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Environmentalist Kicked Out of Chevron-Sponsored Event

After organizers of a Chevron-sponsored economic development summit learned of a paying attendee’s association with an environmental watchdog, he was forcibly ejected from the event.

April 18, 2014 | MintPress News

"My plan was to be there, listen to what they have to say, interact with the people at the conference," said Paz y Miño. "Supposedly, these are businesses in Oakland that are concerned with green and sustainable energy. I thought they would be interested in the information."More »

Illegal Logging "Plagues" the Peruvian Amazon, Says New Research

Illegal Logging "Plagues" the Peruvian Amazon, Says New Research

GPS-referenced trees that do not exist is "one of the most commonly cited problems"

April 17, 2014 | The Guardian

Almost 70% of all the logging concessions inspected by Peru's authorities have been suspected of "major violations", states the report, and almost 50% have been cancelled "due to confirmed major violations." This means that out of the total 609 concessions in the entire Peruvian Amazon – 36% of which have not been inspected – almost 45% are either under investigation or have been cancelled.More »

Environmental Activist Forcibly Removed from Chevron-Sponsored Event in Oakland for Mocking the Company's "News" Website

April 16, 2014 | East Bay Express

"Chevron has been out to crush free speech in relation to its policies for years and now apparently opposing views are not even allowed in the room," Paz y Miño said. "It's outrageous. They want to crush any kind of open discussion or debate about their actions here or anywhere in the world."More »

UK Oil Company to Expand in Territories of "Isolated" Amazon Tribes

April 15, 2014 | The Ecologist

"Operating in this area demonstrates an utter disregard for some of the most vulnerable people on the planet, who may feel forced to defend their territory", said Stephen Corry, director of Survival International. "If the companies have any sense, they will leave the area to its rightful owners before lives, and reputations, are ruined."More »

Environmentalists Have Signatures for Referendum on Ecuador Oil Development

Experts Say Move Could Set Precedent for Future Disputes Between Environmentalists, Government and Industry

April 14, 2014 | Wall Street Journal

A coalition opposed to a new oil development in a national park in Ecuador's Amazon rain forest say they have collected enough signatures to force a referendum on the activity, which experts say could set a precedent for future disputes between environmentalists, the government and industry.More »

What Could David Beckham’s BBC Film Say About the Brazilian Amazon?

Documentary starring ex-footballer is an excellent opportunity to portray the reality of life in the rainforest

April 11, 2014 | The Guardian

Beckham's expedition was, or is, "top-secret." However, photos of him meeting a Yanomami leader, Davi Yanomami make it clear he paid a visit to their territory in northern Brazil and suggest some Yanomami will feature in the film.More »

Ecuador Faces Vote on Yasuni Park Oil Drilling in Amazon

Ecuador Faces Vote on Yasuni Park Oil Drilling in Amazon

"With these signatures we are certain that the popular consultation vote will go ahead," said Carla Espin of Yasunidos.

April 11, 2014 | BBC News

Environmentalists in Ecuador say they have collected enough signatures to have a referendum on whether the Yasuni National Park in the Amazon should be opened to further oil exploration. They said 727,947 people had signed their petition to have a vote - more than required by Ecuadorian law.More »

Indigenous Leaders Targeted in Battle to Protect Forests

Indigenous Leaders Targeted in Battle to Protect Forests

April 9, 2014 | IPS

Washington, DC – Indigenous leaders are warning of increased violence in the fight to save their dwindling forests and ecosystems from extractive companies.More »

They Razed Paradise and Put up a Soybean Lot

Brazil's agro powers are excited to be edging closer to soy giant the United States. But environmentalists say there's another reason to be very afraid for the rain forest.

April 7, 2014 | Global Post

"What causes deforestation? In Brazil, the major cause is still agribusiness," said Leila Salazar-Lopez, program director at Amazon Watch. "With the news of deforestation increasing in Brazil, with the Forest Code being revamped, with the 'ruralistas' and agribusiness really having control of Congress and creating an assault on the environment and indigenous rights," she said, "people should be very concerned."More »

Search for Inca "Lost City" in Amazon May Endanger Indigenous People

A six-week expedition starting in July will try to find Paititi in the Megantoni National Sanctuary in south-east Peru

April 7, 2014 | The Guardian

A French writer and adventurer plans to explore one of the most remote parts of the Peruvian Amazon in search of a "lost" or "secret city" that may have been built by the Incas, but there are fears that the expedition could endanger the health of isolated tribes that have never been exposed to common human diseases.More »


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