U.S. Trial Opens in Chevron’s Lawsuit Against Ecuadorian Pollution Victims


In New York City, the trial has opened in a lawsuit by Chevron against the victims of its pollution in Ecuador. The Ecuadorians won a landmark $18 billion judgment against Chevron in 2011 for widespread contamination resulting from toxic dumping by Texaco, which Chevron later bought. Now, Chevron is suing the victims and their U.S. lawyer, accusing them of using bribery. Critics say Chevron is attempting to evade accountability for environmental devastation they say led to some 1,400 deaths from cancer. Han Shan, a communications consultant for the victims, spoke as Ecuadorian villagers and their supporters rallied across from the courthouse Tuesday.

Han Shan: "Nearly every single person who has been named as a defendant in Chevrons retaliatory lawsuit has loved ones, has family members, who have died, who have contracted cancer, who have suffered from birth defects and other oil related illness due to Chevron’s contamination. This lawsuit essentially rubs salt in their wounds."

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