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Brazil Plans to "Nationalise" Rainforest in Pioneering Plan to Protect Amazon

May 10, 2015The Independent

"This proposed bill ignores the international commitments made by Brazil to guarantee the rights to participation of indigenous populations in the decision-making process related to the exploitation of the natural resources on the areas they traditionally occupy," said Maira Irigaray, Brazil coordinator for Amazon Watch. "In this sense, this bill is another attempt at diminishing these rights, and reinforcing the predatory exploitation model in Brazil."

Amazonian Tribes Unite to Demand Brazil Stop Hydroelectric Dams

Amazonian Tribes Unite to Demand Brazil Stop Hydroelectric Dams

The Munduruku, Apiaká, Kayabi and Rikbaktsa release joint statement as Brazil steps ups efforts to exploit power of the rivers

April 30, 2015The Guardian

Four Amazonian tribes have joined forces to oppose the construction of hydroelectric dams in their territory as the Brazilian government ramps up efforts to exploit the power of rivers in the world's biggest forest.

The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Condemning Us to Climate Disaster

We must restructure the world energy usage and embark on a renewable revolution. Take a stand to stop business as usual and keep fossil fuels in the ground

April 24, 2015The Guardian

The warnings from our most respected scientists are loud and clear and their findings are irrefutable. Science demands that average global temperature rises must stay below 2C if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Can Ecuador Bring Chevron to Justice?

A US appeals court may decide fate of a $9.5 billion fine imposed on the company for environmental damage

April 24, 2015Al Jazeera America

Judges in New York began hearing arguments in one of the biggest and longest-running environmental justice cases of all time. At stake is whether a developing country that happens to have oil can enforce its judgments against a multinational company. The results may tell Americans something about what the rule of law is worth in their own country.

Battle Over Amazonian Pollution Case Back in Court

Lawyers for Ecuadorian plaintiffs from an Amazon village are appealing a 2014 ruling in favor of Chevron

April 23, 2015Al Jazeera America

"Caught in the middle and still standing there waiting for someone to come clean up the toxic waste are the 30,000 people affected in Ecuador," said Paul Paz y Miño, adding that 1,400 people have already died from cancer.

Secret Tapes Reveal Greenies a Big Joke to Big Oil

April 22, 2015WhoWhatWhy

Four years ago, an anonymous package was sent to Amazon Watch, an environmental activist group. It contained videos that seem to show something truly odd: Employees of a major oil company trying not to find oil – and having a chuckle about how hard that proves to be. Forty-five years since the first Earth Day environmentalism apparently remains a joke to some people.

An Environmental Battle in Ecuador Is Playing Out in US Court

An Environmental Battle in Ecuador Is Playing Out in US Court

For decades, Texaco (since bought by Chevron) polluted the Ecuadorian rain forest and has fought compensating residents

April 22, 2015Al Jazeera America News

"These videos are essentially the smoking gun evidence that undermines Chevron's entire defense in Ecuador. They show Chevron's own employees admitting that toxic waste still exists in sites they swore they cleaned up." – Paul Paz y Miño, Amazon Watch Director of Outreach and Online Strategy

Chevron Whistleblower Videos Prove Oil Giant's Guilt in Ecuador - AGAIN

April 15, 2015Huffington Post

I have watched these DVDs many times, and as I write this they sit on my desk as a reminder that as Shakespeare wrote, "the truth will out." Even if it needs to out over and over again in Chevron's case. We all knew the toxic waste in Chevron's former well sites in Ecuador was still there – that's why Chevron was found liable by a trial judge and two separate appellate courts. The evidence against Chevron – still there – is overwhelming.

Leaked Videos Suggest Chevron Cover-up of Amazon Pollution

April 10, 2015Al Jazeera America

Videos allegedly leaked by a whistleblower at Chevron Corporation purport to show employees and consultants paid by the energy giant finding petroleum contamination at sites in the Ecuadorean Amazon that the company claimed had been cleaned up years earlier.

In General Assembly, the Munduruku People Reaffirm Their Right to Be Consulted about Dams

In General Assembly, the Munduruku People Reaffirm Their Right to Be Consulted about Dams

April 9, 2015Ministério Público Federal Pará

Last week, the Munduruku people gathered more than 600 people in their General Assembly to discuss questions related to health, education, and the hydroelectric projects that the Brazilian federal government seeks to build on lands inhabited by more than 10,000 indigenous people.

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