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Indigenous Groups Call for Drilling Limits to Fight Climate Change

The UN is holding the first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples during the General Assembly

September 22, 2014Al Jazeera

"You don't have to look for where you are going to begin. We are already here fighting to preserve the jungle. We are present, we have been present, and we want to support the world and humanity. We in Sarayaku are betting on life, not death," said Patricia Gualinga.

With Its Green Cred Under Fire, Peru Prepares to Host UN Climate Talks

The South American country has warmed up for the next mega-conference in Lima to negotiate a new Earth-saving climate treaty by rolling back its own environmental safeguards

September 21, 2014GlobalPost

Many of the country's environmental problems are deep-rooted and predate the government of President Ollanta Humala, who took office in July 2011. Yet he has drawn green activists' ire for the "paquetazo," a package of economic reforms he signed into law on July 11.

Peru Plans to Abolish Iconic Amazon Indigenous Reserve, NGO Claims

September 19, 2014Upside Down World

Plans are afoot to abolish a reserve for vulnerable indigenous peoples in Peru's Amazon in order to exploit massive gas deposits and facilitate Christian evangelization, according to a report by Lima-based NGO Perú Equidad - Center for Public Policies and Human Rights.

Esperanza Martinez at This Changes Everything talk with Naomi Klein

September 18, 2014The New School

Esperanza Martinez – President of Acción Ecológica, co-founder of Oilwatch, and one of Ecuador's most recognizable and influential environmental leaders – talks about the struggle to save the Yasuní National Park in Ecuador at the This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate event hosted by Naomi Klein.

Brazil Reverses Approval of Concession Auction for Tapajos Hydro Project

Brazil Reverses Approval of Concession Auction for Tapajos Hydro Project

September 18, 2014HydroWorld

A day after a complaint by environmentalist lobbying groups, Brazil's mines and energy ministry revoked its approval of a concession auction to develop the Tapajos hydroelectric project on Brazil's Tapajos River.

"The Green Amazon is Red with Indigenous Blood"

Authorities pull bodies from river that may have belonged to slain leaders

September 17,

Peruvian authorities have pulled more human remains from a remote river in the Amazon, which may belong to one of the four murdered Ashaninka natives killed on September 1st.

Brazil Suspends Auction for Tapajós Mega Hydro

September 17, 2014BNamericas

The Brazilian government has suspended the auction of the 6.1GW São Luiz do Tapajós hydroelectric plant earmarked for December. The announcement comes a day after environmental lobby group Amazon Watch accused Brazil of "flouting" international law by failing to properly consult local communities about the project.

Assassinations in the Amazon: How Will Peru Respond?

Assassinations in the Amazon: How Will Peru Respond?

Indigenous leaders killed near Brazil border following logging and land title battle

September 13, 2014The Guardian

"Martyrs", "true guardians of the Amazon", "defenders of the rainforest..." These are just some of the terms used to describe four Peruvian indigenous leaders who were assassinated earlier this month, but "Dead Friends of the Earth", a term used by NGO Global Witness for people killed defending their land or the environment, might be another.

Drowned Tropical Forests Add to Climate Change

New scientific data supports the belief that methane emissions from big hydroelectric dams in the tropics outweigh the benefits that this form of renewable energy provides

September 11, 2014Climate News Network

Big dams built in the tropics to produce hydroelectricity have long been highly controversial – and data gathered in Laos by a French team studying methane emissions confirms that dams can add to global warming, not reduce it.

Destruction of Brazilian Amazon Spikes by Almost a Third

Destruction of Brazilian Amazon Spikes by Almost a Third

New data reveal that annual rate of deforestation is up for first time in five years

September 11, 2014Al Jazeera

The rate of destruction blighting the world's largest rain forest spiked by nearly a third last year, according to new data released by the Brazilian government.

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