The Peruvian Amazon, the fourth largest expanse of tropical rainforest in the world, is home to thousands of indigenous peoples speaking dozens of languages, including some of the last groups living with little or no direct contact with the outside world. Tragically, since 2003 nearly three quarters of the Peruvian Amazon has been leased to the international oil industry for the highest bid. More

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Murder in the Rainforest

At the U.N.'s latest climate talks, indigenous tribes showed again that they're frontline allies in the climate fight. So why aren't we protecting them?

December 16, 2014Rolling Stone

On the morning of December 5th, a dark piece of news began circulating at the U.N. climate talks in Lima: The body of José Isidro Tendetza Antún, a leading Ecuadorian indigenous-rights and anti-mining campaigner, had been found in a riverside grave near his village, his remains bound in rope, showing signs of beating and torture.

Thousands of Marchers Demand Just Solution at UN Climate Talks in Lima

Indigenous peoples from the Andes to the Amazon joined trade unionists, students and women’s groups in demonstration in the Peruvian capital

December 10, 2014The Guardian

From the Amazon to the Andes, thousands of activists marched through the streets of Lima on Wednesday to demand a just solution to climate change. The march through the traffic-choked streets put a human face on the United Nations climate negotiations, a process largely confined to suited bureaucrats working behind the high walls of a military compound in a leafy neighbourhood of Lima.

Thousands in Lima March for Climate Justice!

Thousands in Lima March for Climate Justice!

December 10, 2014

Amazon Watch and indigenous allies joined thousands of marchers yesterday in defense of the rainforest and territorial rights and to demand that voices from the Amazon be heard at the United Nations COP20 climate negotiations.

Fracking, REDD, Lima Climate Talks...All Slammed at Nature Rights Tribunal

13 judges meet in Peru to hear accusations that the rights of “Mother Earth” are being violated

December 10, 2014The Guardian

"[REDD gives] permits to pollute," Smithie told the Tribunal. "[It means] forests of the world acting as a sponge for northern industrial countries' pollution. They can pollute if they grab forests in the global south."

COP20 Lima: Amazon Watch on Democracy Now!

COP20 Lima: Amazon Watch on Democracy Now!

December 10, 2014

"When we lose the Amazon, we not only create emissions, but we lose the climate stabilizing function of the forest," Amazon Watch founder Atossa Soltani told Democracy Now! at the "Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change" event hosted by WECAN around the UNFCCC COP20 climate summit currently taking place in Lima, Peru. "We're reaching a tipping point."

<em>¡Amazonía Viva!</em> Art and Action at COP20

¡Amazonía Viva! Art and Action at COP20

December 7, 2014

Yesterday hundreds of indigenous peoples from communities across the Amazon joined together on a beach in Lima, Peru to create a massive "human banner" image to promote awareness about territorial rights for indigenous peoples in the global climate conversation. Beneath the heat of the sun and to the sound of beating drums, indigenous peoples and allies danced and rallied around a united message.

Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change Revealed in Massive Art Action at COP20

Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change Revealed in Massive Art Action at COP20

Hundreds form massive "human banner" image citing importance of legal territorial rights for indigenous peoples in global climate conversation

December 6, 2014

Lima, Peru – Indigenous territorial rights must be guaranteed as an effective strategy to address climate change was the message of an enormous "human banner" image created on Agua Dulce beach today outside the UN COP20 climate summit.

<em>¡Amazonia Viva!</em> Amazon Watch at COP20

¡Amazonia Viva! Amazon Watch at COP20

December 4, 2014

Together with our indigenous allies from the Amazon and NGO allies from the north and south, Amazon Watch is in Lima to highlight and expose major threats from a wave of egregious extractive and infrastructure projects planned for the Amazon.

Indigenous Peoples to Create Giant Human Banner Artwork at COP20 Calling for Territorial Rights to Slow Climate Change

Amazonian and global indigenous peoples to form massive image in support of territorial rights as a key solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing climate change

December 3, 2014

Hundreds of indigenous people and supporters will form a gigantic "human banner" art work on the beach, creating an image symbolizing the important role of indigenous protection of the rainforest and natural resources.

Amazon Indigenous Land Loss Threatens Climate, Says Study

Amazon Indigenous Land Loss Threatens Climate, Says Study

Scientists say destroying indigenous areas of the Amazon rainforest will have an irreversible impact on the atmosphere of the planet

December 3, 2014BBC News

A new study said indigenous lands were "protected natural areas" accounting for 55% of the carbon stored in the Amazon basin. It said this land was at risk because governments had failed to recognize or enforce indigenous land rights.

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