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Oil Industry "Devastating" for Amazon Communities, Warns UN Rapporteur

James Anaya says oil companies have affected health and food sources of indigineous people in the Peruvian rainforest

December 20, 2013The Guardian

Indigenous people in Peru have suffered "devastating consequences" as a result of extractive industries in the Amazon rainforest, according to the United Nations' Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights.

Ontario Court Revives Chevron Amazon Pollution Case

December 17, 2013The Globe and Mail

Referring to comments from a Chevron spokesman that the company would "fight this until hell freezes over" and then "fight it out on the ice," Justice James MacPherson of the Court of Appeal writes: "Chevron's wish is granted. After all these years, the Ecuadorian plaintiffs deserve to have the recognition and enforcement of the Ecuadorian judgment heard on the merits in the appropriate jurisdiction. At this juncture, Ontario is that jurisdiction."

A Bank That May Be Too Big for Brazil

December 14, 2013Washington Post

Economists and opposition leaders say this focus on Brazil's "national champions" neglects smaller, nimbler firms that are developing new technologies and products to diversify a commodity-dependent economy. They also say that BNDES's huge loans are fueling inflation that the Central Bank of Brazil must scramble to control.

Mundurukú Indians in Brazil Protest Tapajós Dams

Mundurukú Indians in Brazil Protest Tapajós Dams

December 12, 2013IPS

The Brazilian government, which is already building the Belo Monte mega-dam on the Xingú river in the northeastern Amazon state of Pará, also wants to construct another huge hydropower complex on the Tapajós river, in the same state.

Ecuador's Highest Court vs. a Foreign Tribunal: Who Will Have the Final Say on Whether Chevron Must Pay a $9.5 Billion Judgment for Amazon Devastation?

Investor-State Tribunal of Three Private Lawyers Ignores Years of U.S. and Ecuadorian Court Rulings, Tries to Extinguish Indigenous Communities' Rights to Sue Chevron for Contamination

December 11, 2013Eyes on Trade

The tribunal’s latest decision left one thing abundantly clear: the investor-state regime is not constrained by domestic court rulings, Constitutions, international law, or a basic sense of decency.

Opponents of Ecuador Oil Plan Advance Toward Referendum

Coalition trying to stop development of oil fields, some inside Unesco-recognized park

December 10, 2013Wall Street Journal

Quito, Ecuador – A coalition of citizen groups and nongovernment organizations opposed to the development of the ITT oil block said it has collected about half the signatures needed to request a national referendum that could block the drilling. Amazon basin.

Ecuador Shuts Down Nonprofit Environmental Group

December 5, 2013Associated Press

"We consider it an act of violence," foundation director Belen Paez said. "That is not how one notifies a legally constituted organization that it is being shut down."

Fundación Pachamama Statement on Shutdown of Their Offices

Fundación Pachamama Statement on Shutdown of Their Offices

December 4, 2013Fundación Pachamama

We will not allow this aggression of which we have been victim to divert attention and debate away from the underlying issue. This is a violation of the collective rights of indigenous Amazonian peoples and the rights of nature, for an oil round that is against the will of the rightful owners of the affected territories.

Ecuador Shuts Down Environmental NGO

Government accuses group of involvement in protests against an oil license round

December 4, 2013Wall Street Journal

"We are peaceful," said Joke Baert, a Pachamama spokeswoman. "We defend human rights and we have never promoted or supported violence. The government should carry out a deep investigation."

Oil Extraction to Take Place in Proposed Amazon Tribe Reserve

Oil Extraction to Take Place in Proposed Amazon Tribe Reserve

Company slated to start producing in the next few days, but indigenous peoples' lives are at risk

November 26, 2013The Guardian

Peru's state agency promoting oil and gas operations has announced that by the end of this month oil will be produced from new deposits in a remote part of the Peruvian Amazon near the border with Ecuador.

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