The Peruvian Amazon, the fourth largest expanse of tropical rainforest in the world, is home to thousands of indigenous peoples speaking dozens of languages, including some of the last groups living with little or no direct contact with the outside world. Tragically, since 2003 nearly three quarters of the Peruvian Amazon has been leased to the international oil industry for the highest bid. More

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Peru Now Has a "Licence to Kill" Environmental Protesters

Peru Now Has a "Licence to Kill" Environmental Protesters

Law exempts soldiers and police from criminal responsibility if they cause injuries or deaths

June 29, 2014The Guardian

“So far only protesters have been brought to trial,” said Amnesty International in a statement marking five years since the conflict and pointing out that human rights lawyers have said there is no serious evidence linking the accused to the crimes they are being prosecuted for – which include homicide and rebellion.

Agua, No Bagua: Only Justice Will Keep the Peace

Agua, No Bagua: Only Justice Will Keep the Peace

June 12, 2014Alianza Arkana Blog

Five years have passed since the tragic events at Bagua, where 32 people lost their lives at Devil's Curve. Today, President Humala is committing the same potentially fatal mistake as his predecessor, Alan García.

On Fifth Anniversary of Peru FTA Bagua Massacre of Indigenous Protestors, State Department Cables Published on Wikileaks Reveal U.S. Role

Now, Obama Administration Seeks to Further Expand the Foreign Investor Privileges That Led to Amazon Standoff Via the Trans-Pacific Partnership Pact

June 9, 2014

Washington, DC – On the fifth anniversary of a deadly confrontation in Peru spurred by controversial policies enacted to comply with the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Amazon Watch and Public Citizen expressed extreme concern over recently revealed U.S. diplomatic cables showing the U.S. government's role in the violence that resulted in the deaths of at least 32 people.

No Justice for Amazon Massacre in Peru

No Justice for Amazon Massacre in Peru

Trial marks five-year anniversary of Bagua tragedy

June 5, 2014

Five years ago today the Devil's Curve earned its name, as the highway near Bagua went from peaceful protest site to national tragedy. When the teargas and gunsmoke cleared, 34 people were dead and hundreds more wounded.

Five Years Later: We Will Never Forget Bagua

NO to the Criminalization of Indigenous Peoples, Guardians of the Amazon

June 5, 2014

Santa Catalina (Lima), Perú – This Thursday, June 5th 2014, marks five years since 33 Peruvians died, one disappeared, and more than 200 were injured in Bagua (at the "Devil's Curve" and oil Pumping Station 6) in a confrontation that shouldn't have happened. That date marks an important milestone in the history of Amazonian indigenous peoples and for Peru writ large.

Show's Over: The Fiction of Pluspetrol's Benevolence

Show's Over: The Fiction of Pluspetrol's Benevolence

May 30, 2014Alianza Arkana Blog

In 2013, after decades of protests by the indigenous populations, government testing finally confirmed the devastating contamination of hydrocarbons and other toxic elements in the soil and water of four major river basins.

Investor's Eye on the Amazon - Spring 2014

Spring 2014

In our Spring 2014 issue, we bring you the latest updates and investor risks associated with companies operating or investing in the Amazon region, including two in-depth reports: Beijing, Banks and Barrels: China and Oil in the Ecuadorian Amazon and Chevron's Mockery of Justice: How Judge Kaplan's Decision Suffers from Five Fatal Flaws.

Mining Companies Don't Take Into Account the Cost of Community Conflicts, Study Says

Opposition by Indigenous Groups Seen as Major Risk to Resource Projects World-wide

May 12, 2014The Wall Street Journal

"We are not against all investments, that would be absurd," said Roberto Espinoza, an adviser to Peru's biggest indigenous organization, Aidesep. "We only ask that the law is respected, and the law says communities should be consulted...and have the right to determine their own development."

Climate – Forests – Peoples: We Are One

Respect for and non penalization of indigenous self-determination

May 11, 2014

COP20 is an event that confronts the largest challenge and tragedy of all time: What to do in order to not pass 2 degrees of catastrophic warming? What to do to keep alive the Amazon forest, of which Peru has the second largest extension? We have an unrepeatable opportunity to achieve decisive changes in Peru and the world in favor of continuity of life on the planet, which is our primary intergenerational responsibility.

Interview with Alberto Pizango

Interview with Alberto Pizango

"Perhaps our only crime was to carry the voice of the people"

May 2, 2014AIDESEP

I'd just say to the indigenous peoples and my indigenous brothers who are being tried for these regrettable events that they should stay firm in continuing to lift up the voice of indigenous peoples.

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