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Reports of Massacre in Brazilian Amazon Highlight Danger of Government Animosity Toward Indigenous Peoples

September 12, 2017

"This latest report of a massacre in Javari Valley is yet another tragic sign of the deadly effects of the regressive policies promoted by President Michel Temer."

Equator Banks Called upon to Act on Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples' Rights

Global coalition of NGOs and Indigenous organisations seek full revision of outdated Equator Principles

August 29, 2017

65 environmental, human rights and Indigenous Peoples' organisations today sent an open letter to the Steering Committee of the Equator Principles Association, calling for new and much stronger commitments to be made by its 91 member banks on combating climate change and respecting Indigenous Peoples' rights and territories.

Victory for Indigenous Rights as Brazil's Supreme Court Rejects Government Proposal To Limit Land Rights

Proposal would have set indigenous land titling policies back decades

August 17, 2017

In unanimous rulings on two disputed indigenous land-titling cases, the Court dismissed a legal opinion issued by the Attorney General and endorsed by President Michel Temer, which argued for the rejection of land claims by indigenous peoples unless they inhabited their traditional territories at the time Brazil's 1988 Constitution was ratified.

Protests in Bolivia Against Renewed Road Plans for TIPNIS Rainforest

Community leaders and environmentalists rally to protect Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory, cause of massive 2011 protests

August 8, 2017

Leaders of Bolivia's indigenous and environmental movements are staging emergency protests as the country's Senate meets to approve a law that would strip protections from the Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory.

Brazilian Indigenous Group Occupies Amazon Dam, Halts Construction To Demand Rights

July 18, 2017

At dawn on Sunday, July 16th, 200 representatives of the indigenous Munduruku nation occupied the main work camp of the São Manoel hydroelectric dam on the Teles Pires River in the Brazilian Amazon, paralyzing the project.

Amazon Forest Endangered Despite Brazilian President's Vetoes of Environmental Protection Reductions

President Temer caves to pressure from Brazil's agribusiness lobby, threatening vast forests

June 21, 2017

In a letter denouncing the president for using the vetoes to obscure his intention to reduce forest protections through other means, a group of Brazilian and international NGOs warned that ruralista lawmakers would likely amend the new legislation to slash the protections on an even greater area of forest.

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Review Evidence that Chevron Committed Fraud and Bribed a Witness in Ecuador Pollution Case

June 19, 2017

SCOTUS' failure to review the case in the face of this new evidence is a grave miscarriage of justice, and has chilling ramifications for similar environmental justice and human rights cases. Among those is the likelihood that corporations will be inspired to pursue many more retaliatory suits against human rights and environmental groups for speaking out against abuses.

Chevron CEO Clings To "Alternative Facts" When Confronted With Truth About Ecuador Mismanagement

CEO John Watson unable to respond to shareholder allegation of bribing a federal witness and cuts off microphones to avoid Ecuador issue

May 31, 2017

Midland, TX – Chevron CEO John Watson faced a firestorm of criticism over the company's expanding Ecuador liability at the company's annual meeting today from a group of institutional investors, one of whom accused the oil executive of 'materially mishandling' the case.

Civil Society Organizations Unite in Resistance Against Brazil's Attacks on Environmental and Indigenous Rights Protections

Over 100 institutions sign letter denouncing measures of the Temer administration and its agribusiness allies

May 10, 2017

Environmental, indigenous, and human rights organizations from across Brazil and around the globe have united in resistance against measures being adopted by the Brazilian government and the ruralista lobby that violate human rights and jeopardize environmental protection.

Ecuadorian Indigenous Leaders Deliver Letter Calling on China to Abandon Oil Drilling in Their Territory as Ecuador Faces U.N. Review

Ecuadorian Indigenous Leaders Deliver Letter Calling on China to Abandon Oil Drilling in Their Territory as Ecuador Faces U.N. Review

On Saturday, the leaders participated in the Peoples Climate March alongside other indigenous leaders and actor Leonardo DiCaprio

May 1, 2017

New York, NY – Indigenous leaders Manari and Gloria Ushigua from the Sápara nation of the Ecuadorian Amazon delivered a letter this morning addressed to the Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China before the United Nations in New York, in which they call on its state-run oil companies to abandon drilling plans on their rainforest territory. Their action occurs on the same day that Ecuador faces scrutiny from the U.N. Human Rights Council during the body's Universal Periodic Review of the country.

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