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Not-So-Clean Hydropower Is Damming Us All

Not-So-Clean Hydropower Is Damming Us All

September 25, 2013National Geographic

People deserve better reasons to oppose this than, "it will degrade the environment," "it will flood a pretty place," or "we will lose such and such animal or plant." How about this: large dams are societal hazards, pollutants, non-renewable, and economically unsound.

Will Norway Withdraw from Repsol Because of Indigenous People?

NGO claims Norway's Council on Ethics recommends blacklisting oil company but the Finance Ministry won't budge

September 18, 2013The Guardian

Krogh doesn't say the reason the Council has given for its possible Repsol recommendation, but the people living in "voluntary isolation" – as Peruvian law calls them – lack immunological defences and therefore could easily be decimated by disease if any contact is made between them and the company's workers.

Ecuador's Correa Calls for Chevron Environmental Boycott

September 17, 2013AFP

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa called Tuesday for a global boycott of Chevron, as part of a campaign to highlight Amazon environmental damage Ecuador attributed to the US oil giant.

Brazil Prosecutors Issue Warning on Belo Sun Gold Project

September 11, 2013The Wall Street Journal

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Brazilian federal prosecutors issued a warning Wednesday that they could seek to block licensing for the country's largest gold-mining project because Canada's Belo Sun Mining Corp. hasn't produced a study explaining its impact on local indigenous communities.

Race to Save Ecuador's Yasuní National Park from Oil Lobby

Green groups campaign for a petition to force a national referendum to block president's unilateral sanction for drilling

August 23, 2013The Guardian

The fate of one of the hotspots of global diversity is hanging by a thread as conservation and indigenous groups in Ecuador race to raise a petition of over half a million names which would force a national referendum on whether foreign oil companies be allowed into the Yasuní national park.

Ecuador Stops Protecting Its Rainforest – to Pay Off Debt to China

President Rafael Correa's decision reflects just how reliant his country is on Beijing as a source of loans

August 20, 2013The Atlantic

When a poor nation finds a massive oil reserve beneath a rainforest with more species per hectare than in all of North America, it makes for a nettlesome problem. When you add in a huge amount of debt to resource-hungry China, it makes for an environmental catastrophe.

Ecuador Scraps Plan to Block Rain Forest Oil Drilling

Idea had been hailed as a revolutionary way to combat climate change.

August 19, 2013National Geographic

The decision by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to abandon a plan to spare the species-rich Yasuní rain forest in eastern Ecuador from oil development has dashed hopes for what environmentalists had hailed as a historic approach to weaning industrial society from its dependence on fossil fuels.

Ecuador Says It Will Launch Controversial Drilling in Amazon Park

August 19, 2013Science Magazine

Researchers consider the nearly 10,000 square kilometers of land within Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park to be one of the world’s richest biological hotspots. Yasuni is also the territory of the Waorani indigenous people and two nomadic Waorani clans who live in voluntary isolation.

Plan to Ban Oil Drilling in Amazon Is Dropped

August 17, 2013New York Times

"It could have been used as a model for other sensitive areas," said Matt Finer, a scientist with the Center for International Environmental Law, referring to the fund. "But now that it has failed, there is really no alternative model that is attractive to governments unable or unwilling to forgo drilling solely on ecological grounds."

Ecuador Approves Yasuni National Park Oil Drilling in Amazon Rainforest

Ecuador Approves Yasuni National Park Oil Drilling in Amazon Rainforest

Environmentalists devastated as president blames lack of foreign support for collapse of pioneering conservation plan

August 16, 2013The Guardian

President Correa said it would affect less that 1% of the park, but the termination of the conservation initiative has stirred up fury among environmentalists and is likely to upset the population at large. Polls show that between 78% and 90% of Ecuadoreans are opposed to drilling in this sensitive region.

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