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Peruvian Achuar Federation Reaffirms Opposition to GeoPark as Oil Company Touts 3Q Investor "Results"

Peruvian Achuar Federation Reaffirms Opposition to GeoPark as Oil Company Touts 3Q Investor "Results"

Striking photos add to twenty years of reiterated rejections of oil extraction in Achuar territory

November 15, 2017

Oakland, CA – The 45 Achuar indigenous communities under the umbrella of the federation FENAP have once again reiterated their opposition to oil operations within their ancestral territory, this time represented by GeoPark, a Chile-based company that signed a cooperative agreement with the Peruvian government in late 2014.

JPMorgan and BlackRock Invest in Amazon Destruction

Report documents risks for climate, indigenous peoples, and customers of financial institutions invested in fossil fuel extraction in the Amazon rainforest

November 9, 2017

Oakland, CA – Global financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock put the climate, indigenous peoples, and their customers at risk with their continued financing of companies that drill for oil in the Amazon rainforest, demonstrates a report, Investing in Amazon Destruction, released today by Amazon Watch.

"Equator Banks, Act!" Campaign Welcomes Decision to Revise the Equator Principles

Groups will judge process on ultimate commitments made on climate change and indigenous peoples' rights

November 3, 2017

The core group of organizations leading the global "Equator Banks, Act!" campaign welcomed the decision of the Equator Principles Association to start a full revision process of the Equator Principles.

Amazonian Indigenous Peoples Reject Ecuador's Plans for New Oil Tender

Controversial oil auction and mining expansion denounced at Quito industry conference

October 26, 2017

Quito, Ecuador – Representatives of six indigenous nationalities traveled from their Amazonian communities to Quito this morning to reject plans by the new government of Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno to auction off oil blocks that overlap their titled rainforest territories.

Standing with Ecuadorian Communities in Toronto Against Chevron: Serial Polluter and Corporate Criminal

October 10, 2017

Amazon Watch is in Toronto today to stand with the indigenous and campesino communities who have been the victims of Chevron's toxic waste for over five decades. We also denounce Chevron's abuse of the legal system to intimidate and harass its victims, as well as journalists, environmental and human rights organizations, and even concerned shareholders who have expressed support for a just resolution to one of the worst oil-related environmental disasters in history.

Threatened Indigenous Community in Peruvian Amazon Receives Support from Around the World

International grassroots petitions signed by tens of thousands urge protection of Shipibo Community in Santa Clara de Uchunya

October 3, 2017

Washington, DC – Peruvian authorities must take urgent steps to end land grabbing, deforestation, and political killings of indigenous leaders in the Ucayali region, thousands of individuals stated in international grassroots petitions published today.

Reports of Massacre in Brazilian Amazon Highlight Danger of Government Animosity Toward Indigenous Peoples

September 12, 2017

"This latest report of a massacre in Javari Valley is yet another tragic sign of the deadly effects of the regressive policies promoted by President Michel Temer."

Equator Banks Called upon to Act on Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples' Rights

Global coalition of NGOs and Indigenous organisations seek full revision of outdated Equator Principles

August 29, 2017

65 environmental, human rights and Indigenous Peoples' organisations today sent an open letter to the Steering Committee of the Equator Principles Association, calling for new and much stronger commitments to be made by its 91 member banks on combating climate change and respecting Indigenous Peoples' rights and territories.

Victory for Indigenous Rights as Brazil's Supreme Court Rejects Government Proposal To Limit Land Rights

Proposal would have set indigenous land titling policies back decades

August 17, 2017

In unanimous rulings on two disputed indigenous land-titling cases, the Court dismissed a legal opinion issued by the Attorney General and endorsed by President Michel Temer, which argued for the rejection of land claims by indigenous peoples unless they inhabited their traditional territories at the time Brazil's 1988 Constitution was ratified.

Protests in Bolivia Against Renewed Road Plans for TIPNIS Rainforest

Community leaders and environmentalists rally to protect Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory, cause of massive 2011 protests

August 8, 2017

Leaders of Bolivia's indigenous and environmental movements are staging emergency protests as the country's Senate meets to approve a law that would strip protections from the Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory.

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