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Chiriaco: First Solidarity Assistance Arrives in the Indigenous Community of Nazareth

Chiriaco: First Solidarity Assistance Arrives in the Indigenous Community of Nazareth

March 21, 2016

Around 82 families from the community of Nazareth benefited from the arrival of emergency supplies of essential food and water. The assistance was delivered by ORPIAN President Edwin Montenegro, thanks to the help of everyone who joined the Everyone For the Amazon (#TodosxLaAmazonía) campaign. This initial delivery was also carried out on the Morona River, another area damaged by the oil spills.

AIDESEP Presents an Effective Action Plan to Petroperu for the Amazon Oil Spills

February 29, 2016

The Inter-Ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Amazon (AIDESEP) will meet today with representatives of Petroperu to demand from the company an immediate solution through an effective action plan to the environmental disaster resulting from the most recent spills in Chiriaco and Morona, caused by lack of maintenance of the Northern Peruvian Pipeline.

Statement of the Sápara Women's Association on Oil Exploration in Their Territory

February 9, 2016

The Association of Women of the Sapara Indigenous Nation of the Ecuadorian Amazon denounces the government of Ecuador which signed two contracts through the Ministry of Hydrocarbons, represented by the secretary of Hydrocarbons, Ivonne Fabara, and the president of Andes Petroleum Ecuador, Zhao Xinjun.

Statement of Amazonian Indigenous Women in Defense of Life, Territory, and "Good Living" (Buen Vivir)

February 2, 2016

We, Amazonian indigenous women, representatives of the Sapara and Shiwiar Nationalities, the Kichwa Kawsak Sacha and Sarayaku Peoples, and the communities of the Bobonaza Basin, want to express our deep concern with the contract of exploitation and exploration signed by the Ministry of Hydrocarbons with the company Andes Petroleum for Blocks 79 and 83 that directly affect the Sapara, Kichwa, Shiwiar, and Sarayaku territories.

Brazilian Public Prosecutors Denounce Ethnocide and Call for Judicial Intervention in Belo Monte

After extensive investigations, federal public prosecutors conclude that the Brazilian government's development model promotes the destruction of the social organization, customs, languages and traditions of indigenous peoples

December 9, 2015Federal Public Prosecutor, Para, Brazil

The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office today initiated legal proceedings in a federal court in Altamira seeking recognition that the implementation of the Belo Monte dam project constitutes an act of ethnocide by the Brazilian government and dam concessionaire Norte Energia, citing abundant evidence of "the destruction of the social organization, customs, languages and traditions of affected indigenous groups".

Ecuadorian Government Promotes Farce in an Attempt to Divide CONFENIAE

September 15, 2015

Pese a los evidentes intentos que tras este teatro ha movido el gobierno, financiando logística y movilización de 200 personas desde varias partes de la Amazonia, como CONFENIAE estamos claros del camino a seguir. Es evidente que esta acción responde a la altiva participación que como CONFENIAE y Amazonia, de manera especial las nacionalidades Shuar y Achuar de Morona Santiago y Zamora Chinchipe mantuvieron durante el Levantamiento y Paro Nacional del Pueblo.

International Allies Denounce Violence Against Women on Strike in Ecuador

International Allies Denounce Violence Against Women on Strike in Ecuador

August 15, 2015

Indigenous groups from across Ecuador rose up last week in a General Strike to challenge proposed Constitutional amendments curtailing indigenous rights and allowing President Correa to stay in power indefinitely; the water law; expansion of the mining and fossil fuel concessions; and the government's opposition to bilingual education, among many other concerns.

"We Are Here So History Does Not Repeat Itself"

"We Are Here So History Does Not Repeat Itself"

The Peruvian State does not respond properly to the communities and indigenous federations suspend the dialogue until July 23rd

July 18, 2015PUINAMUDT

Puinamudt, Peru – Lack of a clear and precise response from the State regarding the demands of the communities from the Pastaza and Corrientes river basins (represented by the FEDIQUEP and FECONACO indigenous federations, respectively) has generated conflict during the most recent phase of dialogue related to the Block 192 consultations.

Yudja Indigenous People Request Consultation Regarding Belo Sun, Canadian Mining Company That Wants To Mine Gold on the Xingu River

July 17, 2015Federal Public Prosecutor, Para, Brazil

The company proposes to undertake mining operations in an area that will be most impacted by the Belo Monte hydroelectric project. The Federal Public Prosecutor, National Indian Foundation and Federal University of Para met with the indigenous Yudja to discuss their right to be consulted.

Shuar Community of Macuma Expels the Secretary of Hydrocarbons from Its Territory in Rejection of the Illegitimate Prior Consultation of Oil Blocks 74 and 75

February 26, 2015CONFENIAE/CONAIE

Over and over again the participants expressed their rejection of oil activity and of the illegitimate free, prior, and informed consultation, and demanded the immediate withdrawal of Secretary of Hydrocarbons' office of information.

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