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Denuncian Graves Daños Ecológicos en Chiquitania

December 15, 2002Los Tiempos

Washington, DC - Grupos ambientalistas Amazon Watch, Friends of the Earth y la Red de Energía y Economía del Instituto de Estudios Políticos han divulgado un informe acompañado por un video que demuestra que los impactos ambientales de los gasoductos Cuiaba y Bolivia-Brasil de Enron y Shell persisten.

Como indica el informe y el video, el gasoducto Cuiaba ganó notoriedad internacional por la destrucción del bosq

Cuestionan el Tendido del Gasoducto Yabog

December 15, 2002 El Deber

Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia,

Informe. Organización Amazonwatch teme que se repitan daños ambientales


Ecuadorean Activists Berate ChevronTexaco Protesters Claim Oil Company Based in San Ramon Has Induced an Environmental Crisis

December 14, 2002Tri-Valley Herald

San Ramon - Braving the rainfall, activists protested at headquarters of ChevronTexaco on Friday afternoon for oil contamination in Ecuador, which they said was twice as severe as the damage caused by the Exxon Valdez tanker crash.

But the Ecuadorean crisis, activists assert, is not an accident.

IADB Approves Loan for Bolivian Pipeline

December 12, 2002World Markets Analysis

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) has approved a US$132m loan to Transredes, the transmission company that is owned by Enron and Shell, for the expansion of the Yacimientos-Bolivian Gulf (Yabog) pipeline. The loan was approved despite protests by environmental organisations, including Amazon Watch and Friends of the Earth.

Environment-Bolivia: Bank Clears Enron-Linked Yabog Gas Pipeline

December 12, 2002IPS

Washington, DC - Despite strong objections from environmental and indigenous non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Wednesday approved 132 million dollars in financing for a controversial pipeline project led by the Bolivian subsidiaries of Shell and scandal-plagued Enron Corporation.

IADB OK's Loan for Enron Backed Pipeline in Bolivia

December 11, 2002Reuters

Washington - The Inter-American Development Bank has approved a controversial loan for a Bolivian company partly controlled by bankrupt U.S. energy giant Enron to build a gas pipeline through an environmentally sensitive forest.

Environmental groups have lobbied hard to stop the $132 million loan winning approval at the bank but the loan went through on Wednesday.

Three groups recently wrote to the U.S.

Natives Seek Redress for Pollution Ecuadorans Blame Texaco for Environmental Destruction

December 10, 2002Oakland Tribune

San Francisco, CA - Oil drilling has so damaged the environment in Ecuador that water is contaminated, few fish or game are edible and cancer cases are on the rise, tribal leaders from Ecuador and U.S. activists alleged Monday.

ChevronTexaco Polluted Amazon, Group Says Ecuadorean Activists Face an August 2003 Deadline on Filing $600 Million Lawsuit

December 10, 2002Contra Costa Times

San Francisco - Three Ecuadorean activists came to the Bay Area to cultivate public outrage against ChevronTexaco Corp., which they accuse of polluting the Amazon rain forest and poisoning 55,000 Indians.

"Texaco came to our home and destroyed our land, our territory," Toribio Aguinda, a leader of the Cofan tribe, told a news conference in downtown San Francisco on Monday afternoon.

The visit comes as the Indian

“Our People are Dying…We Can Wait No Longer” Ecuadorian Indigenous Leaders Arrive in Bay Area to Implore ChevronTexaco to Clean Up Toxic Waste in Amazon Region -- Leaders vow: “CLEAN UP. PAY UP. AND NEVER COME BACK!” as the petroleum polluter c

December 9, 2002

San Francisco, CA – As ChevronTexaco contemplates renewed operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, indigenous leaders, representing 30,000 people, today traveled to San Francisco to tell the petroleum giant: “CLEAN UP. PAY UP.

Co Working on Peru's Camisea Gas Confident of IDB Loan

December 3, 2002Dow Jones

Lima, Peru - The company developing a pipeline to transport natural gas from the Camisea project in Peru said Tuesday it is confident that the Inter-American Development Bank will approve a loan despite criticism from environmental groups.

A mission from the IDB and the Andean Community's development agency, or CAF, is carrying out "due diligence" before deciding whether to give a $125 million loan to help finance the

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