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Chevron Claims Political Cartoons Are Extortion

"I'm honored they feel injured by the cartoon," the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist said.

February 18, 2014MintPress

Earlier this month, Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore shared on his personal website that Chevron filed court documents saying it was "injured" by a cartoon Fiore had created with Amazon Watch.

Brazil Land Disputes Spread as Indians Take on Wildcat Miners

February 17, 2014Reuters

As Brazil struggles to solve land disputes between Indians and farmers on the expanding frontier of its agricultural heartland, more tensions over forest and mineral resources are brewing in the remote Amazon.

In Ecuador, Oil Boom Creates Tension

In Ecuador, Oil Boom Creates Tension

February 16, 2014The Washington Post

An unprecedented drilling push by Ecuador's government has brought new tensions to Yawepare and the country's Amazon lowlands. As the chain saws and bulldozers cut deeper into the forest, critics say the government is triggering brutal warfare between the Waorani and a smaller, breakaway tribe living in "voluntary isolation" beyond the oil frontier.

Pace of Global Land Rights Reform Is Slowing, Says New Report

Pace of Global Land Rights Reform Is Slowing, Says New Report

Change is promised but land grabs continue and 61% of forests are still claimed by governments

February 14, 2014The Guardian

The report features several case studies, including one on the growing "roll call of people killed for their land rights activism" and another on Peru where land conflicts are described as "reaching a crisis" and threatening to "undermine [the country's] status as an honest broker" as the host of the UN climate talks in December this year.

Oil Giant Chevron Abuses Anti-Mob Laws to Target Cartoonist

Chevron claims that a cartoon criticizing the oil company's lawsuit against Ecuadorian villagers is an extortion attempt.

February 13, 2014AlterNet

“The nutshell version is this,” explains Fiore. “Chevron was sued by villagers in Ecuador for leaving toxic waste all over the jungle. Chevron lost the case and was hit with a multibillion-dollar judgment. Chevron appealed and lost that, too. Then Chevron filed RICO charges against the villagers and the lead attorney on the case....accusing them of racketeering and being involved in a huge conspiracy to clean up the jungle and extort money from Chevron.”

Klamath Activists Turn Toward Brazil

February 6, 2014The Triplicate

American Indians of the Klamath River basin have been fighting for the removal of dams for years. More than 5,000 miles away in Brazil's Amazon basin, another battle between dams and the Indians' way of life is being waged, and a delegation of young Klamath River Indians and river activists is heading south this month to join forces.

Chevron's Now Going After Political Cartoonists

The oil conglomerate is claiming injuries from a satirical video

February 5,

How desperate is Chevron to get out of paying billions in damages for oil contamination in Ecuador’s rainforest? Very, according to Mark Fiore. The Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist claims the company has filed court documents over a satirical video he made in conjunction with the environmental nonprofit Amazon Watch.

Gas Company To Drill in Manu National Park Buffer Zone, Imperiling Indigenous People

Gas Company To Drill in Manu National Park Buffer Zone, Imperiling Indigenous People

February 4,

The Peruvian government has approved plans for gas company Pluspetrol to move deeper into a supposedly protected reserve for indigenous peoples and the buffer zone of the Manu National Park in the Amazon rainforest.

How Brazilian Taxpayer Money Finances Construction Projects in the Amazon

January 31, 2014Agência Pública

In 2012, BNDES loaned 156 billion Brazilian reais (64 billion US dollars) of public money, much of it to finance investments in infrastructure in the Amazon where these public works are causing glaring social and environmental impacts.

Gas Firm To Move Deeper into Reserve for Indigenous People in Peru

Culture ministry approves Pluspetrol's plans to explore for gas in Manu national park buffer zone

January 27, 2014The Guardian

The expansion will involve drilling 18 wells, conducting seismic tests across hundreds of square kms, and building a 6.5 mile flowline in the supposedly protected Kugapakori-Nahua-Nanti Reserve for indigenous people in "voluntary isolation" and "initial contact."

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