Amazon Watch @ Rio+20

June 13-17:
Xingu +23 protest summit in Altamira and Santo Antônio along the Xingu River

Protestors and affected communities will highlight the gap between reality and the Brazilian government's rhetoric about Amazon dams as a source of "clean energy" for a "green economy" in a series of festivities, debates and actions. The gathering will be inaugurated on June 13th, a traditional day of festivities in Santo Antônio. Other activities include a public hearing to debate violations of human rights and environmental legislation in dam licensing and construction, a colorful street march and protests.

June 18th:
Symposium on Clean Energy Solutions for Brazil's Future

8:30 - 16:00 @ The Rio de Janeiro Planetarium (Press conference at 15:00)

A coalition of organizations including Amazon Watch, Instituto Socioambiental, International Rivers and TckTckTck will host a symposium to advance an alternative energy vision for Brazil. The event will bring together leading Brazilian and international experts and key figures from civil society, government and the private sector to discuss challenges and opportunities for a 21st century energy strategy for Brazil. More information here.

June 19th:
Rivers to Río Human Banner, Living Art

13:00 – 15:00 @ Flamengo Beach near the People’s Summit (Press conference at 13:30)

In collaboration with indigenous peoples, civil society organizations and social movements gathered in Rio, Amazon Watch will call global attention to the threats large hydroelectric dams pose to rivers, forests, and livelihoods, while dispelling the myth that large hydropower is clean, renewable energy. An estimated 1000+ participants will gather to form a compelling visual message that will be photographed from the air.


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