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Why the Result of Brazil's Elections Could Be Bad News For the Climate

October 31, 2014ThinkProgress

Rousseff is coupling her strategy of hydropower expansion in the Amazon with a heavier reliance on fossil fuels. Projects like Belo Monte are typical of Rousseff’s development strategy. Many other large scale infrastructure projects of high environmental impact and dubious utility are in the works, such as the diversion of the Sao Francisco River and the building of an East-West railway that will cut through stretches of the seriously threatened Atlantic Coast forest.

Elections in Brazil: a Win for Rousseff, and China

Now that president Dilma Rousseff has won re-election, Chinese investment in Brazilian energy and agriculture looks set to keep booming

October 27, 2014Chiina Dialogue

“China sees electricity from Brazil's Amazon dams as part of a supply chain delivering energy-intensive aluminum and steel directly from a region rich in these resources.”

Amazon Tribe Fights Brazil Dam Project

August 4, 2014BBC News

Over the last few months some 13,000 Munduruku have been protesting against government plans to build a series of hydroelectric dams that will flood part of their land on the upper reaches of the Tapajos river.

Brazil: Gunmen Threaten to Assassinate Leading Amazon Shaman

Brazil: Gunmen Threaten to Assassinate Leading Amazon Shaman

July 29, 2014

Davi Kopenawa, shaman and internationally renowned spokesman for the Yanomami tribe in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, has demanded urgent police protection following a series of death threats by armed thugs reportedly hired by goldminers operating illegally on Yanomami land.

Brazil Spends Billions on "Green" World Cup, but Does Little to Protect Environmentalists

Brazil Spends Billions on "Green" World Cup, but Does Little to Protect Environmentalists

South American nation holds the dubious distinction of having the highest number of murders of environmental activists

July 8, 2014Earth Island Journal

Brazil is today the most dangerous place in the world to be an environmental activist. By the end of Sunday's final match, an estimated 3.7 million people will have flocked to Brazil to support their home teams. And if statistics hold true, at least two Brazilian environmental activists will have been murdered over the course of the tournament.

Judge Revokes Mining License in Brazilian Amazon

Judge Revokes Mining License in Brazilian Amazon

July 1, 2014

Citing Belo Sun's failure to assess the impacts of its planned mega-mine on nearby indigenous communities, a federal judge rescinded the company's licenses, putting the brakes on yet another Amazon extractive industry tragedy.

Brazil Suspends Belo Sun's Gold Mine Licence

Brazil Suspends Belo Sun's Gold Mine Licence

June 30, 2014The Globe and Mail

"Belo Sun has already shown they want to do the absolute minimum to receive their license to drill and it's encouraging that the federal courts have shown they are not going to let this slide," said Christian Poirier, an activist with the organization Amazon Watch. "Clarifying that you're going to use this much arsenic or dump that much slag by the Xingu River is not enough. If they say clearly what everyone knows is going to happen, do they get an environmental license in any case?"

Brazil Revokes Canadian Belo Sun’s License to Gold Mine in Amazon

June 26,

A Brazilian federal court has revoked Canadian miner Belo Sun Mining's license for the Volta Grande project, which would have become the country's largest gold mine, in the Amazonic state of Para. The ruling, which established the miner failed to assess the impact on local indigenous communities, is a major blow to Belo Sun's ambitions, said Amazon Watch's Brazil Program Consultant Christian Poirier.

Brazil Court Revokes License for Canadian Gold Mine in Amazon

June 26, 2014Reuters

Judge Claudio Henrique de Pina said it was "unquestionable" that the mine would have a "negative and irreversible" impact on the quality of life and cultural heritage of the Paquiçamba, Arara da Volta Grande and Ituna/Itatá indigenous communities that straddle the Xingu river.

"We Are Fed Up!"

"We Are Fed Up!"

May 23, 2014

In honor of Indigenous Peoples Day in Brazil last month, a group of high-profile Brazilian artists announced that they were fed up with the mounting attacks against Brazil's indigenous peoples and called on the public to take urgent action in support of indigenous rights.

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