Campaign Updates

Burlington Response to Cristobal Bonifaz

August 27, 2002

See letter (pdf 268k)  [...]More »

NGO Letter of Concern to Burlington Resources

July 23, 2002

See Letter (pdf 256k)  [...]More »

Letter to the IDB

July 12, 2002

July 10, 2002 July 9, 20029 de Julio, 2002 May 26, 2002 May 6, 2002  Juan E. NotaroExecutive DirectorBolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay Inter-American Development Bank1300 New York Avenue, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20577 Dear Mr. Notaro, On April 12, we held meetings at the IDB with Mr. Jorge Arrizurieta and Mr. [...]More »

Letter to the OPIC Board of Directors

July 10, 2002

OPIC Board of Directors: Andrew S. Natsios, Administrator, Agency for International Development Gary A. Barron, President, Strategic Alliance Partners Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Melvin E. Clark, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Metroplex, Washington, D.C. Peter S. [...]More »

Ministerio de Desarrollo Sostenible y Planificación

July 9, 2002

Ramiro Cavero Uriona, MinistroHernán Cabrera, Vice-MinistroMinisterio de Desarrollo Sostenible y PlanificaciónAv. Mariscal Santa Cruz Esq. [...]More »

Letter to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning

July 9, 2002

Ramiro Cavero Uriona, MinisterHernán Cabrera, Vice-MinisterMinistry of Sustainable Development and PlanningAv. Mariscal Santa Cruz Esq. Oruro Edificio de la Ex-Comibol 6 PisoCasilla 12814 La PazBolivia Dear Mr. Cavero Uriona and Mr. [...]More »


May 26, 2002

SeñorIng. Jorge Quiroga RamírezConstitutional President of BoliviaLa Paz REF: THE CUIABÁ PIPELINE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CHIQUITANO FOREST. Mr. [...]More »

Pressure is also on the Inter-American Development Bank to deny funding for Camisea

May 9, 2002

Enrique V. IglesiasPresidentInter-American Development BankWashington, D.C. 20577U.S.A. Dear Enrique V. Iglesias, Our organizations respectfully urge the Inter-American Development Bank to reject financing currently under consideration for all aspects of Peru's Camisea gas development project. [...]More »

Accion Por La Vida Update Mindo, ECUADOR

April 26, 2002

It has been one month and one day since Special Forces national police raided the peaceful protest camp in Cerro Guarumos and all activists were arrested, including some foreign tourists and students. The weeks after thearrests were very busy for us as we worked hard with Accion Ecologica in liberating the innocent activists and organizing various protests in Quito as well as here in Mindo. [...]More »


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