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Ecuadorian Government Promotes Farce in an Attempt to Divide CONFENIAE

September 15, 2015

Pese a los evidentes intentos que tras este teatro ha movido el gobierno, financiando logística y movilización de 200 personas desde varias partes de la Amazonia, como CONFENIAE estamos claros del camino a seguir. Es evidente que esta acción responde a la altiva participación que como CONFENIAE y Amazonia, de manera especial las nacionalidades Shuar y Achuar de Morona Santiago y Zamora Chinchipe mantuvieron durante el Levantamiento y Paro Nacional del Pueblo.

International Allies Denounce Violence Against Women on Strike in Ecuador

International Allies Denounce Violence Against Women on Strike in Ecuador

August 15, 2015

Indigenous groups from across Ecuador rose up last week in a General Strike to challenge proposed Constitutional amendments curtailing indigenous rights and allowing President Correa to stay in power indefinitely; the water law; expansion of the mining and fossil fuel concessions; and the government's opposition to bilingual education, among many other concerns.

"We Are Here So History Does Not Repeat Itself"

"We Are Here So History Does Not Repeat Itself"

The Peruvian State does not respond properly to the communities and indigenous federations suspend the dialogue until July 23rd

July 18, 2015PUINAMUDT

Puinamudt, Peru – Lack of a clear and precise response from the State regarding the demands of the communities from the Pastaza and Corrientes river basins (represented by the FEDIQUEP and FECONACO indigenous federations, respectively) has generated conflict during the most recent phase of dialogue related to the Block 192 consultations.

Yudja Indigenous People Request Consultation Regarding Belo Sun, Canadian Mining Company That Wants To Mine Gold on the Xingu River

July 17, 2015Federal Public Prosecutor, Para, Brazil

The company proposes to undertake mining operations in an area that will be most impacted by the Belo Monte hydroelectric project. The Federal Public Prosecutor, National Indian Foundation and Federal University of Para met with the indigenous Yudja to discuss their right to be consulted.

Shuar Community of Macuma Expels the Secretary of Hydrocarbons from Its Territory in Rejection of the Illegitimate Prior Consultation of Oil Blocks 74 and 75

February 26, 2015CONFENIAE/CONAIE

Over and over again the participants expressed their rejection of oil activity and of the illegitimate free, prior, and informed consultation, and demanded the immediate withdrawal of Secretary of Hydrocarbons' office of information.

International NGOs Call for Transparency in Murder Investigation of Ecuadorian Indigenous Leader

January 12th, 2015

Amazon Watch and 13 other environmental and human rights organizations urged the Ecuadorian government to ensure a just, transparent, and expeditious investigation into the murder of indigenous leader and anti-mining activist José Tendetza. We also condemned the SWAT team raid on José Tendetza’s house and urge the investigators to refrain from intimidation tactics.

AIDESEP: Responding to El Comercio's Baseless Accusations about the Bagua Case

AIDESEP: Responding to El Comercio's Baseless Accusations about the Bagua Case

October 1, 2014AIDESEP

We cite as the sole responsible parties for the violence unleashed on June 5th the government of ex-President Alan García and other representatives. They allowed for a massacre against the demonstrators. The police, following the orders of the Interior Minister, Mercedes Cabanillas, opened fire on and launched tear gas from helicopters against the only ones who were defending the Amazon.

Ecuadorian State to Recognize Its Responsibility by Asking Forgiveness of the Sarayaku People

September 29, 2014

Four Ecuadorian Ministers and the Attorney General will travel to the community of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon to ask the Kichwa first nation of Sarayaku for forgiveness given the human rights violations committed against them during the oil operation carried out by the company CGC.

Big Dams Are Not Clean Energy Sources

An open letter signed by 52 NGOs working in Latin America

September 22, 2014

As critical climate negotiations take place this week in New York, Amazon Watch joined a coalition of 52 NGOs working in Latin America to insist that large dams should not be considered a clean energy source, nor an energy solution to climate change.

Open Letter to Petroamazonas from Yasunidos

Open Letter to Petroamazonas from Yasunidos

Report on the Cuyabeno oil spill

July 15, 2014

Alarmed and distressed by the information that diverse organizations and Amazonian populations shared with Yasunidos regarding the magnitude of the oil spill on July 3rd in the province of Sucumbíos, a commission traveled the length of Aguarico River, verified the extent of the spill's path, and received first-hand testimonies from affected populations.

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