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Ecuadorian Military Breaks Yasunidos Blockade

Yasunidos Defends Signatures and Denounces Electoral Irregularities

April 17, 2014

Quito, Ecuador – Just five days after turning in more than enough signatures to qualify for a national referendum to stop oil drilling plans in a critical part of Ecuador's Yasuni National Park, Yasunidos, the civil society collective spearheading the grassroots effort is denouncing what appear to be egregious irregularities by the National Election Commission.

Major Victory in Effort to Limit Oil Drilling in Ecuadorian Amazon

Supporters gather 750,000+ signatures to qualify for referendum to defend Yasuní National Park

April 16, 2014

Quito, Ecuador – Despite tremendous odds, supporters of a pioneering effort to keep Ecuador's largest oil reserve permanently in the ground have gathered more than enough signatures to qualify for a national vote on the issue in a special election.

Brazilian Judicial Abuses Questioned on Anniversary of Military Coup

Human rights commission hears case questioning state use of dictatorship-era legal device

March 31, 2014

Washington, DC – Marking the 50th anniversary of Brazil's military coup, Brazilian community representatives and their legal advocates questioned President Dilma Rousseff's administration last week at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights over its flagrant use of a legal mechanism that dates to the country's dictatorship.

New Celebrity PSA Urges Ecuadorians to Defend the Amazon

A global call to keep oil in the ground in Yasuni National Park

March 28, 2014

Los Angeles, CA – Amazon Watch and Yasunidos, a campaign comprised of a collective of Ecuadorian and international environmental organizations and advocates, released a new PSA featuring celebrity supporters rising in solidarity with Ecuadorians to defend the controversial Yasuní National Park from oil drilling.

China's Presence Grows in Ecuador

New report analyzes threats to Ecuador’s sovereignty and rainforest

March 18, 2014

Oakland, California – A new report released today highlights China's growing influence in Ecuador and what it means for Ecuador's sovereignty, indigenous peoples and the fate of the Amazon rainforest.

Indigenous Leader Condemns Brazil's Rights Abuses at United Nations

Speakers highlight violations stemming from Amazon dams at Human Rights Council

March 11, 2014

Geneva, Switzerland – In a groundbreaking event at the 25th United Nations Human Rights Council, the national coordinator of Brazil's Association of Indigenous Peoples Sônia Guajajara exposed an alarming disregard for indigenous peoples' rights by the Brazilian government as it rushes to promote an unprecedented wave of large dam construction across the Amazon basin with devastating impacts on their territories and livelihoods.

Team Klamazon Returns: Klamath River Indigenous Youth and River Activists Bring a Message from the Amazon

March 6, 2014

After eleven productive days in Brazil, the group of seven, calling themselves "Team Klamazon" returned to California with an in-depth understanding of the potential impact of Brazil's plans to develop the Amazon, and in particularly the Belo Monte Dam project.

Federal Ruling in Ecuador Pollution Case Violates First Amendment

March 4, 2014

New York, NY – Amazon Watch stands with Ecuadorian communities in rejecting a misguided judgment delaying justice for some 30,000 indigenous people and farmers who continue to suffer from the company's toxic legacy in the Amazon rainforest.

Belo Monte Construction Intensifies Conflicts with Indigenous Peoples

Requirements to mitigate impacts remain unmet; Indigenous peoples call for immediate suspension of construction

February 19, 2014

Altamira, Brazil – As the hurried construction of the controversial Belo Monte mega-dam nears 50% completion on the Amazon's Xingu River, a new report revealed that more than 80% of legally required actions to mitigate project impacts on indigenous peoples and their territories are mired in noncompliance.

Siemens Denounced for Damming Latin America's Future

German technology giant challenged at shareholder meeting

January 28, 2014

Munich, Germany – Dozens of protestors from a coalition of Brazilian, German, French, and American organizations staged a demonstration outside the shareholder meeting of a leading German corporation Siemens today, denouncing the company's controversial role in some of the world's most notorious hydroelectric projects.

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