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Updated Schedule of Events for Ecuador Delegation to the Bay Area

May 23, 2003

Wednesday, May 7-
-Delegation arrives in San Francisco

Friday, May 9-
-6:30-8:30pm, Meet and Greet reception for the delegation at the Peace Lutheran Church
Peace Lutheran Church
3201 Camino Tassajara Rd
Danville, CA 94506
(925) 648-7000

Tuesday, May 13-
-11am, Press Conference at the San Ramon Community Center
San Ramon Community Center
12501 Alcosta Blvd, room 1

Amazonian Leaders Delegation Summary and Reflection

May 23, 2003

After filing a historic lawsuit in Lago Agrio, Ecuador, on May 7th, 2003, a 12-person delegation of indigenous leaders and campesinos – representing 30,000 rainforest peoples – traveled thousands of miles to ChevronTexaco’s hometown in San Ramon, CA to seek justice for the massive toxic dumping in the Amazon Rainforest committed by Texaco between 1971 and 1991.

Protest and Rally at ChevronTexaco's World Headquarters to protest its oil operations and its war on communities around the world.

May 22, 2003

Join the delegation of Amazonian leaders from Ecuador in a protest at the gates ChevronTexaco to demand that ChevronTexaco clean up its mess in the Amazon.

Thursday, May 22, at 12 noon

ChevronTexaco World Headquarters
6001 Bollinger Canyon Road in San Ramon, CA

As ChevronTexaco shareholders and Board of Directors meet in Midland, Texas for the company¹s Annual Shareholders Meeting, community members

Letter from Shuar and Achuar peoples to the CEO of Burlington Resources

May 14, 2003


Pueblos Indigenas de Ecuador
c/o Centro de Derechos Economicos y Sociales
P.O. Box 17-07-8808
Quito Ecuador
Tel: 593 7 700 931
Fax: 593 22 563 517

Bobby Shackouls
CEO Burlington Resources, Inc
5051 Westheimer
Houston, Texas
May 14, 2003

Dear Mr.

The IDB urged to deny taxpayer dollars for the Camisea gas project

May 9, 2003

Enrique V. Iglesias
Inter-American Development Bank
Washington, D.C. 20577

Dear Enrique V. Iglesias,

Our organizations respectfully urge the Inter-American Development Bank to reject financing currently under consideration for all aspects of Peru’s Camisea gas development project.

Indigenous Leaders March on the IDB Denouncing Camisea Project’s “Irreparable Harm to Indigenous Lives

May 9, 2003

On May 9 2003, over 50 indigenous protesters joined together to march through Washington to the Inter-American Development Bank head office to denounce the Camisea Gas Project’s “irreparable harm to the biodiversity and the life of indigenous peoples who have lived in these lands for thousands of years.”

Peruvian indigenous delegates presented a letter with over 60 signatures from Amazonian organizations to an a

Nahua Community Inside Nahua Kugapakori Reserve Say No to All Oil Development!

May 1, 2003

“If another company comes here, our rivers and land will be destroyed!”

In April 2003, the Nahua people of Santa Rosa de Serjali within the Nahua Kugapakori State Reserve took the extraordinary step of issuing a public declaration via the advocacy group Shinai Serjali spelling out their complete opposition to all oil and gas operations within their lands.

Bolivian Government Initiates Pipeline Inspection

April 1, 2003

Government authorities succumb to pressure from Indigenous Organizations, Local Civic Committees, Ombudsman Office and National and International NGOs.

The initial phase of the Environmental Audit of the Cuiaba gas pipeline, requested a year ago by indigenous organizations representing the Chiquitano and Ayoreo peoples began April 15 in San Jose de Chiquitos with the arrival of a large delegation of inspectors f

Peruvian Indigenous Organizations Call for Camisea Project To Withdraw from State Reserve for Indigenous Peoples Who Reject Contact with Outside World Inter-American Development Bank Official Responds, “What You Want Will Not Happen!”

March 31, 2003

In a statement to Peruvian authorities, international banks and the international community dated March 2003, Peru’s national indigenous organization AIDESEP joined with COMARU, the Machiguenga Council for the Urubamba River, to condemn the impacts of the Camisea Gas Project on thousands of indigenous families living in its path as “an attack on the physical, cultural, territorial and environmental integrity of our indi

Record of Forced Contact By Camisea Project Companies in Nahua-Kugapakori Reserve

February 1, 2003

Below is a record of cases of forced contact with peoples living in voluntary isolation within the Nahua-Kugapakori State Reserve by Pluspetrol - operator and sponsor for the upstream (gas extraction) part of the Camisea Gas Project – and Veritas Energy Services, a Canadian company contracted by Pluspetrol to conduct seismic testing operations in Block 88.

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