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Coalition Confronts Ecuador in Canada Over Amazon Oil Auction

Protests mark meeting between Canadian oil executives and Ecuadorian government

April 17, 2013

Calgary, Canada – Amidst protests from a broad coalition of Canadians and international allies, Ecuadorian government officials met with Canadian investors and oil company executives Wednesday at the Telus Convention Center in Calgary. Labor unionists, aboriginals, environmentalists and faith groups united in support of Idle No More, calling on the Ecuadorian government to suspend its auction of oil concessions in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. The group delivered a declaration of opposition from five indigenous nationalities whose rainforest communities would be devastated by the oil round.

Increasing Pressures on Yasuní Lead to More Violence in the Amazon

April 4, 2013

A group of indigenous Waorani warriors has allegedly carried out revenge killings against other indigenous people deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This latest spate follows the March 5th deaths of Ompore and Bogueney, an elderly Waorani couple killed by a group of Taromenane in the community of Yarentaro. It is yet unknown exactly how many Taromenane have been killed in the latest violence.

Ecuador's Amazon for Sale in Beijing

Investors risk violating Chinese government regulations

March 25, 2013

Beijing, China – Amidst widespread international outcry, Ecuadorian government officials are slated to meet with dozens of Chinese investors and oil company executives today at the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing in an effort to auction off over three million hectares of pristine Amazon rainforest for oil activities.

New Protest Paralyzes Brazil's Belo Monte Dam

New Protest Paralyzes Brazil's Belo Monte Dam

Indigenous and riverbank communities occupy key work camp of Amazon megaproject

March 21, 2013

Altamira, Brazil – Some 150 protestors from four indigenous groups and allied riverbank communities occupied a major work camp and halted construction of the controversial Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu River. This is the third protest in less than a year that has halted dam construction as tensions have mounted over human rights violations, environmental impacts, devastated livelihoods and false promises made by the government-led dam consortium.

Brazil's Kayapó Reject Amazon Dams, Refuse Millions

Brazil's Kayapó Reject Amazon Dams, Refuse Millions

Indigenous leaders refuse government payoff, call for justice in Belo Monte case

March 13, 2013

Altamira, Brazil – Leaders of 26 Kayapó indigenous communities unanimously rejected the government funding, deeming it "dirty money" intended to placate indigenous resistance to Brazil's plans to dam the Xingu River while sowing disunity among their communities.

Mounting Pressures on Yasuní Lead to Violent Attack in the Amazon

March 8, 2013

Quito, Ecuador – Amazon Watch reports that based on a statement from the Waorani Nationality Organization of Orellena Province on March 6 two Waorani adults were attacked and killed by members of the Taromenane, one of two Waorani clans that continue to live in voluntary isolation.

Human Trafficking and Prostitution Scandal Threatens Belo Monte Dam

Dam-building consortium questioned around project and sex slavery link in Brazil

March 7, 2013

Altamira, Brazil – Brazil's Parliamentary Commission of Human Trafficking announced yesterday that it will summon the president of the Belo Monte dam-building consortium to explain its relationship to a nightclub, located within the dam's work camp, where 18 young women and an adolescent girl were held hostage and forced to prostitute themselves before being freed last month.

Worker Admits to Spying on Social Movement in Belo Monte Dam Case

Worker Admits to Spying on Social Movement in Belo Monte Dam Case

Belo Monte dam worker infiltrated organization to inform Brazilian intelligence

February 26, 2013

Altamira, Brazil – Members of the Brazilian Xingu Alive Forever Movement have discovered an informant claiming to be an activist who was caught spying on their annual strategic planning meeting with a pen-shaped video camera. Upon being exposed, the suspect immediately confessed in a video statement that the Belo Monte Construction Consortium had hired him to infiltrate the meeting in order to gather information on its leaders and activities and to inform the Brazilian government's national intelligence agency.

Activists Confront Ecuadorian Government for Auctioning the Amazon

Dozens of protestors publicly denounce government in Paris over oil concessions

February 26, 2013

Paris, France – Dozens of activists protested against the Ecuadorian government during its XI Round oil concession promotional activities in Paris today, where officials met with European investors and oil company executives seeking to auction off an enormous swath of pristine Amazon rainforest.

Authorities Reject Belo Sun Mining Project in Brazilian Amazon

Public Ministry warns against licensing for Canadian mining company gold operations

February 13, 2013

Altamira, Brazil – Brazil's Federal Public Ministry stunned Canadian Belo Sun Mining Corporation last week when it issued recommendations warning against the issuing of environmental licenses for a gold mine in the Brazilian Amazon.

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