Quemado Bridge close to the northern Peruvian town of Bagua, resulting in several serious injuries and one person missing, feared dead. [...]

URGENTE: Indígenas andinos y amazónicos anuncian huelga de hambre en el Congreso Demandan que el Pleno apruebe la derogatoria de los decretos legislativos del TLC con Estados Unidos

May 8, 2009


Invasión de Ecopetrol y FFMM, violación de derechos más grande contra los U'wa

May 6, 2009

En un documento entregado al director HSE y Gestión Social de Ecopetrol, Napo León Gómez y al Teniente Coronel Juan Carlos González, Comandante del Batallón Especial Energético Vial No.1, la comunidad U'wa dejó claro, una vez más, su rechazo a cualquier tipo de actividad dentro de su territorio que atente su cosmovisión, especialmente la explotación de hidrocarburos y la militarización que además de invadir su t [...]

Indigenous Peoples Summit on Climate Change

April 30, 2009

Indigenous peoples from around the world gathered in Anchorage, Alaska April 20-24 to exchange their knowledge and experience in confronting the impacts of climate change, and to develop key messages and recommendations to be articulated to the world at the Conference of Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009. [...]

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