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Thousands of Marchers Demand Just Solution at UN Climate Talks in Lima

Indigenous peoples from the Andes to the Amazon joined trade unionists, students and women’s groups in demonstration in the Peruvian capital

December 10, 2014The Guardian

From the Amazon to the Andes, thousands of activists marched through the streets of Lima on Wednesday to demand a just solution to climate change. The march through the traffic-choked streets put a human face on the United Nations climate negotiations, a process largely confined to suited bureaucrats working behind the high walls of a military compound in a leafy neighbourhood of Lima.

Fracking, REDD, Lima Climate Talks...All Slammed at Nature Rights Tribunal

13 judges meet in Peru to hear accusations that the rights of “Mother Earth” are being violated

December 10, 2014The Guardian

"[REDD gives] permits to pollute," Smithie told the Tribunal. "[It means] forests of the world acting as a sponge for northern industrial countries' pollution. They can pollute if they grab forests in the global south."

The Amazon Oil Spills Overlooked by Environmental Leaders in Lima

As global environmental delegates gather in Peru for the UN climate talks, five oil spills in the country’s Amazon jungle are causing a hidden environmental disaster

December 9, 2014The Guardian

Over the last few months – as Peru helped guide the United Nations climate negotiations – five separate oil spills along a main oil pipeline through the Amazon have spewed thick black clots of crude across jungle and swamp and carpeted local fishing lagoons with dead fish.

Ecuador Indigenous Leader Found Dead Days Before Planned Lima Protest

Shuar leader José Isidro Tendetza Antún missing since 28 November
Activists believe death linked to opposition to state-Chinese mine project

December 6, 2014The Guardian

The body of an indigenous leader who was opposed to a major mining project in Ecuador has been found bound and buried, days before he planned to take his campaign to climate talks in Lima.

Amazon Indigenous Land Loss Threatens Climate, Says Study

Amazon Indigenous Land Loss Threatens Climate, Says Study

Scientists say destroying indigenous areas of the Amazon rainforest will have an irreversible impact on the atmosphere of the planet

December 3, 2014BBC News

A new study said indigenous lands were "protected natural areas" accounting for 55% of the carbon stored in the Amazon basin. It said this land was at risk because governments had failed to recognize or enforce indigenous land rights.

After Years of Decline, Deforestation in the Amazon Might Be on the Rise Again

After Years of Decline, Deforestation in the Amazon Might Be on the Rise Again

December 3, 2014VICE News

"Brazil has been on a path of trying to bring down deforestation a lot," said Maira Irigaray, Brazil program coordinator for Amazon Watch. "But when it comes to the Amazon, those numbers are still huge." Amazon Watch and other groups say Brazil's decision to roll back laws limiting the clear cutting of forests been behind the rise in deforestation.

A Dam Revival, Despite Risks

A Dam Revival, Despite Risks

Private Funding Brings a Boom in Hydropower, With High Costs

November 19, 2014New York Times

While some dams in the United States and Europe are being decommissioned, a dam-building boom is underway in developing countries. It is a shift from the 1990s, when amid concerns about environmental impacts and displaced people, multilateral lenders like the World Bank backed away from large hydroelectric power projects.

Peru Activist Killings Condemned Ahead of Climate Talks

Peru Activist Killings Condemned Ahead of Climate Talks

November 17, 2014AFP

At least 57 environmental activists have been murdered in Peru since 2002, a rights group said Monday, criticizing the killings as the country prepares to host major UN climate talks.

Latin America Moves Towards Decarbonising the Economy

November 17, 2014IPS

When the advances made towards curbing global warming are analysed in the first 12 days of December in Lima, during the 20th climate conference, Latin America will present some achievements, as well as the many challenges it faces in "decarbonising development".

Brazilian Judge Sides with Tribe over Land Threatened by Dams

November 6, 2014Environment News Service

In a struggle between a Brazilian indigenous tribe and the federal government over two dams that would flood lands claimed by the tribe, a federal judge has ruled that the government must immediately publish its report delineating the tribe's territory that has been withheld for more than a year.

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