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U’wa: Collective Suicide

March 10, 2003

The Highest Council of the U’wa Traditional Authorities would like to clarify the issue of collective suicide to the national and international community. [...]

U’wa Vow To Resist Oil Discovery on Sacred Land Groups Denounce Use of US Tax Dollars for Oil Drilling in Colombia

March 4, 2003

After a successful decade long struggle to keep oil exploitation off of their sacred homeland, the 7,000 member U’wa indigenous community from the remote cloud forests of northeastern Colombia are vowing to continue their peaceful opposition to oil drilling on their land in light of this week’s announcement by Colombia’s state oil company—Ecopetrol—that preliminary results from a test well indicated recoverable am [...]

Comunicado a la Opinion Publica Nacional e Internacional Frente al Hallazgo de Petroleo en Nuestro Territorio Ancestral Kera Chikara

March 4, 2003

Cubará, Colombia - El día 03 de Marzo de 2003 el Cabildo Mayor U´wa, Autoridades Tradicionales de las 17 Comunidades Indígenas, Lideres y Pueblo en General recibe de manera Oficial de parte de los medios de Comunicación Nacional y del Presidente de ECOPETROL ISAAC YANOVICH en hallazgo de petróleo en Gibraltar 1 del Bloque Samoré frente ha esta situación el Pueblo U´wa a través del Cabildo Mayor hace conocer a la O [...]

Communique to the National and International Community in Response to the Discovery of Petroleum in Our Ancestral Territory, Kera Chikara

March 4, 2003

Cubará, Colombia - On March 3, 2003 the highest U’wa Council of the Traditional Authorities of 17 indigenous U’wa communities, leaders, and general public received official word from the President of Ecopetrol, Isaac Yanovich, regarding the discovery of petroleum in Gibralter I of the Samoré block. [...]

The U'wa Demand the Immediate Withdrawal of EcoPetrol from Their Sacred Land

February 12, 2003

Comunique to the Colombian and International CommunitiesResguardo Unido U’wa, Cubará If ECOPETROL continues with the Sirirí project in U’wa territory, our culture will disappear.  With this affirmation, we want to remind and inform people that ECOPETROL and its associated companies like OXY have destroyed indigenous cultures and the environment. [...]

Amazon Watch’s “Creation Stories” Event Featuring the U’wa People of Colombia Draws Hundreds from the Creative Community

September 26, 2002

On September 24, in collaboration with the Creative Artists Agency Foundation, Amazon Watch hosted an evening with the traditional leaders of the U'wa nation of Colombia who shared their dramatically unfolding "creation story" with select members of the Hollywood community. Mary Stuart Masterson and Julia Butterfly Hill hosted the event, which was attended by more than 200 people. [...]

FEATURE-Colombian U'wa Indians Brace for New Battle

July 8, 2002Reuters Company News

Cubara, Colombia - Roberto Perez chews a cluster of drycoca leaves as he stands near a precipice overlooking a valley of rainforest and swift rivers. Legend has it that Perez's U'wa Indian ancestors jumped to their deaths froma similar ridge 500 years ago to avoid enslavement by Spanish conquistadors. Perez, a shy and mild-mannered U'wa leader, says his people will not commitmass suicide [...]

Witness for Peace report: The Real Costs of Pipeline Protection in Colombia: Corporate Welfare with Deadly Consequences

July 1, 2002

A Witness for Peace Report from Arauca July 2002 SUMMARY The politically independent human rights group Witness for Peace conducted a thorough on-the-ground study of the potential outcomes of the Bush administration’s proposal to spend $98 million to protect an oil pipeline in Arauca, Colombia. This oil industry resource is half-owned by California-based Occidental Petroleum. [...]

Colombia Holds Out for a Big Oil Find

May 21, 2002Financial Times

Under rebel threat and with its largest fields in decline, Colombia's oil industry was dealt a new blow this month when one of its loyal foreign investors said it had not found significant reserves. However, despite Occidental's decision to abandon the Sirirý exploration block near the Venezuelan border, where it had hoped to locate an estimated 1.4bn barrels of oil, Ecopetrol, Colombia's state oil company, remains o [...]

How a Disappearing Oil Field was the Answer to One Tribe's Prayers Bizarre Campaign Pays Off as US Oil Giant Quits Amazon Project

May 13, 2002Guardian

When geologists from US oil giant Oxy found what they believed was one of the largest oil fields in Latin America in 1994, there was jubilation in the company's Los Angeles HQ. Oxy - closely linked to former US presidential candidate Al Gore - was confident enough to tell shareholders there could be 1.4 billion barrels in Colombia's Samore field and a further 900 million barrels in an adjacent area. [...]

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