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Oil Discovery Hardly Has Policy's Critics Gushing

August 25, 2004The Miami Herald

Bogota - With the nation's proven oil reserves continuing to fall, investment and exploration sagging and sabotage from a 40-year old civil war enduring, the Colombian government and its oil company, Ecopetrol, have beendesperate to ballyhoo any find, small though it may be. "Ecopetrol bet and won," the Ministry of Mines and Energy loudly proclaimed Monday after Ecopetrol said it had found 15 million barrels of [...]

U'wa Communique to the National and International Public Opinion

July 2, 2004

In the year 2001, the U.S. based multinational oil company Occidental of Colombia, OXY, acknowledged publicly the discouraging results to its much anticipated oil bonanza of Gilbraltar 1, in sacred U'WA territory. Today, the Colombian state oil company ECOPETROL continues the work that OXY started. [...]

BOLETIN INFORMATIVO - Resguardo Indígena Unido U’wa, Cubará (Boyacá)

December 3, 2003

ECOPETROL en el año 1.985 inicia actividades petroleras en territorio ancestral U’wa con el proyecto de explotación en Caño Limón (Arauca), la construcción del oleoducto Caño Limón Coveñas, y la construcción de la Estación de bombeo en territorio de la comunidad indígena de Tamarana”Sutota” en el corregimiento de Samore, municipio de Toledo, Norte de Santander. [...]

U'wa Communique

July 1, 2003

Cubara, Colombia -  The U’wa People, Children of God, Children of our Mother Earth, Lovers of the Natural World and of the Spirits The U’wa people are tired of the proliferation of false promises that the Colombian government has made to us. [...]

WOLA Report - Protecting the Pipeline: The U.S. Military Mission Expands

May 1, 2003

The U.S. government has recently provided $99 million to help protect an oil pipeline in Colombia. The Bush administration’s request for fiscal year 2004 includes an undetermined amount, up to $147 million, to provide munitions, equipment, and training in order to continue the program. The pipeline protection program is the most concrete manifestation thus far of the Administration’s desire to expand U.S. [...]

Colombian Government Might Retract Oil 'Discovery' Claim

April 2, 2003Dow Jones Business News

Bogota - Less than a month after the Colombian government cockily announced it found high-quality crude oil - possibly 200 million barrels - at its Gibraltar well, negative follow-up tests have officials ready to choke down a crow dinner. [...]

U’wa: Collective Suicide

March 10, 2003

The Highest Council of the U’wa Traditional Authorities would like to clarify the issue of collective suicide to the national and international community. [...]

U’wa Vow To Resist Oil Discovery on Sacred Land Groups Denounce Use of US Tax Dollars for Oil Drilling in Colombia

March 4, 2003

After a successful decade long struggle to keep oil exploitation off of their sacred homeland, the 7,000 member U’wa indigenous community from the remote cloud forests of northeastern Colombia are vowing to continue their peaceful opposition to oil drilling on their land in light of this week’s announcement by Colombia’s state oil company—Ecopetrol—that preliminary results from a test well indicated recoverable am [...]

Comunicado a la Opinion Publica Nacional e Internacional Frente al Hallazgo de Petroleo en Nuestro Territorio Ancestral Kera Chikara

March 4, 2003

Cubará, Colombia - El día 03 de Marzo de 2003 el Cabildo Mayor U´wa, Autoridades Tradicionales de las 17 Comunidades Indígenas, Lideres y Pueblo en General recibe de manera Oficial de parte de los medios de Comunicación Nacional y del Presidente de ECOPETROL ISAAC YANOVICH en hallazgo de petróleo en Gibraltar 1 del Bloque Samoré frente ha esta situación el Pueblo U´wa a través del Cabildo Mayor hace conocer a la O [...]

Communique to the National and International Community in Response to the Discovery of Petroleum in Our Ancestral Territory, Kera Chikara

March 4, 2003

Cubará, Colombia - On March 3, 2003 the highest U’wa Council of the Traditional Authorities of 17 indigenous U’wa communities, leaders, and general public received official word from the President of Ecopetrol, Isaac Yanovich, regarding the discovery of petroleum in Gibralter I of the Samoré block. [...]

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