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In our tradition of going after corporate crooks we invite you to help denounce Brazilian multinational corporation Vale, the largest iron-ore mining company in the world and part owner of the consortium that is building the disastrous Belo Monte Dam in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.

Vale is one of six finalists for the Public Eye Award – a prize given annually to the worst corporation in the world – and we need your vote to be sure they're awarded this dubious distinction!

Vale owns a 9% stake in the Norte Energia consortium, currently building the Belo Monte Dam in the Brazilian Amazon. The project will displace more than 40,000 people, flood 668 km2, and dry out 100 kilometers of the "Big Bend" of the Xingu River, profoundly impacting three indigenous tribes who live there.

Vale owns part of the Belo Monte Dam so it can purchase electricity to power the expansion of its iron mining and smelting activities at the Carajás Mines, the world's largest iron mines. The company has a long record of labor rights violations and human rights abuses at Carajás, and has amassed a history of human rights violations in 38 countries around the world, including Mozambique, Canada, Angola, Australia, and Colombia.

We think Vale is a prime candidate for 2011's Worst Corporation, don't you? Visit Public Eye Awards and cast your vote today.

You can read many more reasons why Vale deserves this award here.

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