News & Multimedia from 1997

Environmentalists Disrupt Trade Conference in Atlanta US Government: Don't "Fast-Track" the Destruction of the Amazon & Our Climate

November 6, 1997

Atlanta, Georgia - Demanding an end to "fast-track" destruction of the Amazon and the Earth's climate, environmentalists today disrupted a US government-sponsored conference designed to promote US investment in Latin America. In protest of Clinton's request for "fast-track" authority, activists unfurled a banner and sounded off alarm bells inside the conference room this morning at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel.

Tribe Threatens Mass Suicide U’wa Chief to Deliver a Personal Message to Occidental Petroleum and Shell (Entrevistas en Espanol)

October 20, 1997

Roberto Cobaria, President of the Traditional U’wa Authority, an indigenous tribe from the Cloud Forest joins scores of demonstrators and other concerned members of the Los Angeles environmental, human rights, religious, legal and academic communities calling on Occidental and Shell International to abandon plans to drill for oil on U’wa lands.

Demonstrators Protest at Occidental

October 20, 1997 United Press International

Los Angeles - The leader of a band of Colombian Indians who have threatened mass suicide if Occidental Petroleum drills for oil on what the tribe contends is their territory joined about 50 demonstrators in Los Angeles calling for the company to stop the project.

Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Yanomami Indigenous Leader from Brazil

August 25, 1997

The biggest problem for the Yanomami Indians now are the garimpeiro (goldminers) who are in our land, and the illnesses they bring with them. The government's National Health Foundation say that 1300 Yanomami had got malaria up until May this year.

ENVIRONMENT-AMAZON: Infrastructure Plans Threaten Amazonia

June 25, 1997 InterPress Service

ATT EDS: Please relate the following to 'ENVIRONMENT-BRAZIL:
Indigenous Communities Fend Off Gold Miners', moved from Brazil/

Boa Vista, Brazil - Soldiers dressed in olive-green
camouflage uniforms sit high up in the cabins of three bright
yellow bulldozers, maneouvering their way up the uneven dirt road
in the dense, tropical forests of the northern Amazon.

Indians Threaten Mass Suicide to Safeguard Oil-Rich Land

June 20, 1997National Catholic Reporter - The Independent Lay-Edited Catholic Newsweekly

Los Angeles - It was a collision of wildly contrasting worlds that occurred on May 6: in a Beverly Hills corporate office Roberto Cobaria, the council president of 23 communities of the indigenous U'wa people of Colombia, sang a song in the language of his people to three top executives of the Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation.

Cobaria said the U'wa teach the song to their children to help them learn the importance o

Occidental Offers to Meet with Indians

April 26, 1997Reuters

Santa Monica, Calif.

Colombian Tribe Has OXY over a Barrel Business: Indigenous People Vow Mass Suicide if Company Goes after Oil under Disputed Territory

April 25, 1997Los Angeles Times

Oil companies have encountered some tough opponents and have suffered their share of black eyes. But never have they come up against a dilemma like the one Occidental Petroleum of Los Angeles faces in the wilds of Colombia.

Message from the U'wa People to the World

January 10, 1997

Each time that a species is extinguished, mankind comes closer to his own extinction, each time an indigenous people becomes extinct, one more member of the great human family leaves forever on a journey with no return.


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