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Stand-off in the Amazon: Tribes Shut Down Oil Company Airport

February 27, 2015Digital Journal

Members of two different Peruvian native groups have occupied the airport of Pluspetrol, an Argentine oil company that is accused of failing to compensate local communities for damage to the environment.

Peru Planning Highway Through Most Biodiverse Place on Earth

Manu national park in the Amazon under threat from extension of national "jungle highway"

February 12, 2015The Guardian

The Manu national park and its buffer zone in Peru was international news early last year after scientists found it is "top of the [world's] list of natural protected areas in terms of amphibian and reptile diversity", beating off stiff competition from the Yasuni national park in neighbouring Ecuador. What these news reports didn't acknowledge, not surprisingly, are the immense threats facing Manu – a Unesco biosphere reserve in the south-east Peruvian Amazon where Unesco states the biodiversity "exceeds that of any other place on earth".

Peru Plans to Abolish Iconic Amazon Indigenous Reserve, NGO Claims

September 19, 2014Upside Down World

Plans are afoot to abolish a reserve for vulnerable indigenous peoples in Peru's Amazon in order to exploit massive gas deposits and facilitate Christian evangelization, according to a report by Lima-based NGO Perú Equidad - Center for Public Policies and Human Rights.

Indigenous Leader Denounces Peru's Camisea Gas Project Expansion

March 10, 2014Huffington Post

"We - the heads - we haven't approved anything regarding expansion in Lot 88. They say the study has already been approved. So we ask ourselves: who authorized it? No public meeting has been held, nor one workshop, about it."

Gas Company To Drill in Manu National Park Buffer Zone, Imperiling Indigenous People

Gas Company To Drill in Manu National Park Buffer Zone, Imperiling Indigenous People

February 4,

The Peruvian government has approved plans for gas company Pluspetrol to move deeper into a supposedly protected reserve for indigenous peoples and the buffer zone of the Manu National Park in the Amazon rainforest.

Gas Company: Amazon Tribes Vulnerable to "Massive Deaths"

January 20, 2014The Ecologist

Amazon tribes in Peru's rainforest are at risk of "massive deaths" from new diseases to which they lack immunity, gas company Pluspetrol admits – as it tries to expand its Camisea gas project into a Reserve for isolated indigenous people.

Another State of Environmental Emergency in the Peruvian Amazon?

Another State of Environmental Emergency in the Peruvian Amazon?

August 20, 2013Alianza Arkana Blog

The situation in the Corrientes is not new, and well-documented, as FECONACO noted: "since the 80s, studies in the region have shown the effects of contamination in fish, waters, and even the public health in communities."

How Many Times Can Peru Ignore the UN?

August 9, 2013Huffington Post

Many around the world will be aware that today, August 9, is the United Nations' International Day of the World's Indigenous People, but how often do governments actually heed what the UN has to say about such people?

Peruvian Ministers Resign over Amazon Gas Project

August 6, 2013Survival International

The plan to expand the existing Camisea gas project, which is within the Nahua-Nanti Reserve for uncontacted tribes, has been widely condemned, and in March the UN called for its 'immediate suspension'.

Nahua Say No to Gas Consortium in Their Territory

August 5, 2013Huffington Post

Members of the Nahua people living within a reserve for indigenous peoples in "initial contact" and "voluntary isolation" in the Peruvian Amazon say they will refuse to allow a gas consortium led by Pluspetrol to operate in their territory.

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