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Brazilian Mining Giant Vale Voted Worst Corporation in the World

Brazilian Mining Giant Vale Voted Worst Corporation in the World

Company wins prize for leading share in the Belo Monte Dam

January 30, 2012

San Francisco, CA – After 21 days of public voting, Brazilian iron-ore mining corporation Vale picked up the Public Eye Award, known as the "Nobel Prize of Shame" in the corporate world.

Protestors Paralyze Belo Monte Dam Construction Works

New Construction Prompts Radical Intervention in Brazilian Amazon

January 18, 2012

Altamira, Brazil – Major construction on the Belo Monte Dam commenced on the Xingu River in a series of developments that took place during Brazil's New Year holidays, signaling a new phase in the Brazilian government's intentions to sidestep environmental legislation and human rights conventions to build the world's third largest hydroelectric dam in the heart of the Amazon. The project's first river blockades, known as coffer dams, currently extend into the Xingu and dry out a stretch of the river, allowing for its permanent damming. Today local protestors paralyzed construction at the dam site, affirming that resistance to the project is far from over.

Ecuador Appellate Judges Outraged by Chevron's Abuse of Judicial Process

In Meticulous Review, Panel Finds Ample Evidence to Support $18 Billion Judgment Against Oil Giant

January 4, 2011

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – Members of the appellate panel in Ecuador that affirmed the $18 billion judgment against Chevron for contaminating the Amazon rainforest were clearly outraged at the oil giant's abuse of the judicial process.

Chevron Guilty Verdict Upheld by Ecuador Appellate Court

Chevron Guilty Verdict Upheld by Ecuador Appellate Court

$18 Billion Decision in Landmark Contamination Case Further Vindication for Thousands of Rainforest Residents

January 4, 2011

San Francisco, CA – Yesterday, an Ecuadorian appellate court upheld a historic $18 billion award against Chevron for the company's deliberate contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The decision is the largest environmental award ever handed down and the result of an 18-year legal battle brought by some 30,000 indigenous peoples and farmers seeking a clean up of contaminated sites, clean drinking water, and health care.

Millions Join Belo Monte Protest in Brazil

Brazilian celebrities and activists deliver 1.3 million voices to President Rousseff

December 20, 2011

Brasilia, Brazil – A delegation of Brazilian celebrities and activists delivered a petition today at the country's presidential palace signed by 1.3 million citizens calling on President Dilma Rousseff to immediately suspend construction of the controversial Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in the Amazon and to open a national debate on alternatives for truly sustainable energy development.

Talisman Provokes Violence in Peruvian Amazon

Testimony reveals shocking new threats to indigenous people

December 13, 2011

Loreto, Peru – Canadian oil company Talisman Energy's operations in northern Peru are causing conflict and division in Achuar and Shuar-Wampisa communities and risking lives, according to Salesian missionary priest Father Diego Clavijo and indigenous Achuar leader Peas Peas Ayui.

Chevron Challenged for Environmental Crimes at Golf Tournament

Groups Demand Company Follow Court Orders and Clean up Toxic Mess in Ecuador

December 3, 2011

Thousand Oaks, CA – An airplane with a banner will circle overhead for three hours on both days of the Chevron World Challenge golf tournament, calling on it to remediate the environmental disaster in Ecuador after three decades of contaminating the country's rainforest in reckless pursuit of profit.

Amazonian Indigenous Leader Confronts Talisman in Calgary

Achuar grow support across Canada; condemn Talisman operations in ancestral territory

December 2, 2011

Calgary, Canada – After a two week campaign tour through four Canadian cities to raise awareness about Canada-based Talisman Energy's controversial operations in the Peruvian Amazon and culminating in the company’s hometown of Calgary, Achuar leader Peas Peas Ayui returns today to the Peruvian Amazon without a commitment from Talisman to respect the Achuar people's rights.

Chevron Named "Most Toxic" Energy Company of 2011

"Amazon Chernobyl" Disaster in Ecuador, Brazil Spill Lead to Embarrassing Award for CEO John Watson

November 24, 2011

New York, NY – The American oil giant Chevron has been named the "most toxic" energy company of 2011 by AlterNet, a prestigious U.S.-based online magazine that closely tracks environmental issues.

Amazonian Indigenous Leader to Confront Talisman Energy in Calgary

Talisman in spotlight at University of Calgary Press Event: Oil or the Amazon?

November 29, 2011

Traveling from the remote northern Peruvian Amazon, Peas Toronto, Canada –Peas Peas Ayui, President of the National Achuar Federation of Peru (FENAP) from the Peruvian Amazon, is in Canada seeking support from civil society organizations for the ongoing struggle to protect ancestral territory and build an oil-free future for the Achuar people.

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