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Two Lawsuits to Stop Peru's Biggest Gas Project in Indigenous Reserve

Operations by gas consortium in Amazon reserve for vulnerable indigenous peoples met with legal action

February 25, 2014The Guardian

Three Peruvian judges are scheduled to meet on April 1st following a lawsuit filed to stop a gas consortium from operating in a reserve in the Amazon created for indigenous peoples living in "initial contact" and "voluntary isolation."

China's "Going Out" Companies Must Tread the Earth More Lightly

Michelle Chan urges China's banking regulator to enforce green guidelines

February 24, 2014South China Morning Post

Ensuring compliance with the Green Credit Directive is certainly no easy task. Chinese borrowers, such as resource extraction companies, are "late to the game" when it comes to developing international assets, and are loading up on environmentally, socially and politically risky projects.

Ecuador's Development Dilemma: Will Oil Win Out?

Ecuador's President Correa is resisting calls to reconsider a scrapped initiative to leave Amazon crude oil untouched.

February 22, 2014The Christian Science Monitor

In Ecuador, his move has drawn the ire of environmental and indigenous rights groups and sparked a debate over an otherwise extremely popular administration. One organization, Yasunidos, is trying to collect 600,000 signatures by April to force a national referendum on whether to allow drilling.

Chevron Compensates Victims of PA Gas Explosion: With Pizza

After a fatal gas well explosion in Pennsylvania earlier this month, Chevron adds insult to injury by giving local families coupons for pizza and soda.

February 20, 2014MintPress

The pizza coupons are the company's "token of appreciation" for residents after an explosion on Feb. 11 in the rural community of Bobtown, Penn., sparked a fire that burned for about five days, killed one employee and injured another.

"We're on the Cusp of a New Oil Boom in the Ecuadorian Amazon"

Since announcing plans to drill for oil under Yasuni, Ecuador has vowed the national park will be left "99.9% intact". But this promise is not being reflected on the ground.

February 19, 2014The Guardian

At the end of last year, Ecuador put 16 oil blocks in the Amazon jungle region to the south of Yasuni up for auction in an effort to drum up new joint-venture partners. "We're on the cusp of a new oil boom in the Ecuadorian Amazon the like of which we have never seen before," says Kevin Koenig, programme co-ordinator, at campaign group Amazon Watch.

Ecuador Pursued China Oil Deal While Pledging to Protect Yasuni, Papers Show

Ecuador Pursued China Oil Deal While Pledging to Protect Yasuni, Papers Show

Negotiations took place while the country sought funds to forgo oil exploitation in pristine forest under the Yasuni-ITT scheme

February 19, 2014The Guardian

The proposed behind-the-scenes deal, which traded drilling access in exchange for Chinese lending for Ecuadorian government projects, will dismay green and human rights groups who had praised Ecuador for its pioneering Yasuni-ITT Initiative to protect the forest. Yasuni is one of the most biodiverse places in the world and home to indigenous peoples – some of whom are living in what Ecuador's constitution calls "voluntary isolation".

Chevron Claims Political Cartoons Are Extortion

"I'm honored they feel injured by the cartoon," the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist said.

February 18, 2014MintPress

Earlier this month, Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore shared on his personal website that Chevron filed court documents saying it was "injured" by a cartoon Fiore had created with Amazon Watch.

Brazil Land Disputes Spread as Indians Take on Wildcat Miners

February 17, 2014Reuters

As Brazil struggles to solve land disputes between Indians and farmers on the expanding frontier of its agricultural heartland, more tensions over forest and mineral resources are brewing in the remote Amazon.

In Ecuador, Oil Boom Creates Tension

In Ecuador, Oil Boom Creates Tension

February 16, 2014The Washington Post

An unprecedented drilling push by Ecuador's government has brought new tensions to Yawepare and the country's Amazon lowlands. As the chain saws and bulldozers cut deeper into the forest, critics say the government is triggering brutal warfare between the Waorani and a smaller, breakaway tribe living in "voluntary isolation" beyond the oil frontier.

Pace of Global Land Rights Reform Is Slowing, Says New Report

Pace of Global Land Rights Reform Is Slowing, Says New Report

Change is promised but land grabs continue and 61% of forests are still claimed by governments

February 14, 2014The Guardian

The report features several case studies, including one on the growing "roll call of people killed for their land rights activism" and another on Peru where land conflicts are described as "reaching a crisis" and threatening to "undermine [the country's] status as an honest broker" as the host of the UN climate talks in December this year.

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