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200 U'WA Assemble at OXY Oil Well Site to Block Drilling Tribe Calls for International Support to Stop the Oil Project

November 17, 1999

Bogota, Colombia - Yesterday, 200 U'wa Indians, including women, children and tribal elders marched on the site of Occidental Petroleum's planned oil well Gibraltar 1, establishing a permanent settlement to block the drilling slated to begin in the coming weeks. Hundreds of additional U'wa are expected to continue arriving to the settlement in upcoming days. [...]

Victory for Venezuela's Indigenous Peoples! The Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly Votes to Include Indigenous Rights Article in the New Constitution

November 4, 1999

Caracas, Venezuela - In a historic moment for Venezuela's indigenous peoples, the 131-member constituent assembly voted yesterday to include a chapter in the new constitution that sets forth legal rights for indigenous peoples and indigenous communities in accordance with International Labor Organization Convention (ILO) 169. [...]

Proyecto Petrolero Colombiano en el Teritorio U'WA Inicia Protesta Internacional Dos Mujeres Cuelgan una Bandera de Paz de el Techo del Consulado Colombiano en Los Angeles Colgadoras Disponibles para Entrevistas por Telefono Cellular

October 12, 1999

Beverly Hills, CA – Cinco Activistas incluyendo dos mujeres colgadoras fueron arrestadas esta tarde durante una manifestacion en el Consulado Colombiano en Beverly Hills, CA. Dos mujeres subieron al techo del edificio de Consulado unos minutos despues de las nueve de esta manana. [...]

Colombian Oil Project on U'WA Land Sparks International Outcry Two Women Hang Peace Banner from Roof of Colombian Consulate in Los Angeles

October 12, 1999

Beverly Hills, CA – Five activists including two women climbers climbers were arrested this afternoon during a protest at the Colombian Consulate in Beverly Hills, California. [...]

Informe Gubernamental Colombiano Confirma que los U’WA se Encuentran en la Linea de Fuego de Occidental Petroleum se le Exhorta al Ministro del Medio Ambiente Mayr a Revocar la Licencia

October 8, 1999

Washington D.C. – Un informe emitido el miercoles por la Defensoria del Pueblo en Colombia podría representar un desafio grave a la validez legal de una licencia ortorgada a la empresa Occidental de Colombia (Oxy) para taladrar un pozo exploratorio en las tierras ancestrales del pueblo de los U’wa, una tribu de 5,000 personas quienes viven en el bosque nublado en el noreste de Colombia. [...]

Colombian Government Report Confirms U'WA in Occidental Petroleum's Line of Fire Enviornment Minister Mayr Urged to Revoke License

October 8, 1999

Washington D.C. – A report issued yesterday by the Colombian People’s Ombudsman's office could seriously challenge the legal validity of the license granted to Occidental Petroleum to drill an exploratory well in the ancestral lands of the U'wa people, an indigenous tribe of 5,000 who live in the cloud forest of northeastern Colombia. [...]

Candlelight March and Vigil at OXY CEO'S House Protesters demand cancellation of project in U'wa indigenous territory

October 6, 1999

WHAT: A candlelight march and vigil in the neighborhood of Dr. Ray Irani, CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corporation.  WHERE: Sunset Blvd. at the corner of Bel Air Drive, one block W. of N. [...]

Occidental and Oriental Connections

September 29, 1999Wall St. Journal

Carthage, Tenn. - On his 1998 tax returns under "supplemental income," Vice President Al Gore lists a $20,000 royalty payment from Union Zinc Inc. for the right to mine zinc from his 88-acre farm here in the verdant hills of the Cumberland River valley. In the 25 years he has held the zinc lease, Mr. Gore has earned more than $450,000. The man who provided Mr. [...]

Colombian President Pastrana Condemned for Granting Occidental Permit for Oil Drilling on U'wa Tribal Land International Protests to Escalate

September 21, 1999

Washington, DC - An international coalition of environmental and human rights leaders condemned Colombian President Andrés Pastrana today for his decision to grant the Los-Angeles based Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) permission to proceed with oil drilling on U'wa tribal lands. [...]

The Colombian Government Urged to Reject Occidental's License to Drill on U'wa Tribe's Land

September 9, 1999

Los Angeles, CA - An international alliance of more than 100 organizations from 24 countries sent a joint letter to Juan Mayr, Colombia's award-winning Environment Minister, urging him to reject the Los Angeles-based Occidental Petroleum's (OXY) pending license to drill its first oil well on the U'wa's sacred ancestral lands. [...]

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