Banking Amazon Destruction: BNDES

Brazil’s national bank, or Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES), has grown dramatically in recent years, with its loans far exceeding that of the World Bank. With this scope of investment and the responsibility attached to spending immense amounts of public funds, BNDES should demonstrate a high level of accountability, safeguards, and transparency. BNDES, however, trails in the industry and its track record falls short. More

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A Lifetime of Injustice: The History of the Belo Monte Dam

A Lifetime of Injustice: The History of the Belo Monte Dam

July 15, 2014International Rivers

The Xingu River Alive Forever Movement, which represents communities affected by the Belo Monte Dam, with support from International Rivers and Amazon Watch, has compiled the most comprehensive history of the destructive dam from its inception to today, in a new, interactive web timeline.

Brazil Loses World Cup, Will It Rise as Clean Energy Champion?

Brazil Loses World Cup, Will It Rise as Clean Energy Champion?

Get the ball rolling on clean energy in Brazil

July 10, 2014

Despite Brazil's devastating loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-final, Brazil still has a chance to be a world champion in clean and renewable energy rather than continuing to rely on destructive and outdated hydroelectric dams like Belo Monte.

Organizations Submit Amicus Curiae Brief to Brazil's Supreme Federal Court, Demonstrating That Congressional Authorization of the Belo Monte Dam Is Illegal

The authorization violates national and international law because the communities affected by the project were not consulted. Construction of the dam continues, causing harms to people, communities and the ecosystem of the Brazilian Amazon.

July 2, 2014

Brasilia, Brazil – Civil society organizations submitted to the Supreme Federal Court an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief that demonstrates that the Congressional decree authorizing the controversial dam is illegal because the government didn't consult with the affected communities.

Brazil Suspends Belo Sun's Gold Mine Licence

Brazil Suspends Belo Sun's Gold Mine Licence

June 30, 2014The Globe and Mail

"Belo Sun has already shown they want to do the absolute minimum to receive their license to drill and it's encouraging that the federal courts have shown they are not going to let this slide," said Christian Poirier, an activist with the organization Amazon Watch. "Clarifying that you're going to use this much arsenic or dump that much slag by the Xingu River is not enough. If they say clearly what everyone knows is going to happen, do they get an environmental license in any case?"

Brazil Revokes Canadian Belo Sun’s License to Gold Mine in Amazon

June 26,

A Brazilian federal court has revoked Canadian miner Belo Sun Mining's license for the Volta Grande project, which would have become the country's largest gold mine, in the Amazonic state of Para. The ruling, which established the miner failed to assess the impact on local indigenous communities, is a major blow to Belo Sun's ambitions, said Amazon Watch's Brazil Program Consultant Christian Poirier.

Brazil Court Revokes License for Canadian Gold Mine in Amazon

June 26, 2014Reuters

Judge Claudio Henrique de Pina said it was "unquestionable" that the mine would have a "negative and irreversible" impact on the quality of life and cultural heritage of the Paquiçamba, Arara da Volta Grande and Ituna/Itatá indigenous communities that straddle the Xingu river.

This World Cup Victory Goes to…

This World Cup Victory Goes to…

The very real "game" to keep the ball rolling for justice on the Xingú

June 25, 2014

...Brazil! Many predict Brazil will win the 2014 World Cup. But when it comes to social justice, Brazil is no winner. I say this from the perspective of a Brazilian human rights campaigner who has struggled on these "fields" with my fellow players for a long time.

Chief Raoni Brings Indigenous Movement to World Stage

Chief Raoni Brings Indigenous Movement to World Stage

June 19, 2014

While the world watches Brazil host the global sporting spectacle, its powerful agribusiness sector is laying the groundwork for a massive land grab, intent on gutting indigenous rights riding a wave of racism and intolerance.

Hydropower Poses Grid Challenge for Brazil

Brazil may be too reliant on hydropower as it builds world’s 3rd biggest dam, according to US Department of Energy

June 17, 2014RTCC

Hydropower is responsible for more than three quarters of Brazil’s electricity generation, making the present drought a topic of energy security. Notwithstanding the energy security risks, Brazil is in the process of building the world’s third biggest dam, on a tributary of the Amazon.

World Cup Over Indigenous Rights?

World Cup Over Indigenous Rights?

June 12, 2014

"I like football, and the children in our village play it well," said legendary Kayapó Chief Raoni. "But we also have our own sport, hitting coconuts with our war clubs. If the canopy of the forest disappears, and the sun is hot, and strong winds blow – our lifestyle will also disappear."

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