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Gold Mining in Peru: Forests Razed, Millions Lost, Virgins Auctioned

Gold Mining in Peru: Forests Razed, Millions Lost, Virgins Auctioned

Reports of mining in the River Santiago basin raise concerns given the devastating social and environmental impacts elsewhere

May 1, 2016The Guardian

70,000 indigenous Awajúns and Wampís are at risk from such mining operations because of the impacts on the forests, biodiversity and rivers, which they depend on for their lives and livelihoods.

Jiyukam Presente! Homage to a Peaceful Warrior

Jiyukam Presente! Homage to a Peaceful Warrior

January 14, 2016

A wave of sadness has surged forth from the Amazon rainforest, washing over many who have supported indigenous rights in Peru. Yesterday we learned that the long-time Achuar leader Jiyukam Lucas Irar Miik had drown in the Pastaza River, as he returned to his home community of Puerto Rubina. As reported by his son, his boat hit a log and capsized as it traveled up-river deep in the night. Lucas was last seen sleeping on the journey.

Brazilian Public Prosecutors Denounce Ethnocide and Call for Judicial Intervention in Belo Monte

After extensive investigations, federal public prosecutors conclude that the Brazilian government's development model promotes the destruction of the social organization, customs, languages and traditions of indigenous peoples

December 9, 2015Federal Public Prosecutor, Para, Brazil

The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office today initiated legal proceedings in a federal court in Altamira seeking recognition that the implementation of the Belo Monte dam project constitutes an act of ethnocide by the Brazilian government and dam concessionaire Norte Energia, citing abundant evidence of "the destruction of the social organization, customs, languages and traditions of affected indigenous groups".

Why a Paris Climate Treaty Needs To Protect the Amazon

Why a Paris Climate Treaty Needs To Protect the Amazon

December 3, 2015GlobalPost

As negotiators butt heads in Paris over the fine print of a new United Nations climate treaty, one issue they will need to address urgently is the fate of the Amazon.

Yudja Indigenous People Request Consultation Regarding Belo Sun, Canadian Mining Company That Wants To Mine Gold on the Xingu River

July 17, 2015Federal Public Prosecutor, Para, Brazil

The company proposes to undertake mining operations in an area that will be most impacted by the Belo Monte hydroelectric project. The Federal Public Prosecutor, National Indian Foundation and Federal University of Para met with the indigenous Yudja to discuss their right to be consulted.

Dear Li Keqiang: "Please Respect Our Rights and Environment"

Dear Li Keqiang: "Please Respect Our Rights and Environment"

Chinese premier’s visit to Latin America raises concerns about the impacts of mining, oil, agriculture and infrastructure projects

May 19, 2015The Guardian

"We don't accept, and we will not accept, the exploitation of oil in our territories because our vision of the world, our ideas about development, has no place for it," said Manari Ushiga, an indigenous Sapara leader from the Amazon in Ecuador. "It would be better if the Chinese company gave up on these lots. We are not going to accept the end of our lives and the end of the Sapara nation's history and world."

Thousands of Marchers Demand Just Solution at UN Climate Talks in Lima

Indigenous peoples from the Andes to the Amazon joined trade unionists, students and women’s groups in demonstration in the Peruvian capital

December 10, 2014The Guardian

From the Amazon to the Andes, thousands of activists marched through the streets of Lima on Wednesday to demand a just solution to climate change. The march through the traffic-choked streets put a human face on the United Nations climate negotiations, a process largely confined to suited bureaucrats working behind the high walls of a military compound in a leafy neighbourhood of Lima.

Fracking, REDD, Lima Climate Talks...All Slammed at Nature Rights Tribunal

13 judges meet in Peru to hear accusations that the rights of “Mother Earth” are being violated

December 10, 2014The Guardian

"[REDD gives] permits to pollute," Smithie told the Tribunal. "[It means] forests of the world acting as a sponge for northern industrial countries' pollution. They can pollute if they grab forests in the global south."

The Amazon Oil Spills Overlooked by Environmental Leaders in Lima

As global environmental delegates gather in Peru for the UN climate talks, five oil spills in the country’s Amazon jungle are causing a hidden environmental disaster

December 9, 2014The Guardian

Over the last few months – as Peru helped guide the United Nations climate negotiations – five separate oil spills along a main oil pipeline through the Amazon have spewed thick black clots of crude across jungle and swamp and carpeted local fishing lagoons with dead fish.

Ecuador Indigenous Leader Found Dead Days Before Planned Lima Protest

Shuar leader José Isidro Tendetza Antún missing since 28 November
Activists believe death linked to opposition to state-Chinese mine project

December 6, 2014The Guardian

The body of an indigenous leader who was opposed to a major mining project in Ecuador has been found bound and buried, days before he planned to take his campaign to climate talks in Lima.

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