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Peru's New Government Called on to Approve Consultation Law

Photo Credit: Jorge Jordan, Racimos de Ungurahui


Peru's Ombudsman has reiterated the urgent need for the approval of the Consultation Law in Peru. The Ombudsman highlighted the shared responsibilities of the legislative and executive branches to promote and prioritize the approval of the Consultation Law.

Peru's consultation law was approved by Congress on May 19th, 2010 after a year of negotiations with indigenous organizations following the tragic end to nation-wide indigenous protests in 2009. However on June 23rd, 2010 Peru's former president, Alan Garcia, refused to sign the law and finished his term without ever responding to the demands of indigenous peoples and meeting Peru's obligations under international law to respect indigenous peoples' right to consultation.

The incoming government of Humala has a duty and an opportunity to demonstrate Peru's respect for indigenous rights. Indigenous organizations have already expressed their support for the approval of the Consultation Law, not only because it means the revitalization of the dialogue that includes indigenous peoples of Peru as a real part of the path forward, but because it also means the building an egalitarian society.

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