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Photos from Our 2010 Annual Luncheon

Photos from Our 2010 Annual Luncheon

September 23, 2010

Roberto "Berito" Cobaria and Gilberto Cobaria from the U'wa people of Colombia were our guest speakers. James Cameron joined the luncheon by video to present A Message from Pandora, a special feature about the battle to stop the Belo Monte Dam.

Amazon in Focus 2010

Amazon in Focus 2010

Fall 2010

In this year’s Amazon in Focus, we are pleased to present to you powerful and insightful articles from our campaigners in the field. The journeys and events that inspired these articles demonstrate the breadth of our work and, at the same time, the depth of our connection to our indigenous partners and the rainforest.

Oil Daily: Indigenous Groups Oppose Colombia Drilling

April 14, 2010The Oil Daily

New York – As the Colombian government seeks to expand oil and gas drilling to raise production, it is licensing blocks in increasingly remote areas, infringing on the territory of indigenous tribes, according to environmentalists and groups rep- resenting indigenous people. Today, most of the country's oil output comes from the Llanos and Magdalena Basins in central Colombia. [...]

U'wa Visit to New York City and Washington, DC

U'wa Visit to New York City and Washington, DC

April 2010

Photos from a week-long visit of U'wa Association leaders Gilberto Cobaría (President) and Berito Cobaría (International Coordinator) to the East Coast, co-facilitated by the National Museum of the American Indian and Amazon Watch.

Obama's War for Oil in Colombia

January 27, 2010Counterpunch

This past summer, President Obama announced that he had signed an agreement with Colombia to grant the U.S. military access to 7 military bases in Colombia. [...]

Miles de indígenas debatirán en Cali sobre la presencia militar y empresarial extranjera

October 13, 2009EFE

Unos 25.000 indígenas llegaron hoy a la ciudad de Cali (suroeste) para debatir sobre la presencia de soldados estadounidenses en bases militares colombianas y la posibilidad de que aumente el número de multinacionales mineras interesadas en sus territorios. El consejero mayor del Consejo Regional Indígena del Cauca (suroeste, CRIC), Elides Pechené, informó a Efe vía telefónica que esta tarde se inaugurará en C [...]

Colombia's U'wa Reiterate Opposition to Ecopetrol Gas Drilling in their Ancestral Territory

International Investors Warned Against Heightened Risk of Oil Operations Within Indigenous Territories Without Consent

October 12, 2009

Washington, DC – Colombia's U'wa indigenous people will carry out a mobilization near Cubará, Colombia today in opposition to natural resource extraction projects in their ancestral territory. Colombia's state-run oil company and largest corporation, Ecopetrol, is drilling within U'wa sacred territory and has plans to expand their exploration operations. "We reject any intervention in U'wa ancestral territory. [...]

U'wa Resistance Against Petroleum and Megaprojects

October 8, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009By: Actualidad Étnica The U'wa indigenous community, that has opposed the exploitation of natural resources in their sacred and ancestral territory since 1995, announced that they will carry out a resistance action in Cubará, Boyacá on October 12 and 13. [...]

COLOMBIA: Resistencia Uwa contra petroleras y megaproyectos

October 8, 2009

La comunidad indígena Uwa, que desde 1995 se ha opuesto a la explotación de recursos naturales en su territorio sagrado y ancestral, anunció que simultáneamente a la gran Minga Nacional, este 12 y 13 de octubre realizará una actividad de resistencia en Cubará, Boyacá, para manifestar su oposición contra las actividades que actualmente Ecopetrol realiza en la zona y otros megaproyectos que el Gobierno Nacional preten [...]

Invasión de Ecopetrol y FFMM, violación de derechos más grande contra los U'wa

May 6, 2009

En un documento entregado al director HSE y Gestión Social de Ecopetrol, Napo León Gómez y al Teniente Coronel Juan Carlos González, Comandante del Batallón Especial Energético Vial No.1, la comunidad U'wa dejó claro, una vez más, su rechazo a cualquier tipo de actividad dentro de su territorio que atente su cosmovisión, especialmente la explotación de hidrocarburos y la militarización que además de invadir su t [...]

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