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Ecuador revokes Shuar radio broadcast license

December 23, 2009Associated Press

QUITO, Ecuador - Ecuador has revoked the broadcast license for an indigenous radio station in the Amazon region over accusations it incited violence during protests in October.

Station director Pepe Acacho said Wednesday that radio Arutam continues to broadcast to the Shuar Indian community in spite of the revocation.

The Shuar put up barbed-wire roadblocks on highway bridges in Ecuador's southeastern jungles in

Quizá nunca vamos a contar con gran acuerdo climático

December 19, 2009El Comercio (Ecuador)

Andrew Miller, ambientalista de Amazon Watch, asistió a la cumbre de Copenhague.

En Dinamarca no se les dio importancia a la voz de los países pobres ¿Por qué?

Las negociaciones sobre cambio climático se realizaron en un ambiente de tensión y de protestas como una marcha de 100 000 personas. Se cerraron los espacios para voces divergentes.

US sabotages negotiations on draft REDD text

December 16, 2009

by Chris Lang /

(bellacenter-COP15-Copenhagen, Denmark)– Discussions late into the night on Monday (14 December 2009) in Copenhagen made the REDD text worse. The main culprits were the US and Colombia.

2009 Copenhagen UN Climate Summit

2009 Copenhagen UN Climate Summit

December 2009

Amazon Watch accompanies Ecuadorian indigenous colleagues Tito Puanchir and Marlon Santi to the summit.

Peruvian Indians Deliver Ultimatum to U.S. Oil Firm

December 11, 2009Latin American Herald Tribune

WASHINGTON – A Peruvian Amazon Indian federation is demanding that U.S.-based Hunt Oil Company leave a reserve where it has already begun laying the groundwork for exploration and production.

The Native Federation of the Rio Madre de Dios, or Fenamad, sent a letter to the company's president, Ray Hunt, giving him until this week to pull out of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve in the southern Peruvian Amazon.


Tension Persists in Amazon Land Grab

December 10, 2009GlobalPost

BOGOTA – Six months ago, news of violence triggered by indigenous uprisings in the Peruvian hinterland grabbed headlines around the world for several days, then just as quickly disappeared.

On the Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP 15)

Position Statement

December 10, 2009

Amazon Watch, an organization dedicated to the protection of Amazonian indigenous peoples' rights and the Amazon rainforest calls on the Obama Administration, the Annex 1 countries, the Coalition of Rainforest Nations and all other Parties to explicitly recognize indigenous peoples' rights when designing a new climate change agreement and any respective mitigation measures.

Amazon Watch recognizes the urgent need to s

Indigenous Peoples Raise Their Voice

December 10, 2009IPS/TerraViva

COPENHAGEN - Indigenous peoples from many parts of the world are losing their lands and cultures due to climate change. And they want their voices to be heard in the debate on arresting global warming.

"We have rights to our lands, to our territories and our environment," says Malia Nobrega from the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC).


December 10, 2009

Media Contacts:

Copenhagen: Andrew Miller +45-53997413 (mobile)
Kevin Koenig +45-53996824 (mobile)
San Francisco: Ruxandra Guidi +1-512-704-3150 (mobile)

Official delegations from 192 countries – including an estimated 100 heads of state amongst them U.S.

COP 15 / REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in Developing Countries)

Tip Sheet

December 10, 2009

For Amazon Watch's Position Statement on COP 15, please click here

Official delegations from 192 countries – including an estimated 100 heads of state amongst them U.S.

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