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Ecuador "Green-lights Environmental Disaster" in Biodiversity Hotspot

Environment minister authorized environmental permits for oil drilling in Yasuní National Park

May 26, 2014MintPress

In a move condemned as paving the way for an environmental disaster, the environment minister of Ecuador on Thursday authorized permits for oil exploration to begin within the Yasuní National Park, an area home to two indigenous communities living in voluntary isolation and an area some consider the most biodiverse place in the world.

Ecuador Signs Permits for Oil Drilling in Amazon's Yasuni National Park

Companies could start extracting oil underneath key biodiversity reserve on Earth by 2016

May 23, 2014The Guardian

Drilling for oil in a part of the Amazon rainforest considered one of the most biodiverse hotspots on the planet is to go ahead less than a year after Ecuador's president lifted a moratorium on oil drilling there.

No More Impunity! Communities Worldwide Protest "Gangster Corporation" Chevron

No More Impunity! Communities Worldwide Protest "Gangster Corporation" Chevron

Demonstrations planned in five continents in solidarity with those poisoned by oil giant's operations

May 21, 2014Common Dreams

Decrying what they say are Chevron's crimes against humanity, communities across five continents are rising up on Wednesday in an international day of action against the oil giant.

Mining Companies Don't Take Into Account the Cost of Community Conflicts, Study Says

Opposition by Indigenous Groups Seen as Major Risk to Resource Projects World-wide

May 12, 2014The Wall Street Journal

"We are not against all investments, that would be absurd," said Roberto Espinoza, an adviser to Peru's biggest indigenous organization, Aidesep. "We only ask that the law is respected, and the law says communities should be consulted...and have the right to determine their own development."

Chinese Banks Ignore Pleas of Ecuador Mining Campaigners

Chinese Banks Ignore Pleas of Ecuador Mining Campaigners

The failure to respond to an NGO letter challenging investment in the Mirador mining project has played to Ecuadorian fears about China's growing clout

May 12, 2014China Dialogue

"The recently acquired debt is driving a new Amazonian oil boom, setting the stage for a major battle over rights and resources that will shape the future of the Amazon and its people."

Amazon Community "Grants Asylum" to Critics of Correa's Government

Ecuadorian journalist Fernando Villavicencio speaks to David Hill about why he has sought refuge among indigenous group Sarayaku

May 12, 2014New Internationalist

The people of Sarayaku have decided to protect us because they consider us persecuted for political reasons, but now a military and police assault is being prepared which could lead to clashes with terrible consequences. Those responsible for what happens now in Sarayaku – which has announced it will not permit any soldiers or police to cross into its land – are president Rafael Correa and those implementing the prison sentences which the Inter-Commission has requested to be suspended.

Out for the Count

May 7, 2014The Economist

"The government couldn't take the risk of having the issue reach the referendum [stage], which it could have lost," says Juan Carlos Donoso, a political scientist. Plenty of activists are furious about being thwarted. The question now is whether they can keep the issue in the public eye.

Interview with Alberto Pizango

Interview with Alberto Pizango

"Perhaps our only crime was to carry the voice of the people"

May 2, 2014AIDESEP

I'd just say to the indigenous peoples and my indigenous brothers who are being tried for these regrettable events that they should stay firm in continuing to lift up the voice of indigenous peoples.

Grassroots Challenge

May 2, 2014The Economist

Anger and frustration boiled over outside Ecuador's National Electoral Commission (CNE), as efforts by environmental activists to prevent oil development in the Yasuní National Park appeared to founder on the decisions of the bureaucrats inside. "The CNE is so transparent that it won't even let us see the names of the persons or their badges."

Yasuni Campaigners Claim Oil Drilling Petition Results Are Being Manipulated

Civil society groups say enough signatures have been gathered to force a referendum but authorities are interfering

April 30, 2014The Guardian

Kevin Koenig, Ecuador programme director of Amazon Watch, said: "It is extremely troubling to see these kinds of irregularities so soon into the verification process. It calls into question whether the CNE can indeed be objective and non-partisan. The eyes of the world are watching – this is a critical moment for Ecuador's democracy and the credibility of Correa's administration."

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