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Affected Peoples from Ecuador and Richmond Announce Growing Worldwide Coalition to Confront Chevron at Annual Shareholder Meeting

Company management to be confronted with multiple resolutions on corporate accountability, climate change, political funding and environmental protection

May 22, 2015

San Francisco, CA – On May 26th, at the headquarters of the Sierra Club, representatives of communities affected by Chevron environmental destruction and disregard for human rights will announce plans to return to Chevron's Annual Shareholders Meeting the following morning in San Ramon, CA.

Global Coalition Launches Petition to Kick Big Polluters Out of Climate Policy

Based on lessons from tobacco control, the move is a prerequisite for meaningful global action on climate change

May 18, 2015

Boston, MA – Today, just two weeks before the Bonn Climate Change Negotiations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a coalition of environmental and corporate accountability organizations announce a turning point in the climate change movement: a campaign to protect climate policymaking from interference by the globe's biggest polluters.

More Secret Videos from Chevron Whistleblower Show Ecuadorian Villager Asking for Help Oil Giant Never Provided

A Worker Describes How Chevron Ordered Him and Others to Release Toxic Water Directly into Streams Used for Drinking and Bathing

April 17, 2015

Oakland, CA – Amazon Watch has released more secret video footage from a Chevron whistleblower today, showing an Ecuadorian villager asking for help that Chevron never provided to protect his children.

Chevron's Secret Videos Show Company Technicians Finding and Mocking Extensive Oil Contamination in Ecuador Rainforest

"Pre-inspection" videos are further evidence of Chevron's effort to corrupt Ecuador pollution trial

April 8, 2015

Oakland, CA – Internal Chevron videos of secret “pre-inspections” of well sites during the Ecuador pollution trial show company technicians finding and then mocking the extensive oil contamination in areas of the Amazon rainforest that the oil giant had claimed in various courts had been remediated.

Amazon Watch Announces New Executive Director

Leila Salazar-López to Lead Environmental and Human Rights Organization

April 2, 2015

Oakland, CA – Today, the Board of Directors of Amazon Watch announced that Leila Salazar-López will become the new Executive Director of the international environmental and human rights organization effective immediately.

Human Rights Groups Denounce Chevron CEO John Watson Over Citizenship Honor

March 24, 2015

San Francisco, CA – Major environmental and human rights groups contest the San Francisco Commonwealth Club’s decision to award one of the world’s most notorious corporate polluters, Chevron CEO John Watson, with a citizenship award.

Organizations Request That the IACHR Strengthen State Obligations to Supervise Corporate Activities That Violate Human Rights

In a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, they highlighted the opportunities that the Commission has to address the problem through the creation, implementation and strengthening of international standards on business and human rights.

March 17, 2015

Washington, DC – In a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, civil society organizations requested that the Commission provide renewed attention to the problem, increasingly experienced in the hemisphere, of human rights violations committed by corporations.

Peruvian Indigenous Communities Pleased with Settlement of Pollution Lawsuit Against Occidental Petroleum

March 5, 2015

"The parties are pleased to confirm a mutual settlement of the claims in the litigation. Under the settlement, the terms of which are confidential, Oxy will provide assistance for community development projects for the benefit of these five Achuar communities. All parties are satisfied with the resolution of this dispute."

Massive Corruption Scandal Implicates Brazil's Amazon Dam Builders

Testimony from jailed operators of Petrobras scandal point to similar corruption scheme involving politicians and major construction firms

March 5, 2015

Brasilia, Brazil – This week, imprisoned executives from one of Brazil's largest construction firms, who are implicated in an unprecedented corruption scandal involving the parastatal oil company Petrobras, promised to expose a parallel scheme of massive fraud surrounding hydroelectric dams in the Amazon.

Siemens Linked to Major Rights Abuses Across Americas

German technology giant confronted with proof of wrongdoing at annual shareholder meeting

January 27, 2015

Munich, Germany – Dozens of protestors from a coalition of German and international organizations converged today on the shareholder meeting of leading German corporation Siemens to condemn the company's role in egregious human rights violations from Brazil to Mexico.

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