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A Lifetime of Injustice: 30 Years in the History of the Belo Monte Dam

Over three decades of controversy captured through an interactive timeline

July 15, 2014

Altamira, Brazil – Today's groundbreaking, comprehensive publication chronicles the complex history of the world's most controversial hydropower project, the Belo Monte Dam.

Will the U'was Be Forced to Threaten to Commit Mass Suicide Again?

Gas company wants to drill on indigenous people's ancestral territory in Colombia

June 17, 2014The Guardian

"The U'wa have watched as their oil-rich neighboring territories have become centers of human rights abuses - perpetrated mostly by pro-government paramilitaries. To anyone who is watching, and particularly to the U'wa, the message is clear: Oil equals violence."

Update: Current Situation of the U'wa Process

Update: Current Situation of the U'wa Process

June 11, 2014

The U'wa people are advancing in our process of strengthening resistance in defense of culture, the Earth, the environment, rivers, mountains, air, and all of humanity.

Defending Our Lands – the U'wa Thank YOU!

Defending Our Lands – the U'wa Thank YOU!

May 29, 2014

"The U'wa people are thankful for the solidarity from everyone who made possible this trip in favor of our territorial defense. We hope that, with your help, we will be successful in defending Mother Nature."

Colombia’s U’was Say No to Gas Drilling in Their Territory

Colombia’s U’was Say No to Gas Drilling in Their Territory

May 28, 2014Upside Down World

Plans by Colombia's state-owned firm Ecopetrol to drill for gas in the north of the country have been suspended following opposition from the indigenous U'wa people.

National Indigenous Mobilization in Defense of the Territorial Rights of Indigenous People

Indigenous people from all over Brazil gather in the federal capital to participate in actions and demonstrations against the attacks of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution

May 23, 2014

Brasília, Brazil – Indigenous people and organizations from every part of the country will be uniting at events and demonstrations in the defense of their rights and their land, in Brasilia. Protests are taking place because of a widespread attack on indigenous rights, especially land rights, on the part of various government sectors and a set of political and economic acts, led by the ruralist caucus in Congress.

Oil? Not in Our Dreams

Oil? Not in Our Dreams

Meet the Zápara

May 15, 2014

The Zápara were once one of the largest indigenous groups in the Ecuadorian Amazon. But by the 1980s anthropologists deemed them extinct, an entire culture erased in less than a century by disease, violence, persecution and assimilation.

Issue Brief: Colombia's U'wa People

May 2014

This brief report details recent threats faced by the U'wa of Colombia and their renewed call for international support to protect their territory and way of life.

Mining Companies Don't Take Into Account the Cost of Community Conflicts, Study Says

Opposition by Indigenous Groups Seen as Major Risk to Resource Projects World-wide

May 12, 2014The Wall Street Journal

"We are not against all investments, that would be absurd," said Roberto Espinoza, an adviser to Peru's biggest indigenous organization, Aidesep. "We only ask that the law is respected, and the law says communities should be consulted...and have the right to determine their own development."

Amazon Community "Grants Asylum" to Critics of Correa's Government

Ecuadorian journalist Fernando Villavicencio speaks to David Hill about why he has sought refuge among indigenous group Sarayaku

May 12, 2014New Internationalist

The people of Sarayaku have decided to protect us because they consider us persecuted for political reasons, but now a military and police assault is being prepared which could lead to clashes with terrible consequences. Those responsible for what happens now in Sarayaku – which has announced it will not permit any soldiers or police to cross into its land – are president Rafael Correa and those implementing the prison sentences which the Inter-Commission has requested to be suspended.

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