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Brazil Alters Indigenous Land Demarcation Process, Sparking Conflict

Brazil Alters Indigenous Land Demarcation Process, Sparking Conflict

Brazil has shifted authority over demarcation of indigenous lands from Funai, its Indian agency, to the Justice Ministry, amid indigenous rights group protests

February 2, 2017Mongabay

With the issuance of a federal decree in mid-January, Brazil's government announced major changes to the procedure by which it formally demarcates indigenous lands – a move applauded by the ruralistas industrial agriculture lobby and large landowners, but greeted with alarm by indigenous land rights activists.

Colombia's U'wa Still Teaching Us How To Resist

Colombia's U'wa Still Teaching Us How To Resist

January 30, 2017

The U'wa consider themselves the guardians of their sacred ancestral homeland. In accordance with their natural laws, for centuries they have successfully defended their territory high in the Andean cloud forests.

Brazil's Hydroelectric Plans Threaten Its Paris Climate Commitments

Brazil's Hydroelectric Plans Threaten Its Paris Climate Commitments

January 29, 2017The Globalist

Brazil's government wants to build dams in Amazonia with "big reservoirs." That is quite a point of departure compared to the run-of-river dams that have dominated the country's planning and construction activity over the last two decades.

CONFENIAE on the Raid on Radio Voz de Arutam, Attacks on Freedom of Expression and Militarization in #MoronaSantiago

January 27, 2017

CONFENIAE'S Governing Council rejects the raid on the community radio Voz de Arutam this morning by more than 100 policemen, who removed equipment from and ransacked the offices of the Interprovincial Federation of Shuar Communities (FICSH).

"Buen Vivir" for Whom?

From attempts to close Ecuador's leading environmental rights NGO to megaprojects on indigenous lands, Rafael Correa's government continues to criminalize and threaten environmental activists and indigenous people

January 26, 2017NACLA

Despite its professed commitment to protection of Mother Earth and to placing sustainable living over profits, Ecuador under Correa has pursued a resource extraction strategy that prioritizes short-term revenue generation over environmental protection and indigenous territorial rights.

Step Towards Justice in Chevron Ecuador Contamination Case

Canadian judge rules plaintiffs can take case for asset seizure to trial

January 23, 2017

Communities in Ecuador moved another important step closer to justice last week when an Ontario court ruled that they have the right to go to trial in Canada against Chevron, the oil company responsible for deliberately dumping - and then refusing to clean up - 18 billion gallons of toxic waste in their Amazon rainforest homeland.

Brazil Changes Land Demarcation Procedure in Blow To Indigenous Groups

January 19, 2017Reuters

"We feared the government would take this brazen step to deeply undermine indigenous land rights," said Christian Poirier of Amazon Watch. "The ruralistas are the clear winners of this move."

Women for Climate Justice To Raise Their Voices at the Women's March on Washington

January 18, 2017

On January 21st, a coalition of diverse women's groups, climate justice leaders and individuals will unite and march as 'Women for Climate Justice', sending a clear message to the new U.S. Administration that women are gravely concerned about the accelerating impacts of climate change, and the implications of a U.S. Administration that promotes climate skepticism,

NGO Targeted by Ecuadorian Government for Shutdown To Remain Open

Decisive victory for Acción Ecológica, but repression continues of indigenous communities protesting mining on their territories

January 13, 2017

"We believe that justice has been done, and we will continue to work with the same courage and strength to defend the rights of nature and the rights of the people as we have been doing for 30 years," said Alexandra Almeida, the group's president.

Brazil Stops Demarcating Land for Indigenous People: Ex-Government Agency Official

January 11, 2017Reuters

Facing pressure from agricultural interests, Brazil has stopped formally demarcating land for indigenous communities in a threat to rainforest conservation efforts.

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