The Peruvian Amazon, the fourth largest expanse of tropical rainforest in the world, is home to thousands of indigenous peoples speaking dozens of languages, including some of the last groups living with little or no direct contact with the outside world. Tragically, since 2003 nearly three quarters of the Peruvian Amazon has been leased to the international oil industry for the highest bid. More

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Land Rights for Peru's Amazon Key in Climate Fight

Land Rights for Peru's Amazon Key in Climate Fight

Natives must gain control of titles to stave off deforestation and reduce illegal logging, activists say

October 24, 2014World Bulletin

Peru must grant further land titles to Amazonian tribes as a last resort to halting severe deforestation, the country's main indigenous group reiterated Thursday.

AIDESEP: Responding to El Comercio's Baseless Accusations about the Bagua Case

AIDESEP: Responding to El Comercio's Baseless Accusations about the Bagua Case

October 1, 2014AIDESEP

We cite as the sole responsible parties for the violence unleashed on June 5th the government of ex-President Alan García and other representatives. They allowed for a massacre against the demonstrators. The police, following the orders of the Interior Minister, Mercedes Cabanillas, opened fire on and launched tear gas from helicopters against the only ones who were defending the Amazon.

The Climate "Marchers" Who Fought and Died in the Amazon

September 29, 2014Huffington Post

The 400,000 people who walked across New York City in this month's People's Climate March may not have known it, but their actions came on the heels of another event far away, involving indigenous activists in a remote part of the Amazon rainforest.

Peruvian Ecologist Vows "You Fight Until You Fall Dead"

As Peru relaxes environmental safeguards, a prominent ecologist explains why he resigned from his government post

September 29, 2014National Geographic

Ráez-Luna resigned over the administration's support of a law that, to the horror of environmental groups around the world, rolled back many green policies established in Peru during the past decade.

With Its Green Cred Under Fire, Peru Prepares to Host UN Climate Talks

The South American country has warmed up for the next mega-conference in Lima to negotiate a new Earth-saving climate treaty by rolling back its own environmental safeguards

September 21, 2014GlobalPost

Many of the country's environmental problems are deep-rooted and predate the government of President Ollanta Humala, who took office in July 2011. Yet he has drawn green activists' ire for the "paquetazo," a package of economic reforms he signed into law on July 11.

Peru Plans to Abolish Iconic Amazon Indigenous Reserve, NGO Claims

September 19, 2014Upside Down World

Plans are afoot to abolish a reserve for vulnerable indigenous peoples in Peru's Amazon in order to exploit massive gas deposits and facilitate Christian evangelization, according to a report by Lima-based NGO Perú Equidad - Center for Public Policies and Human Rights.

"The Green Amazon is Red with Indigenous Blood"

Authorities pull bodies from river that may have belonged to slain leaders

September 17,

Peruvian authorities have pulled more human remains from a remote river in the Amazon, which may belong to one of the four murdered Ashaninka natives killed on September 1st.

Assassinations in the Amazon: How Will Peru Respond?

Assassinations in the Amazon: How Will Peru Respond?

Indigenous leaders killed near Brazil border following logging and land title battle

September 13, 2014The Guardian

"Martyrs", "true guardians of the Amazon", "defenders of the rainforest..." These are just some of the terms used to describe four Peruvian indigenous leaders who were assassinated earlier this month, but "Dead Friends of the Earth", a term used by NGO Global Witness for people killed defending their land or the environment, might be another.

Peruvian Antilogging Activist Edwin Chota Killed

Peruvian Antilogging Activist Edwin Chota Killed

Opponent of illegal logging was slain with three other native community leaders in remote region

September 8, 2014Associated Press

The activist had received frequent death threats from illegal loggers, who he had tried for years to expel from the lands for which his community was seeking title. "He threatened to upset the status quo," said David Salisbury, a professor at the University of Richmond. "The illegal loggers are on record for wanting Edwin dead."

Solutions or Bust

Solutions or Bust

Indigenous Amazonian communities in Peru intend to block new oil bids failing immediate government action to solve problems of four decades of exploitation and contamination

September 3, 2014Alianza Arkana Blog

Last week, indigenous women sent a clear message to visiting government officials: If there is no real movement toward solutions to the appalling contamination in their territories, then there will be no more bidding on the oil under their territories.

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