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Comunicado a la Opinion Publica Invasion y Desalojo al Pueblo U`WA Atropello a los Intereses Nacionales y a la Identidad Cultural

January 25, 2000

El día de hoy, 25 de Enero del año 2000, en vergonzosa acción de las fuerzas militares y de policía, en cabeza del Mayor Víctor Hugo Rojas Aragón, indígenas del pueblo U`wa fuimos desalojados de nuestras propiedades Santa Rita y Bellavista, donde se encuentra ubicado el punto de perforación Gibraltar I. [...]

Communique to Public Opinion Invasion and Eviction of the UWA People Violation of national interest and cultural identity

January 25, 2000

Today, the 25th of January, 2000, in a shameful action by the military and police forces, headed by Major Victor Hugo Rojas Aragón, we the indigenous U’wa people were evicted from our land at Santa Rita and Bellavista, where the oil drilling site Gibraltar 1 is located. [...]

Colombian Military Invades U'WA Tribe's Legal Territory to Protect OXY'S Oil Project

January 25, 2000

Today's meeting between President Clinton and Colombian President AndrésPastrana in Washington to discuss increased US military funding drewcriticisms from international human rights groups concerned about the recentmilitarization of the U'wa people's legal, traditional lands. [...]

Bought and Paid for Gore's Oily Family Friends, Bush's Profitable Harvard Connections and Other Stories You're Not Likely to Read about

January 21,

Vice President Al Gore delivered a scathing speech back on Oct. [...]

URGENTE Comunicado a la Opinion Publica Nacional e Internacional la OXY Invade Territorio U´WA el Ejercito de Colombia con 5000 Efectivos al Servicio de la Occidental

January 20, 2000

El día 19 de enero del 2000, mas de 5000 efectivos de las Fuerzas militares del ejercito colombiano, fuertemente armados, invadieron nuestro territorio tradicional, exactamente en el sitio Cedeño, donde se encuentra ubicado el punto de perforación petrolera Pozo Gibraltar 1, de la empresa Occidental, OXY. Frente a la oposición presentada por el pueblo U´wa, en cabeza de nuestro representante y líder indíg [...]

URGENT Communication To The National and International Public: Oxy Invades U'wa Territory The Colombian Army Has 5000 Agents at the Service of Occidental

January 20, 2000

Cubará, Colombia - On January 19, 2000 more than 5,000 agents of the Colombian Military, heavily armed, invaded our traditional territory, exactly at Cedeno, where Oxy's oil drilling site Gibraltar 1 is situated. [...]

Gore Attacked over Colombia Oil Project

January 19, 2000The Financial Times.

Environmentalists and human rights activists are accusing Al Gore, the US vice-president and candidate for the Democratic party presidential nomination, of hypocrisy over his shareholding in an oil company prospecting in Colombian rainforests. [...]

How the Gores, Father and Son, Helped Their Patron Occidental Petroleum And: Uranium Deal Helps Benefactors, but Costs Taxpayers $2.1 Billion

January 11, 2000 The Center for Public Integrity

Washington - On Sept. 7, 1995, Vice President Albert Gore Jr., stood on the White House lawn and talked in sweeping terms about ending the era of big government. [...]

Colombia Indians to Fight Occidental Oil Plans with Lives

January 7, 2000The Washington Times

Bogota - The U'wa Indians of northeastern Colombia say the government will have to kill every last member of their tribe before they allow California-based Occidental Petroleum Corp. to pump oil from their ancestral lands. The vow marks the latest in an eight-year battle between the U'wa and the multinational oil giant. Initially the tribe threatened to commit mass suicide by jumping off a 1,400-foot cliff. [...]

When Politicians' Acts Benefit Benefactors

January 6, 2000Inquirer Washington Bureau

Washington - It was part of Vice President Gore's plan to streamline and "reinvent" government: Sell off a 47,000-acre oil field in Southern California. The taxpayers would benefit. But so did one company: Occidental Petroleum, which eventually bought the land through competitive bidding in 1997. The company had decades-long ties to Gore's family. [...]

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