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The Woman Who Breaks Mega-Dams

How to stop 7,200 megawatts of power with the force of law

April 30, 2014The Atlantic

Ruth Buendía Mestoquiari has built her career, and staked the fate of her people, on the law. But she doesn't have a law degree. In fact, she didn't even start elementary school until she was a teenager and didn't finish high school until age 25.

Mahogany’s Last Stand

Illegal logging has all but wiped out Peru's mahogany. Loggers are turning their chain saws on lesser known species critical to the health of the rain forest.

April 2013National Geographic

Illicit practices are believed to account for three-fourths of the annual Peruvian timber harvest. Despite a crackdown on mahogany logging that began five years ago and a sharp decline in production, much of the timber reaching markets in the industrialized world is reported to be of illegal origin. Most of those exports have gone to the U.S. but are now increasingly bound for Asia.

Dam Project Threatens a Way of Life in Peru

May 15, 2012The New York Times

Boca Sanibeni, Peru – With encroachment from settlers and speculators, and after a devastating war against Shining Path rebels a decade ago, the indigenous Ashaninkas' hold is precarious. And they are now facing a new peril, the proposed 2,200-megawatt Pakitzapango hydroelectric dam, which would flood much of the Ene River valley.

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Amplify! A Celebration of Voices from the Amazon

On September 27th, 2017 Amazon Watch will hold its annual gala in San Francisco at the Bently Reserve.


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