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Don't Buy Chevron's Big Lie!

Don't Buy Chevron's Big Lie!

March 25, 2014 | Blog Post

Ironically, the grave danger from Chevron's farcical RICO ruling is not to the Ecuadorians seeking justice. The real danger is the precedent this sets for our work to hold Chevron and other U.S. corporations accountable.More »

Federal Ruling in Ecuador Pollution Case Violates First Amendment

March 4, 2014 | Press Release

New York, NY – Amazon Watch stands with Ecuadorian communities in rejecting a misguided judgment delaying justice for some 30,000 indigenous people and farmers who continue to suffer from the company's toxic legacy in the Amazon rainforest.More »

Chevron: "Let Them Eat Pizza!"

Chevron: "Let Them Eat Pizza!"

February 19, 2014 | Blog Post

In a move that would make Montgomery Burns proud, Chevron "apologized" to the community for the massive explosion of their fracking well in rural Pennsylvania by offering each affected family a coupon for a free pizza.More »

We Will Never Forget

We Will Never Forget

3rd anniversary of judgment against Chevron In Ecuador

February 14, 2014 | Blog Post

Justice delayed is justice denied. For the sake of Maria Aguinda and thousands more like her, let us today re-commit to fighting until the people of the Ecuadorian Amazon get the relief they have sought for too long already.More »

Chevron Cries: "Please Your Honor, Make the Cartoons Stop!"

Chevron Cries: "Please Your Honor, Make the Cartoons Stop!"

February 5, 2014 | Blog Post

Cartoons are dangerous. In fact, Chevron wants a US Federal Court to believe cartoons are even more dangerous than dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste into the Ecuadorian Amazon and then suing the very people it poisoned.More »

Advocacy Groups Blast Chevron for Retaliation Tactics Against Ecuador Villagers and Their Supporters

U.S. legal advocate for Ecuadorians announces crack appellate team as final briefs are filed in Chevron's Retaliatory RICO Case

January 23, 2014 | Press Release

Washington, DC – More than 40 U.S. civil society groups are coming to the defense of the Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities who won a historic environmental lawsuit against Chevron but have been subject to vicious retaliatory attacks by the oil company, according to a letter released today.More »

Shut It, You Long-Haired Hippie

Shut It, You Long-Haired Hippie

An "anti-public service" message from Donny Rico

January 21, 2014 | Blog Post

Donny Rico here to deliver a message to all you long-haired hippie activist types complaining about the environment and human rights. Be warned: things have changed in America and you need to keep your mouths shut.More »

Edgy Satire Blasts Chevron over Ecuador Case

January 21, 2014 | Press Release

Oakland, CA – Today Amazon Watch released an edgy satire created by Pulitzer-winning animator Mark Fiore blasting Chevron's unprecedented tactics to avoid responsibility for its admitted acts of environmental destruction in the Ecuadorian Amazon.More »

Prominent Organizations Publicly Condemn Chevron's Actions in Ecuador Case

December 18, 2013 | Press Release

Oakland, CA – Today, a dozen prominent environmental and human rights organizations including Amazon Watch, the Sierra Club, and Food and Water Watch issued a public letter condemning Chevron's actions in its decades-long legal battle to evade responsibility for deliberately dumping billions of gallons of toxic wastewater into the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.More »

Could Hell Be Starting to Freeze Over in Canada?

December 17, 2013 | Blog Post

"This order will allow us the opportunity to hold Chevron accountable for fleeing the scene of its environmental crimes in Ecuador after a valid judgment was entered against it," said Fajardo, lead lawyer for the communities.More »

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