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Out for the Count

May 7, 2014The Economist

"The government couldn't take the risk of having the issue reach the referendum [stage], which it could have lost," says Juan Carlos Donoso, a political scientist. Plenty of activists are furious about being thwarted. The question now is whether they can keep the issue in the public eye.

Interview with Alberto Pizango

Interview with Alberto Pizango

"Perhaps our only crime was to carry the voice of the people"

May 2, 2014AIDESEP

I'd just say to the indigenous peoples and my indigenous brothers who are being tried for these regrettable events that they should stay firm in continuing to lift up the voice of indigenous peoples.

Grassroots Challenge

May 2, 2014The Economist

Anger and frustration boiled over outside Ecuador's National Electoral Commission (CNE), as efforts by environmental activists to prevent oil development in the Yasuní National Park appeared to founder on the decisions of the bureaucrats inside. "The CNE is so transparent that it won't even let us see the names of the persons or their badges."

Yasuni Campaigners Claim Oil Drilling Petition Results Are Being Manipulated

Civil society groups say enough signatures have been gathered to force a referendum but authorities are interfering

April 30, 2014The Guardian

Kevin Koenig, Ecuador programme director of Amazon Watch, said: "It is extremely troubling to see these kinds of irregularities so soon into the verification process. It calls into question whether the CNE can indeed be objective and non-partisan. The eyes of the world are watching – this is a critical moment for Ecuador's democracy and the credibility of Correa's administration."

The Woman Who Breaks Mega-Dams

How to stop 7,200 megawatts of power with the force of law

April 30, 2014The Atlantic

Ruth Buendía Mestoquiari has built her career, and staked the fate of her people, on the law. But she doesn't have a law degree. In fact, she didn't even start elementary school until she was a teenager and didn't finish high school until age 25.

Colombia's U'wa Indians Continue Oil Protests After Talks Fail

Shutdown of Pipeline Has Cost the Government Over $130 Million

April 25, 2014Wall Street Journal

"The proposals they offered weren't close to what we were demanding," said Ms. Tegria, who said the tribe is preparing a formal statement for later Friday. "We will continue to not authorize the repair of the oil pipe."

Colombia Aims to End Standoff Between Oil Companies, Indians

U'wa Refuse to Allow Ecopetrol, Occidential to Repair Pipeline Damaged by Rebels

April 24, 2014Wall Street Journal

"The government (Ecopetrol) wanted to do what they always do after the rebels attack, they wanted to fix the pipeline and then maybe later clean up some of the spilled oil," said Aura Tegria, an U'wa spokeswoman. "Well, it's not going to happen that way anymore, and that's why we're not allowing in the repairmen."

When an Activist Falls in the Rain Forest Does It Make A Sound?

Why Brazil is the most dangerous place in the world to be a tree-hugger

April 23, 2014Foreign Policy

Between 2002 and 2013, at least 908 people were killed because of their environmental advocacy. That's an average of at least one environmentalist murdered every week, and in the last four years, the rate of the murders has doubled.

448 "Dead Friends of the Earth" in Brazil since 2002

Report reveals rising number of environment and land rights activists being killed worldwide

April 22, 2014The Guardian

What now happens twice a week to "ordinary people" around the world trying to protect the environment and rights to land? They get killed.

Colombian Indigenous Group Sets Conditions for Pipeline Repair

April 21, 2014Platts

"We are tired of the explosions on the pipeline that have ruined our ancestral lands, polluted our water and put our people in danger. We want it relocated," said Heber Tegria Uncaria, vice president and spokesman for the U'wa Association.

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