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New Report Says Ecuadorian Pipeline Fails to Comply with World Bank Policies International Groups Call on German Bank to Suspend Project Loan To Protect Critically Endangered Species

November 27, 2001

Los Angeles, CA - Ecuador’s new heavy crude pipeline project fails to meet the minimal environmental standards established by the World Bank’s environmental policies and guidelines, according to a report released this week by Amazon Watch. [...]

Greenpeace Wants WestLB to Cancel OCP Pipeline Financing

November 26, 2001Dow Jones Newswires

Duesseldorf - Environmental pressure group Greenpeace Tuesday called onWestdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale AG (G.WLG) to cancel its financing ofthe $1.12 billion OCP crude oil pipeline project that is to be built throughrain forest areas in northwest Ecuador. During a demonstration at WestLB's Duesseldorf headquarters, Greenpeace saidthe pipeline and its construction threaten one of the world' [...]

Colombian Tribes Hold Rally Against 'Genocide'

November 26, 2001Associated Press

Cota, Colombia — Dressed with colorful tribal dresses, hundreds ofColombian Indians gathered in this village on Monday to demonstrate againsta 37-year-old guerrilla war they say is causing their extinction. "We are victims of a systematic genocide that is killing us off," saidArmando Valbuena, president of the Colombian National IndigenousOrganization (ONIC), which says there are about 1 mill [...]

Tribal Activists Killed in Colombia

November 25, 2001Associated Press

Bogota, Colombia - Dozens of gunmen targeted Indian activists inwestern Colombia, killing five and threatening several others, an Indianleader said Sunday, blaming the violence on right-wing paramilitaryfighters. The attack occurred late Saturday on an Indian reservation near Rio Sucio,125 miles west of Bogota, said Armando Valbuena, director of the NationalIndigenous Organization of Colo [...]

Rightist Gunmen Said to Kill Colombian Indian Leader

November 25, 2001Reuters

Bogota, Colombia - Suspected far-right gunmen have killed aprominent Indian activist in the western Colombian countryside as heprepared to leave for a national native conference, an indigenous leadersaid on Sunday. Luis Angel Charrua was gunned down together with at least two other men nearthe village of Rio Sucio in Caldas province on Saturday night by suspectedmembers of the paramilitar [...]

"Monos" Protestan por Destrucción de Selva en Ecuador

November 20, 2001El Comercio

Berlín - Una treintena de activistas de Greenpeace disfrazados de monos cortaron hoy con una sierra la escultura de un globo terráqueo, en una acción de protesta frente a un banco estatal de D~sseldorf (oeste de Alemania) al que acusan de contribuir a la destrucción de la selva de Ecuador. Greenpeace acusa al banco Westdeutscher Landesbank de mantener con un crédito de varios miles de millones de marcos la explot [...]

Analysis of Compliance Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados(OCP) Project and the World Bank Environmental Policies and Guidelines Prepared for Amazon Watch by: Patricia B. Caffrey

November 20, 2001

I. BACKGROUND: Purpose: The purpose of this analysis is to assess the level of compliance of the development process to date and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados Project (Project) to World Bank (WB) policies and guidelines on environmental assessment and natural habitats. [...]

Protestas Contra el Oleoducto

November 6, 2001El Universo

San Miguel de los Bancos - Miembros de grupos ecologistas obstaculizaron ayer los trabajos que efectúa la empresa Techint, a cargo de la construcción del Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados (OCP), en el sector de San Miguel de Los Bancos, a unos 100 kilómetros al noroccidente de Quito. [...]

Ecuador Media Training

November 1, 2001

Our media and digital witnessing training provided local activists fighting the OCP oil pipeline with the skills and equipment to record images of local blockades of the pipeline route, which have appeared in the world media.    [...]

A Dangerous Appetite for Oil

October 29, 2001NY Times OP-ED

Adison, Wis. - For 70 years, oil has been responsible for more of America's international entanglements and anxieties than any other industry. Oil continues to be a major source both of America's strategic vulnerability and of its reputation as a bully, in the Islamic world and beyond. President Bush recently urged America to reduce its reliance on foreign oil. [...]

Showing articles 1 - 10 of 140 total  |  Page 1 of 14


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