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Investors Get Strong Warning at Energy Conference: "Oil and Gas Projects in the Amazon Carry Major Risks" Clean Energy Investments Urged

December 8, 1998

Coconut Grove, FL - The international environmental organizations Amazon Watch and Rainforest Action Network (RAN) held a "Project Risk Briefing" on controversial new oil and gas projects showcased at this week's Andean Energy '98 conference.

California's "Project Bandaloop" Sky Dances for an End to the Fossil Fuel Era Photos Available from Reuters Photo TV Footage Available from Reuters Television

November 9, 1998

Buenos Aires - Last evening, thousands of people watched as sky dancers from California presented "Awakening", a multi-media spectacle of dance and imagery while suspended from the 6-story Law School building outside of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. The dancers called on the world leaders gathered at the conference to awaken to the dangers of climate change and end exploration for new fossil fuels.

Construction Crews Blocked by Indigenous Protestors in Venezuela Military Tank and Riot Team Sent to Popular Tourist Destination

October 15, 1998

Since Monday, October 12, more than 250 indigenous residents of the Canaima National Park and surrounding areas of southern Venezuela have been protesting again against the 450-mile power line being built to Brazil. The protests come one month after Venezuelan government unilaterally broke off talks with the Indian leaders.

Environment: Warnings on Risky Projects in Amazon Region

October 6, 1998 Inter Press Service

Washington, Oct. 1 - Investors from multinational corporations and financial lending institutions are being urged to weigh the potential environmental risks of investing in certain infrastructure projects in the Amazon.

Venezuelan National Guard Assaults Indigenous Community with Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets for Blocking Construction of Power line

August 27, 1998

Mapauri, Venezuela - At approximately 3:20 p.m. EST yesterday, the Venezuelan National Guard - with orders from an unidentified source - assaulted residents of Mapauri, a small indigenous community in the State of Bolivar located in the municipality of the Gran Sabana.

Day 11 of Protest in the Venezuelan Amazon: Venezuelan National Guard Brings in Tanks to Disperse Protestors

August 12, 1998

El Dorado, Venezuela - At approximately 6:30 am (EST) today, fifty members of the Venezuelan National Guard moved into kilometer 16, the site of the 11-day old blockade – to disperse 800 indigenous peoples protesting the construction of a new high voltage power line from Venezuela to Brazil.

Tensions Rise in Venezuela's Amazon

August 10, 1998Associated Press

El Dorado, Venezuela — The Pemon Indians rolled a huge log across the highway to block traffic. The tribe, some dressed in red loin cloths and their faces streaked with paint, was defending its piece of paradise.

Communique from the Pueblo U’wa

August 10, 1998

Cubara, Colombia
We, the U’wa, declare to the government and its various entities, to Congress , to the different social organizations, human rights NGO’s, national and international environmentalists, to the oil companies and to the Colombian people in general, that we have united formally behind the stoppages and peaceful demonstrations that has been going on since July 30 in Sarare and in the municipalities of t

Day 5 - 1,200 Venezuelan Indians Shut-Down Traffic on Highway to Brazil Leaders Announce Blockade to Continue Indefinitely

August 7, 1998

El Dorado, Venezuela - More than 1,200 Indians from the Imataca and Gran Sabana regions are now gathered at kilometer 16 blocking all traffic along the only highway between Venezuela and Brazil. They are protesting a high voltage electrical transmission line being built through their rainforest homeland in violation of international and Venezuelan law.

Los Tres Expedientes que están en la Corte Serán Conocidos por la Sala Plena CSJ Se Tardará Más en Decidir sobre Imataca

August 6, 1998El Universal

Caracas - Por decisión del máximo tribunal del país, la Sala Plena será la única que conozca los tres expedientes relacionados con el caso de Imataca, los cuales fueron abiertos luego de recibir medidas cautelares innominadas y solicitudes de nulidad del decreto 1850, que permite la explotación minera en dicha reserva forestal.

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