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10 000 Manifestantes Marcharon Contra el ALCA

October 31, 2002El Comercio

Quito, Ecuador - La movilización fue encabezada por Evo Morales, de Bolivia; Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, de Argentina y Leonidas Iza, de Ecuador. Grupos de radicales se enfrentaron a la Policía: hubo un herido y 22 asfixiados.

Los estudiantes de la FEUE tenían pañuelos en el rostro.

Thousands Protest FTAA Summit in Ecuador Today as Trade Ministers Kick Off Talks on Controversial Accord Caravans from Throughout the Hemisphere Arrive in Quito To Say ‘No to Free Trade, Yes to Life’

October 30, 2002

Washington DC — As trade ministers from the Americas gather today in Quito, Ecuador to advance the negotiations for the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), thousands of citizens from around the hemisphere are pouring into the streets of Quito.

Oil Pipeline Forges Ahead in Ecuador

October 30, 2002The New York Times

Mindo, Ecuador - Environmentalists in this cloud forest of
northern Ecuador still dream of halting construction of a
new oil pipeline that the builders said could bring
spectacular wealth to this poor Andean country.

As U.S. Seeks a Trade Accord, Brazilians Recall Discord

October 30, 2002New York Times

SÃo Paulo - For a hint of the trouble lying ahead this week for the
United States proposals for a free-trade pact with Latin America, consider
Luiz Fernando Furlan's chicken problems.


Protesters Try to Storm McDonald's Restaurant Ahead of Free Trade Talks in Ecuador

October 29, 2002Associated Press

Quito, Ecuador - A group of Indian activists and university students tried to storm a McDonald's restaurant Wednesday as part of growing protests ahead of free trade talks scheduled this week.

Some 30 protesters, angry with the Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA, were stopped outside the American fast food restaurant by employees and police guarding the U.S. embassy a block away.

Despite Energy Potential, Ecuador Expansion Plans Face Steep Challenges

October 26, 2002Oil Daily

Ecuador's plans for dramatic growth in oil production face a myriad of potential obstacles, including the region's ongoing financial crisis, environmental protests, and internal political uncertainty.

At first glance, the energy industry of the former Opec member seems to be on the fast track for growth.


October 24, 2002

Compiled by Rainforest Information Center and Amazon Watch
(update as of 3:30 pm California Time on Oct 24).

Actions were held in at least 15 cities around the world - Milan, Dublin, Prague, New York City, Quito, Washington DC, Barcelona, Zurich, London, Munich, Muenster, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, Warsaw and Canberra,

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Petrobras Defends Amazon Pipelines - Brazil

October 11,

Brazil's federal energy company Petrobras has begun its public campaign to defend the construction of pipelines in the Amazon, according to local newspapers.

Brazil is faced with the dilemma of accepting some damage to the environment in the name of development and progress.

Gasoducto Cuiabá: Impactos Sociales y Ambientales en el Bosque Chiquitano

October 1, 2002

Descarga el informe en el formato PDF (175 kb)

La Organización Indígena Chiquitana (O.I.CH.) y la Coordinadora de Pueblos Étnicos de Santa Cruz (CPESC) realizan desde el año 1999 el seguimiento al Proyecto del Gasoducto Cuiabá por cuanto sus impactos socio-ambientales afectan significativamente a la

Ecuador Training Mission

October 1, 2002

October-November 2002 The Team media and communications strategist conducted a two-month mission to Quito to support indigenous and campesino organizations in preparing and coordinating communications strategies identified by local groups for the recent Free Trade of the Americas Summit mobilizations in Quito.

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