Photos from Our 2013 Annual Luncheon

THANK YOU to everyone who participated live and online at our annual celebration! The event was fantastic and our guests were truly inspiring.

Our special guest this year was Mayalu Txucarramãe, an indigenous woman leader of Brazil's Mebêngôkre and Waura ethnicities working to defend her people in the the Xingu River Basin from destructive mega-dams including the Belo Monte Dam.

We also raised a toast to our executive director and founder, Atossa Soltani, for being named the 2013 Hillary Institute Laureate, for her leadership on climate equity and the work of Amazon Watch.

And we learned of our efforts in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil & Colombia to continue protecting the Amazon and supporting the rights of indigenous peoples.

If you haven't already, please make a contribution today to help Amazon Watch continue its work to protect the rainforest and support indigenous people.

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"The work you do is vital, and I am happy to support it."
– Charlotte R. A.