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Communique from the Pueblo U’wa

August 10, 1998 | Press Release

Cubara, ColombiaWe, the U’wa, declare to the government and its various entities, to Congress , to the different social organizations, human rights NGO’s, national and international environmentalists, to the oil companies and to the Colombian people in general, that we have united formally behind the stoppages and peaceful demonstrations that has been going on since July 30 in Sarare and in the municipalities of t [...]More »

Colombia Tribe Leader Takes Message to Occidental

May 1, 1998 | Reuters

Santa Monica, Calif. - Roberto Cobaria sees blood beneath the cloud forests of northeastern Colombia. [...]More »

U’wa Tribal Leader to Attend Occidental’s Annual Meeting Press Conference and Native Prayer Circle outside the Shareholder Meeting

April 29, 1998 | Press Release

Santa Monica, CA - An U’wa tribal leader has traveled to Los Angeles from the rainforest of Colombia in order to attend the annual shareholder meeting of the Occidental Petroleum Corporation. The U’wa, a traditional community of 5,000 indigenous people who live in the Colombian cloudforest, have vowed to walk off of a 1,400 foot cliff in mass suicide if Occidental Petroleum drills on their sacred ancestral homelands. [...]More »

5 Arrested in Protest against Occidental

April 23, 1998 | Los Angeles Times

Five environmentalists protesting Occidental Petroleum Corp.'s plan to build an oil pipeline in Colombia were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of trespassing and vandalism. [...]More »

Seven Arrested at Earth Day Protest in Los Angeles Protesting Occidental Petroleum Project on Sacred U'wa Land in Colombia

April 22, 1998 | Press Release

Los Angeles – Seven people were arrested this afternoon in front of the LA headquarters of the Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Oxy), protesting the company’s plans to drill for oil on U’wa peoples homeland in Colombia. Protesters installed a 23-foot metal pipeline in the company’s lobby, the end of the pipe jutting through the front doors and onto the sidewalk, dripping blood onto the company’s front steps [...]More »

Environmentalists Detained in Anti-Oil Protest

April 22, 1998 | Reuters

Los Angeles - Environmental activists chained themselves to an oil drum in front of Occidental Petroleum Co.'s headquarters here on Wednesday to protest the company's plans to drill on land claimed by a Colombian tribe.  The protesters unfurled an anti-oil banner and set up a mock pipeline before several were detained for trespassing. [...]More »

Full-page New York Times Ad Warns Investors: Occidental’s Amazon Oil Project is a "Death Sentence" for the U’wa Tribe

April 14, 1998 | Press Release

In a full-page ad appearing in the New York Times today, an international coalition of twenty-seven environmental, human rights, and religious organization warned that Occidental Petroleum’s "Samoré" oil project is a death sentence for the U’wa people. [...]More »

Blood of Our Mother Report

January 1, 1998 | Report

The military patch depicted here is worn on the right shoulder of every soldier that protects oil installations in Colombia. The drilling rig and the soldier represent the story of oil development in Colombia with chilling accuracy. The U'wa, an indigenous community of 5000 people, do not want to be part of the cycle of violence that oil development brings. [...]More »

Tribe Threatens Mass Suicide U’wa Chief to Deliver a Personal Message to Occidental Petroleum and Shell (Entrevistas en Espanol)

October 20, 1997 | Press Release

WHO: Roberto Cobaria, President of the Traditional U’wa Authority, an indigenous tribe from the Cloud Forest joins scores of demonstrators and other concerned members of the Los Angeles environmental, human rights, religious, legal and academic communities calling on Occidental and Shell International to abandon plans to drill for oil on U’wa lands. [...]More »

Demonstrators Protest at Occidental

October 20, 1997 | United Press International

Los Angeles - The leader of a band of Colombian Indians who have threatened mass suicide if Occidental Petroleum drills for oil on what the tribe contends is their territory joined about 50 demonstrators in Los Angeles calling for the company to stop the project. [...]More »

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