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Occidental Abandona Exploración del Bloque Samoré

May 6, 2002 | El Tiempo

Ecopetrol sufre un grave revés y tendrá que terminar la tarea inconclusa enel proyecto, considerado la piedra angular de la nueva generación de campospetroleros del país. Aunque la petrolera estatal aún no ha sido notificada oficialmente de ladecisión, la sede principal de Occidental en Los Ángeles la confirmó elviernes pasado, luego de analizar que desde el punto de vista económico, n [...]More »

Picketers Protest Occidental Drilling

May 3, 2002 | Reuter on Occidental, U'wa and military aid

Los Angeles - A noisy group of about 20 sign-wavingdemonstrators marched outside the annual meeting of Occidental PetroleumCorp. [...]More »

Occidental Petroleum to Leave U’wa Land! Company Announces Plans to Leave Controversial Colombia Oil Project

May 3, 2002 | Press Release

Los Angeles — At its annual shareholder meeting today, Occidental Petroleum (NYSE:OXY) announced its plans to return to the Colombian government its controversial Siriri oil block (formally Samore), located on the traditional territory of the U’wa people. This follows a nearly decade-long peaceful campaign by the U’wa to halt the oil project. “This is the news we have been waiting for. [...]More »

U'wa Indigenous Leaders Arrive in Washington DC To Rally Against Plan Colombia and Military Aid For Oxy's Pipeline

April 15, 2002 | Press Release

WHO: Roberto Perez and Armando Tegria Rincunada, leaders of the U'wa Peopleof Colombia WHAT: Visit Washington DC this week to speak out against Plan Colombia andmilitary aid to OXY's Colombia operations. WHEN & WHERE: Wed. [...]More »

Analysis of Proposed United States Military Aid to Protect the Caño Limón Pipeline in Colombia

April 1, 2002 | Report

Download a printer friendly version of this report (pdf) (38 kb) 1. [...]More »

A Colombian Town Caught in a Cross-Fire

March 17, 2002 | The Los Angeles Times

SANTO DOMINGO, Colombia – Death came to Santo Domingo as its people celebrated life.  Villagers were gathering for a street fair that bright December morning, but a battle had broken out between the Colombian army and leftist rebels in the nearby jungle.  The villagers heard a military helicopter roar overhead. [...]More »

Informe Sobre: El Conflicto Civil y Los Pueblos Indígenas en Colombia

March 1, 2002 | Report

Después de cuarenta años de guerra civil, Colombia está entrando aún más profundamente en conflicto. El fin del proceso de paz ha provocado una nueva ola de violencia. Las tácticas brutales de la fuerza de seguridad, de los narcotraficantes, guerrillas izquierdistas y grupos paramilitares, resultan en las muertes violentas de unos 20 colombianos diarios. [...]More »

Civil Conflict and Indigenous Peoples in Colombia

March 1, 2002 | Report

After forty years of civil war, Colombia is sliding ever deeper into conflict. The recent collapse of the peace process has set a new wave of violence in motion. The brutal tactics of paramilitary groups, leftist guerrillas, security forces, and drug traffickers result in the violent deaths of almost 20 Colombians every day. [...]More »

U'wa Speak Out Against Bush's Pipeline Protection Program in Colombia

February 14, 2002 | Press Release

The U'wa Community represented by the U'wa Grand Council and the U'waTraditional Authority, addresses the difficulties faced by our Sarare region that is partly Our Ancestral Territory established by our Highest Colonial Letters. We express our voice of protest and rejection before the national andinternational community against the actions of Armed Actors that destabilize the normal deve [...]More »

Fighting for Colombian Oil


Pushing deeper into the Colombian quagmire, President Bush is proposing a major escalation of U.S. involvement in that country's civil war. [...]More »

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