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Belo Monte Under Renewed Legal Attack

Brazilian high court demands new environmental study, threatening to paralyze mega-dam

April 1, 2014

Belo Monte Under Renewed Legal Attack

Justice Now!

Join the worldwide chorus calling for justice by urging Brazil's Supreme Court to rule on lawsuits against the Belo Monte Dam!


Translated by Henrique Gobbi

On March 26th a commission of Brazil's Federal Circuit Court (TRF1) ruled upon an appeal from the Public Prosecutor's office (MPF) stemming from Public Civil Action lawsuit that reveals major irregularities in Belo Monte's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The original lawsuit dates from 2010 when the MPF's original lawsuit questioning the EIA was rejected, paving the way to the approval of the dam's Provisional License, or Licença Previa (LP), which allowed Belo Monte to proceed to auction.

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¡Yasuní Depende de Ti!

Celebrities rise in solidarity with Ecuadorians to defend the Amazon

March 28, 2014 | Caroline Bennett

Sign the Petition
for an Oil-Free Yasuní

Sign the petition to save Yasuní –
the most biodiverse part of the Amazon.


"The future is in your hands," said Oscar award winning actor Jared Leto, urging Ecuadorian voters to sign for an oil-free Yasuní.

"Yasuní is home to Ecuador's last indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation," actress Michelle Monaghan chimes in, stopping to film the urgent plea during a recent visit to San Francisco. "Their survival is worth more than a few days' oil."

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"Without Clean Water, We Cannot Survive"

ClearWater: Building a movement for clean water & cultural survival

March 26, 2014 | Han Shan

Support ClearWater!

ClearWater is building a movement for clean water, rainforest protection, and cultural survival.


"Without clean water, we cannot survive," Emergildo Criollo told me recently.

You may have heard of Emergildo. An indigenous leader of the Cofan Nation in Ecuador's northern Amazon, he has been a relentless advocate for his people, speaking out about oil giant Chevron's toxic legacy in his territory. But today, even as he continues the fight to hold Chevron accountable, Emergildo isn't waiting for a cleanup that seems always on the horizon.

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COP Out? Peru Pulling the Plug on Environmental Oversight in View of COP 20

March 26, 2014 | Sydney Morical

Solidarity Is Revolution

Peru was selected to host the COP 20 this December, widely considered to be the paramount meeting on global climate change strategy. Yet only recently, the Peruvian Minister of Energy and Mines, Eleodoro Mayorga Alba, announced that a new Peruvian law would potentially eliminate submission and approval of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for oil and gas companies during the seismic testing phase. This means that already haphazard and irresponisbly enforced oversight practices required for petroleum companies would be further undercut, no longer requiring participatory environmental research prior to exploration.

The news has caused a firestorm of protest from scientists, civil society organizations, and indigenous groups. With COP 20 hovering on the horizon, this is not the kind of leadership demonstrated by a nation purporting to be on the forefront of sustainable development. 

Leading indigenous organization, AIDESEP, claiming to represent more that 1,400 indigenous communities in the Amazon, echoed this sentiment in their statement, titled ''21st Century Oil and Gas Firms with 18th Century Laws?': "And don't respond to us with the stupid claim: 'You're opposed to development.' You've been 'developing' us for 40 years along the Pastaza, Corrientes, Marañón, Ucayali and Urubamba Rivers and we're now worse off, although the amount of cement, alcohol and AIDS has increased. What we request is a respectful, well-supported debate and agreement that will benefit Peru."

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Don't Buy Chevron's Big Lie!

March 25, 2014 | Paul Paz y Miño

Don't Buy Chevron's Big Lie!

Global Warming is a Myth

The NSA is Not Really Spying on Americans

The CIA Doesn't Torture Prisoners

Chevron Has Been Exonerated from Ecuador Disaster

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