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Team Klamazon Returns: Klamath River Indigenous Youth and River Activists Bring a Message from the Amazon

March 6, 2014

After eleven productive days in Brazil, the group of seven, calling themselves "Team Klamazon" returned to California with an in-depth understanding of the potential impact of Brazil's plans to develop the Amazon, and in particularly the Belo Monte Dam project.

Federal Ruling in Ecuador Pollution Case Violates First Amendment

March 4, 2014

New York, NY – Amazon Watch stands with Ecuadorian communities in rejecting a misguided judgment delaying justice for some 30,000 indigenous people and farmers who continue to suffer from the company's toxic legacy in the Amazon rainforest.

Belo Monte Construction Intensifies Conflicts with Indigenous Peoples

Requirements to mitigate impacts remain unmet; Indigenous peoples call for immediate suspension of construction

February 19, 2014

Altamira, Brazil – As the hurried construction of the controversial Belo Monte mega-dam nears 50% completion on the Amazon's Xingu River, a new report revealed that more than 80% of legally required actions to mitigate project impacts on indigenous peoples and their territories are mired in noncompliance.

Siemens Denounced for Damming Latin America's Future

German technology giant challenged at shareholder meeting

January 28, 2014

Munich, Germany – Dozens of protestors from a coalition of Brazilian, German, French, and American organizations staged a demonstration outside the shareholder meeting of a leading German corporation Siemens today, denouncing the company's controversial role in some of the world's most notorious hydroelectric projects.

Advocacy Groups Blast Chevron for Retaliation Tactics Against Ecuador Villagers and Their Supporters

U.S. legal advocate for Ecuadorians announces crack appellate team as final briefs are filed in Chevron's Retaliatory RICO Case

January 23, 2014

Washington, DC – More than 40 U.S. civil society groups are coming to the defense of the Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities who won a historic environmental lawsuit against Chevron but have been subject to vicious retaliatory attacks by the oil company, according to a letter released today.

First International Tribunal on Rights of Nature

Inaugural session in Ecuador admits nine cases

January 21, 2014

Quito, Ecuador – Before an audience of 400 people, the world's first Ethics Tribunal on the Rights of Nature and Mother Earth held its inaugural session in Quito, Ecuador, the first country to recognize the Rights of Nature in its constitution. The Tribunal will be a permanent platform for hearing and judging cases from around the world.

Edgy Satire Blasts Chevron over Ecuador Case

January 21, 2014

Oakland, CA – Today Amazon Watch released an edgy satire created by Pulitzer-winning animator Mark Fiore blasting Chevron's unprecedented tactics to avoid responsibility for its admitted acts of environmental destruction in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Prominent Organizations Publicly Condemn Chevron's Actions in Ecuador Case

December 18, 2013

Oakland, CA – Today, a dozen prominent environmental and human rights organizations including Amazon Watch, the Sierra Club, and Food and Water Watch issued a public letter condemning Chevron's actions in its decades-long legal battle to evade responsibility for deliberately dumping billions of gallons of toxic wastewater into the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

Canada Orders Enforcement Action to Proceed Against Chevron in Ecuador Pollution Case

Canada Orders Enforcement Action to Proceed Against Chevron in Ecuador Pollution Case

December 17, 2013

Toronto, Canada – Indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador scored a major victory over Chevron today when an Ontario appeals court ruled they have the right to pursue enforcement of a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian court judgment against Chevron's assets in Canada. "After all these years, the Ecuadorian plaintiffs deserve to have the recognition and enforcement of the Ecuadorian judgment heard in an appropriate jurisdiction," said the decision.

Over 100 International Organizations Standing in Solidarity with Fundación Pachamama

On International Human Rights Day, the call for immediate reversal is echoed globally

December 10, 2013Fundación Pachamama

Last week's dissolution by the Ecuadorian government of the NGO, Fundación Pachamama, has resulted in an outcry of international support from organizations around the world, calling for the immediate reversal of what they agree was an illegal act to repress civil liberties.

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