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Mass Non-Violent Direct Action at ChevronTexaco HQ Connects Chevron's Toxic Terrorism Around the World with Corporate Led "Second Invasion" of Iraq

April 14, 2003

Bay Area Anti-War Activists Mobilize en Masse to Re-affirm Opposition to the Illegal War and Occupation of Iraq

San Ramon, CA – As the Bush administration instigates a full-scale occupation of Iraq and fires verbal warning shots at Syria, hundreds of Bay area residents participated in a mass non-violent direct action at the world headquarters of ChevronTexaco. At this time, nearly 50 arrests have been made.

Judge Suspends Provisional Licence for Urucu-Porto Velho Gas Pipeline Project

April 14, --

Sao Paulo, Brazil - The Federal Judge Boaventura Joao Andrade,of the State of Amazonas, has suspended the provisional licence conceded by IBAMA, the Brazilian environment agency, to Petrobras for the construction of the Urucu-Porto Velho gas pipeline.

Canada Implicated in Ecuadorian Oil Disaster

April 11, 2003Global Aware Canada

On April 7th at 5:00 a.m., Ecuador's oil pipeline, SOTE, snapped and began to leak crude directly into the Sucus-San Juan River - a feeder river for the Papallacta Lagoon. Two days later, crude was still pouring from the exposed pipeline as state oil company workers from PetroEcuador struggled to open the nearest valve to stop the flow.

ChevronTexaco Headquarters: Next Bay Area Action for Anti-War Activists-- Concerned Citizens Hold Press Conference at Richmond Refinery to Declare NO War in Iraq and NO Toxic War in Our Communities!

April 10, 2003

Richmond, CA - Representatives of Direct Action to Stop the War, Richmond community members affected by ChevronTexaco’s refinery, Labor, and citizens concerned with ChevronTexaco’s worldwide operations held a press conference in front of the Chevron Refinery at 841 Chevron Way today at 11am to announce a massive non-violent direct action to shut down the company headquarters in San Ramon on April 14th, and to expose the

Protesters Take Aim at ChevronTexaco Activists Plan to Shut Down Headquarters in San Ramon on April 14

April 7, 2003Tri-Valley Herald

San Ramon - Anti-war protesters will target key corporate, military and governmental sites in the East Bay today.

ChevronTexaco is not on the organizers' list for the national day of civil disobedience.

Colombian Government Might Retract Oil 'Discovery' Claim

April 2, 2003Dow Jones Business News

Bogota - Less than a month after the Colombian government cockily announced it found high-quality crude oil - possibly 200 million barrels - at its Gibraltar well, negative follow-up tests have officials ready to choke down a crow dinner.

Bolivian Government Initiates Pipeline Inspection

April 1, 2003

Government authorities succumb to pressure from Indigenous Organizations, Local Civic Committees, Ombudsman Office and National and International NGOs.

The initial phase of the Environmental Audit of the Cuiaba gas pipeline, requested a year ago by indigenous organizations representing the Chiquitano and Ayoreo peoples began April 15 in San Jose de Chiquitos with the arrival of a large delegation of inspectors f

Peruvian Indigenous Organizations Call for Camisea Project To Withdraw from State Reserve for Indigenous Peoples Who Reject Contact with Outside World Inter-American Development Bank Official Responds, “What You Want Will Not Happen!”

March 31, 2003

In a statement to Peruvian authorities, international banks and the international community dated March 2003, Peru’s national indigenous organization AIDESEP joined with COMARU, the Machiguenga Council for the Urubamba River, to condemn the impacts of the Camisea Gas Project on thousands of indigenous families living in its path as “an attack on the physical, cultural, territorial and environmental integrity of our indi

Hearing Sparks Turn in Controversial Ecuador Oil Project

March 27, 2003Dow Jones Business News

Santiago - The debate over a controversial crude oil pipeline nearing completion in Ecuador has taken a new turn following a parliamentary hearing in Germany.

WestLB, World Bank At Odds Over Ecuador OCP Oil Pipeline

March 26, 2003Dow Jones Business News

Santiago - In a parliamentary hearing Wednesday in Germany,Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale AG (G.WLG) said the controversial OCP oil pipeline currently under construction in Ecuador meets World Bank (News - Websites) environmental standards - a position the World Bank doesn't share.

"OCP met and continues to meet World Bank standards as one of several benchmarks for the development, technical implementation and c

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