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Millions Join Belo Monte Protest in Brazil

Brazilian celebrities and activists deliver 1.3 million voices to President Rousseff

December 20, 2011

Brasilia, Brazil – A delegation of Brazilian celebrities and activists delivered a petition today at the country's presidential palace signed by 1.3 million citizens calling on President Dilma Rousseff to immediately suspend construction of the controversial Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in the Amazon and to open a national debate on alternatives for truly sustainable energy development.

Crude Politics: Is Chevron Involved in a Billion Dollar Bait-and-Switch in Ecuador?

As the Yasuni-ITT Initiative deadline approaches, did its chief negotiator make a deal with the devil?

December 20, 2011The Huffington Post

With Chevron running out of legal options to avoid its $18 billion liability in Ecuador, the company may be taking corporate malfeasance and greenwashing to a whole new level.

Stand4TheAmazon this Season

Stand4TheAmazon this Season

December 19, 2011

We are delighted to share a message from TV personality Layla Kayleigh who has teamed with Amazon Watch for a special campaign for "Stand for the Amazon Day" on December 28th.

Lesson from Durban

Lesson from Durban

We are the climate changers we've been waiting for

December 19, 2011

Another global climate conference has come and gone, another heartbreaking missed opportunity for humanity to actually do something about impending climate chaos.

Brazil's Forest Policy Could Undermine Its Climate Goals

December 18, 2011The Washington Post

"It sends a mixed message because Brazil has positioned itself as a country that's committed itself to saving the forest cover to the benefit of the world," said Christian Poirier, Brazil program director for Amazon Watch. "The new forest code flouts all that."

Ecuador's Forest Partners Program


December 2011

Though Socio Bosque has seen rapid growth in participation and amount of protected land since 2008, many concerns have been raised regarding the implementation of the current program and its future incorporation within a United Nations Convention on Climate Change REDD mechanism.

Achuar Leader Visits Calgary, Again!

December 15, 2011The Media Co-op

Calgary, Canada – This is the third time. Achuar delegates have arrived at the doorsteps of Calgary's extractive oil industry in the past. They say, "Go Away!"

A River People Awaits an Amazon Dam

December 2011National Geographic

Photographer Cristina Mittermeier has been traveling to the Amazon since the 1990s, often making two trips a year by small plane to document Kayapo culture and its link to the Xingu.

<em>A Drop of Water</em>

A Drop of Water

Beginning of an Energy Revolution in Brazil?

December 15, 2011

The struggle to protect the Xingu River and its people has gained critical support and momentum thanks to the Drop of Water Movement.

"We Are on the Verge of Genocide."

"We Are on the Verge of Genocide."

An urgent call from the Peruvian Amazon

December 13, 2011

According to the urgent testimony of two Catholic priests, an already tense situation in Achuar territory has taken a turn for the worse over recent months, heightening the risk of imminent bloodshed between neighboring families.

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